Kaari’s Story – Chapter 8

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During the time that the fellowship was in Lorien,

Legolas and Kaari rarely spoke to each other. A `hello’ here

and a `good-bye’ there, was all that was exchanged between

the two. Due to this, Legolas became wonderful friends with

the dwarf, Gimli. As the nine friends left Lorien, Kaari cursed

inwardly when she realized that she must share a boat with

Legolas. The prince gave her a curt nod as she stepped into

the boat and began rowing after Aragorn and Boromir.

The elf, the human and the dwarf sat in silence

for a long time. Legolas and Kaari sat admiring the beautiful

scenery, while Gimli dwelt on the beauty of the elven lady

Galadriel. On the third day whilst Aragorn and Boromir set up

camp, and Legolas and Kaari were sent to get firewood, were

their first words exchanged.

“I’m sorry for being so rude to you,” Legoals said


Kaari almost dropped the pieces of wood at the

sound of his voice.

“E-e-excuse me?” Kaari asked.

“I said, I’m sorry for being rude,” Legolas said

slower this time.

“Oh, well. That’s… alright. Nothing to forgive,”

she added with a smile.

Legolas smiled back and they continued walking

in silence. As they walked deeper into the woods, Legolas

and Kaari’s smiles grew. When they had collected enough

firewood, they sat down on a large rock.

They stared at their feet for a moment, then

Legolas reached over and ran his finger down her jaw-line.

Kaari looked at Legolas in shock, her eyes wide. A man (or

elf) had never touched her before, in that fashion or any

other. He then gave a small smile, set the wood on the

ground and kissed her. He held her face in his hands and

enveloped her mouth in his. As they separated, Kaari let a

whisper of air blow threw her lips. They both instantly looked

at the ground.

“Perhaps we should get back to camp,” Legolas

muttered, standing up. He picked up the wood and headed

in the direction of the river.

When they entered the clearing Aragorn noticed

the slightly dazed look on Kaari’s face. He also noticed the

sheepish grin on the elven prince. As the two laid out the

firewood, they avoided eye-contact for fear that they might

kiss again. Kaari felt as if she were floating on air; as if she

heart was about to burst.

Aragorn walked over to Kaari, a quizzical look on

his face. Before he could even utter a word, Kaari threw her

arms around him in a hug. She let go and smiled.

“This is much better than you hating me,” Aragorn

commented, returning the smile.

For the rest of the night, Kaari remained in her

good mood. Legolas and her exchanged glances every-once-

in-a-while, glances that only Aragorn noticed.

After everyone was asleep Aragorn approached

Legolas, who was taking first watch.

“So, I assume that you and Kaari are no-longer

angry at each-other.” Aragorn said as he sat down next to

the elf.

“We were never angry at each-other. I was just

doing as you asked. Staying away from her.”

Was? Past-tense?

“Legolas,” Aragorn said, dropping his voice to a

whisper. “Do you have any idea what might have caused

Kaari’s…change of mood?”

Legolas gave Aragorn an innocent, quizzical look.

“She was mad at me, now she’s happier then

ever,” Aragorn explained.

Legolas turned away from his friend so that

Aragorn couldn’t see his smile.

“I just… explained to her that there was no

reason for her to be angry at you. That it was only propriety

on your part and that we should respect your wishes,” Legolas

said, still facing away from the human. He wasn’t used to

this lying. He had never had any cause for it before.

“That still does not explain why she is so…

enthusiastic,” Aragorn pointed out, stepping in front of


Aragorn looked into Legolas’ eyes for a moment,

hoping that they would reveal what was going on. They didn’t.

“Legolas, do you love my foster daughter?”

More staring at each other.

“Perhaps,” was Legolas’s curt answer.

“That is a very vague answer and you know it.

You either love her or you don’t.”

“But Aragorn, you said she is to young for love,”

Legolas countered, a smirk on his face.

“Answer me!” Aragorn ordered.

Legolas blanched at hearing the anger in his

friends voice. His shock was quickly turned to rage.

“How dare you yell at me?! You forget, I am the

crowned prince of Mirkwood and I allow no-one to talk to me

in such a manner.”

Several members of fellowship stirred, including


“Let’s go farther away for this discussion,” Aragorn

whispered, not wishing to wake up the others.

Legolas just stood up and walked away from

where the others were sleeping. He stopped at Kaari and

smiled down at her sleeping form. Aragorn saw this and gave

a snort of disapproval. The prince looked back at his friend

and continued walking.

Once they were out of ear-shot they began talking


“A prince? At the moment you are acting like no

more than a foolish boy,” Aragorn spat.

This was too much for Legolas. He back-handed

Aragorn with all his strength.

Aragorn put his hand to the side of his face and

stared at Legolas. Legolas’ chest was heaving dramatically

as he glared at his friend.

