Kate and Haldir – A Breathless Night

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“Oh Haldir,” she sighed. “I’m not brave. I’m not strong. I cover it all up with sarcasm. I’ve changed. Ever since I came to Middle Earth and met you, I’ve changed. How have you done this?”

“Kate, what do you mean?” he waited for her to speak.

She looked up at him. “How did I come to love you?”


Haldir grinned and did not give her a chance to escape. His mouth crushed over hers in a persistent kiss, and Kate crumbled melting into his arms. Just as soon as the kiss had begun, Kate pulled away.

“Did you hear that?”


The gunshot sounded and Kate reacted immediately.

“That! William!”

Kate broke from Haldir and ran though he closely followed her. She reached the house and everything was dark, but Kate’s instincts told her all was not well. Instead of opening the back door to the house, she began searching the bushes. Haldir was puzzled.

“What are you looking for?” he asked.

Kate pulled out a metal object,”This,” she answered.

Kate locked the gun into place ensuring it was full. “A modern day weapon,” she explained. “Shhh.”

Kate slowly opened the door and cursed. The house had been vandalized. Furniture was overturned, items were strewn all over the floor, and spraypaint checkered itself upon the walls. Kate suddenly felt the cold metal of a pistol brush against her temple.

“Drop the gun,” a male voice ordered.

Before Kate could react, the figure was knocked to the ground roughly, and the ceiling took the bullet instead of her. Kate saw the elf wrenching the figure’s hands behind his back and pinned him to the floor.

“You’re donem Haldir,” she told the elf.

Kate moved Haldir out of the way and pressed the gun against the man’s pants.

“Who sent you?” she sharply asked.

He refused to speak and glared at her with two gleaming dark eyes.

“Tell me or I will blow it to Bermuda, and you’ll never feel anything again.” she threatened.

“I would tell her,” Haldir advised. “She will do it.”

“I work alone,” he answered. “Just like you. I’m sent but work alone.”

“Who?” she pressed the gun harder.

“John Dean,” he blurted out. “Central Intelligence Agency Deputy Director.”

“What does he want with me?”

“Since you didn’t show up, he wants you dead,” the man hissed. “You’re a disaster, Conner, and you’ll pay for it.”

“You’re going to go back and tell him, you didnt finish your job. And if he wants me dead, he will come and do it himself.”


Kate sighed and nearly inhaled the fiery whiskey as she took in the scene around her. They had cleaned up what they could, but William was still having trouble understanding everything. He now finally had to accept what Kate’s business was in the government. The mortal ran her fingers through her copper hair. As she lifted the bottle to her lips once again, it suddenly dropped shattering into fragments of glass. Kate’s eyes blurred, and she felt dizzy. Before she could fall back, strong arms encircled her waist. She tried to manage a smile at Haldir and nearly slipped as she tried to move her feet. Haldir held her firmly and picked her up setting her gently upon the counter.

“Fiery liquid,” he wrinkled his nose smelling the bottle.

“Knocks you out,” she said lazily attempting to lay her head on his shoulder.

“William tells me if you drink to much and try to sleep, you will fall unconscious,” Haldir lifted her head up.

“Sleep is good. A bed sounds good.”

“Come here,” Haldir said picking her up once again heading for the sink.

Before Kate could object, he dumped her head under the spout saturating her entire face with water as her hair tumbled over it. Kate sputtered and struggled, and Haldir let her stand as she removed the hairs away from her face. She turned from Haldir and grabbed a bag of chocolate chips knowing sugar would help to keep her sober. She couldn’t afford to lose her mind now could she? Haldir leaned against the counter crossing his arms against his chest as he watched her feast on the chocolate chips and toyed with them before putting them into her mouth. He grinned uncontrollably.

“What?” she asked.

“Even when you fill your face, you look beautiful.”

“It’s the dress,” she looked down noticing she still was wearing it though it was slightly wet from the sink and sagged off her left shoulder.

“No I rather think it is the woman inside of it.” he flashed a perfect smile at Kate but she continued to inhale the chocolate. Haldir took one of her hands in his since William told him it would be lethal to try and take chocolate away from a woman when she had been drinking or in a foul mood. “We never did finish our conversation.”

“I don’t want to finish it,” she said stubbornly. “I just want to eat and get hyper and drink until I can’t feel or remember anything.”

“Too late for that,” he grinned and began to trace the lines upon her face.

“Things have changed Haldir,” she told him.

“You were sincere, Kate. I know you,” he drew near to her.

“Go, Haldir. Go back to Middle Earth. Find a beautiful elf and settle down, have some kids, and live forever. Forget me. Do it before it’s too late.”

“I already crossed the point of no return when I crossed the sea with you. I love you, and I will bear away my love for Middle Earth and bind myself to you.”

“Haldir, you’re talking like-“

He cut her off pressing his fingers against her mouth. Haldir kissed her fingertips. “My life is yours and only yours.”

Kate’s eyes closed and she dropped the bag of chocolate chips and leaned into the elf. Haldir drew her in and buried his face in her hair as she did the same with his chest. He could already feel her tears flooding into him. Though he was rejoicing, Haldir shed tears as well for he knew one day Kate would be lost to him. He held onto her like she was a dream fearing she would slip away from him at this very moment of time.

Haldir lifted her chin to his face and gazed into her piercing blue eyes smiling as he saw them flecked with silver like the lamps in Lorien. “My place is here with you.”

“Haldir, I love you,” she said looking up at him.

“I will treasure your words for all the ages to come, Kate even though you be a splinter of time. I love you, and our love will last forever no matter what you say or think. Forever.”


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