Kate and Haldir

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“You shall be much too busy tonight to try and run away. The sun is setting now my love. Come.”…..

“No, no!” she said as he began to pull her back to the room she had once been in.

Kate swiftly reacted and brought her foot to his crotch. He yelped in pain. She brought her arm down upon his back and could have sworn she heard something crack. Kate dashed and made a bolt for the gates. This would be harder than she thought, Kate noticed two large guards blocking the exit.

“Let me pass!” she ordered to them.

They made no move. She tried to move ahead but one pushed her out of the way. Without thinking, Kate swung her fist into the first one’s jaw. The second one came at her but she managed to duck and throw a swift kick to his shins. Kate brought her elbow into the first one’s ribs and knew that she had broken them. As the second one tugged at her hair, she stuck her nails into his face finding blood upon them when she retrieved her hand. The second one clutched his face in pain as the first one knelt on the ground.

Without waiting, Kate flew out of the gates and out of the city. Vast roaming plains lay before her. She wondered if she could escape so fast without them knowing. At least she could try. But then Kate saw a flash of gray in the distance. She ran knowing at once it was a horse. The figure drew nearer. Kate rejoiced at once as he drew near carrying a sword in his hand. She smiled and brushed a strand of hair away from her face as he drew near.

“Not running away are you?” he flashed her a dazzling smile.

“You think I want to stay there?” she asked motioning to the city.

Haldir offered her a hand. As she took it, a loud horn was heard within the city. She then saw the outline of horses coming from the gate. Haldir pulled her up in front of him quickly. He urged Halath on at once as the other horses followed behind them.

“I am not going back!” Kate shouted above the horse’s hooves.

“And I shall not let you,” Haldir answered.

Kate managed a smile. But as the horses rapidly drew near, she wondered if they could survive this. Without waiting for Haldir to object, she took the crossbow he had tied to his sack and aimed it behind her. She knew her arrow had met its target as a figure fell to the ground. There were at least five left, though, and they were drawing near. Kate fired again. The leader ducked his head letting one of the lesser guards take the arrow. Haldir allowed Kate to take the reins. He took the bow he had received from Galadriel and fixed two arrows within them. He let them fly and they met their marks in another guard’s chest. There were three left. But Kate knew they had a bigger problem.

“Haldir!” she cried.

He saw it. The cliff loomed out before them as the waves crashed onto the rocks below. Haldir grasped the reigns and turned to the left suddenly. He could already smell the scent of the Sea, but knew they must not surrender themselves to it. The guards pursued them further and further as they rode their horses on through the Easterling lands. Then Kate felt hopeless as she saw the river vastly approaching. It was too wide to jump. She saw its rushing falls pouring forth over the cliff. Haldir looked behind him and saw the horse continuing to follow them.

“Kate! Halt him!”

“Are you crazy? They’ll catch us!”

“Do it!” he ordered.

“Whoah!” she suddenly cried pulling back the reigns as the horse came to a halt just inches from the rivers edge. Haldir climbed off with Kate close beside him. He gripped his curved sword tightly. Kate took the crossbow and stood beside him as the horses drew near. But the guards did not speed up. They slowed their horses as well and stopped before Haldir and Kate.

“Surrender,” the leader said.

“Never,” Haldir replied venom within his voice. “You may surrender to us, but I shall not surrender to some thick headed fool of a repulsive Easterling set out to abduct an elf maiden.”

“Do not be a fool. We are trained within the deadly arts of fighting. Your skill cannot match ours.”

“Listen to me disgusting vermin. I am Haldir Captain of the Lady of the Lorien Wood’s forces. You will turn back now or be forced to discover the smell of your blood upon my elven sword.”

The leader raised his sword. Before he could bring it down, Kate fired her crossbow into the horse’s chest. The leader fell to the ground but quickly regained his footing and met his blade with Haldir’s. They dueled together and gave each other bad blows. The second one eyed Kate hungrily. He suddenly squeezed his heels into the horse’s flanks, and it took off aiming for her. She fired an arrow into the horse and it met its mark. The second one fell to the ground at her feet. She placed her foot upon his back and smiled triumphantly down at him. In one swift move, she struck her foot into his jaw. He fell back against the ground stunned at her strength. Haldir looked and saw Kate swinging her fists into the second one’s body. He wondered how this elf maiden learned to fight this well. The second one finally fell back against the ground mortally wounded. The third one then concentrated on her. Their eyes met and he grinned and squeezed his heals into the horse’s flanks. She picked up her crossbow and fired an arrow into the guard. It met its mark, but she did not have time to evade the horse. The side of its body crashed into her as she lost her balance and plunged into the icy water of the river. She let out a cry and Haldir turned to see her.

“She can’t swim!” he yelled.

Haldir brought his head to the leader’s face stunning him and plunged his sword into his abdomen. The lord of Lorien dropped his sword and dove into the water grasping Kate’s hand.

“Haldir!” she cried as she saw the edge of the falls the current pulling her forward.

Haldir reached out his other hand and grasped a vine upon the bank. Kate screamed as her feet touched the edge of the falls. But Haldir was strong. He gripped her slippery wrist for dear life and pulled her forward as he eased himself onto the bank. Her feet drew away from the edge as his stomach met the soft grass. Haldir pressed himself onto the shore and took her other wrist. She held onto his vest as he pulled her safely to the shore. Haldir welcomed the cheek pressed against his chest as she cried from her fear.

“Don’t let me go,” she cried her tears falling on him. “Please don’t let me go.”

“I will never let you go, Kate. I am here. I will not leave you.”


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