“You hit me,” Aragorn gasped. Legolas opened

his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Aragorn’s

fist connecting with his jaw.

Then all Mordor broke loose. Aragorn and

Legolas were on the forest floor, attempting to rip each-other

apart. Legolas was on top of Aragorn, beating him with both

fists, when Kaari ran into the clearing.

“Get off of him, get off,” she screamed. Legolas

ignored her.

Aragorn rose his knee up and drove it into

Legolas’s gut. As the elf rolled onto the ground, Aragorn

pinned him there.

“Stop it!” Kaari tried again.

Aragorn held Legolas’ neck with one hand and

punched repeatedly with the other. As the elf began bleeding

Kaari ran over to Aragorn and pulled on his back.

“Please, stop it. Stop it, your hurting him,” she

screamed loud enough for others to hear. Boromir came

running over. He stood beside Kaari and pulled Aragorn off

of Legolas and kicked him onto the forest floor. Kaari knelt

next to Legolas and began stroking his face.

“Legolas, Legolas,” she cried.

He gave a feeble smile and sat up.

“I’m alright, just a few bruises,” he assured,

wiping the blood off of his mouth.

Kaari ripped a section of the tunic she was wearing

and used it to clean his face. As soon as she was done, she

kissed him gently on the forehead. He stood up and walked

over to Aragorn, who Boromir still had on the floor. He spit

onto the humans tunic, and Aragorn struggled to get up


“Now that’s enough, you two,” Boromir ordered,

pushing Aragorn back down. He glared into the prince’s eyes

and Kaari pulled Legolas back a few steps.

“What started this?” Boromir asked.

Aragorn glanced up at Kaari, then down at his

feet. Boromir turned to Legolas and saw the prince slip a

protective arm around Kaari’s waist.

“Kaari? Was it Kaari? I knew it would be

dangerous for a girl to come on this voyage. Now, tell me.

How is she involved with this brawl?”

Kaari looked up at Legolas who was still staring at

his feet. She looked at Aragorn and he stared at the tree

behind her.

“Is no-one going to answer me?”

By now, the rest of the fellowship had joined them

and was standing in a semi-circle around them.

“Legolas, what happened to your face?” Pippin


Legolas looked at the hobbit, then at Aragorn.

Pippin mouthed `oh’ then nodded.

“Someone tell me what’s going on!” Gimli


“The young prince over there hit me,” Aragorn


“Young? I am more then 50 times your age,”

Legolas spat.

“Legolas, why did you hit Aragorn?” Boromir

asked, sounding much like an exasperated parent whose

children had just quarreled.

“He was being disrespectful,” Legolas answered


“No more so than you were! Not only were you

being disrespectful, but you are being improper. Can none

of you guess why we fought? He is standing there, his arm

around my foster daughter! Tell me, is that proper?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Legolas and Kaari. She

slipped from his grip, but everyone knew instantly what was going.

“I knew it, I knew it!” Merry cried. “You two are in

love. I knew it.”

Boromir sighed.

“So Aragorn didn’t approve and one thing led to

another. So you fought.”

Legolas and Aragorn nodded.

Kaari’s hand flew up to her mouth as she

gasped. Legolas put a hand on her shoulder and looked at

her face. Though he could not see her lips, he could read

her smile in her eyes. He kissed her on the forehead and

pulled her to him.

“Kaari’s turning sixteen in ten days,” Aragorn

muttered. “I suppose my disapproval of this… love,” he spat

the word as if it were a curse. He sighed. “Well, I suppose is


Legolas looked up at him in shock. Was Aragorn,

in his odd way, giving his approval?

Aragorn nodded.

The elf picked Kaari up easily and swung her in

the air.

“Well, now that this is over with, I’m going back to

sleep. I suggest everyone else does the same,” Boromir


Almost everyone left, but Aragorn, Legolas and

Kaari remained.

“Aragorn, are you alright?” Kaari asked softly,

sitting on the ground next to him.

“Yes, I am fine,” he answered, wiping a string of

blood from his face.

“Aragorn, I guess now is as a good time as ever

to answer your question,” Legolas said, sitting next to Kaari

and kissing the side of her neck. Chills ran up her spin that

only Legolas felt.

“I do love Kaari.”

Kaari turned around to face him. She had already

known it, but he had never said it. It was a wonderful feeling.

“I love you too,” she whispered before Legolas

leaned in for a deep kiss.

Aragorn cleared his throat and Legolas pulled his

lips away from hers.

“I should probably go to sleep now,” Kaari

muttered. She stood up and went to join the fellowship.

“Good night, Kaari,” Legolas called after her.

“Good night, Legolas.”

Legolas, smiling, turned back to Aragorn. His

smile faded as he saw the look on his friends face.


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