Kaari’s Story – Chapter 2

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The Fellowship stood and listened to Elrond’s farewells. Kaari felt as though she were about to cry. He was her grandfather and Rivendell was her home and Arwen…she wouldn’t see her mother for a long time.

Aragorn watched the child’s face through the corner of his eyes. He could see her trying to hold back tears. He would have to remember to try and comfort her. He would be her only family on this journey. And as Arwen had said, this was a crucial time in her life. Perhaps she would make friends with the others.

Elrond finished his speech and Arwen watched as the ten saviors of Middle Earth left the city of Rivendell. `My daughter’s leaving. And I have a feeling that the next time I see her, she’ll be a woman,’ Arwen thought. She went back inside her room and began thinking of a list of things to do to keep busy. Without a young girl to watch, her day seemed empty.

The ten members of the fellowship walked for days on end. Kaari didn’t really mind all of the walking, because she spent most of her time outside anyways. Over the past fifteen years, she had explored every inch of Rivendell. Being outdoors and sleeping under the stars was a dream come true for her.

One day, Kaari was sitting down, watching the four hobbits fooling around, the elf and the dwarf bicker and Aragorn and Gandalf talking; and Boromir walked up behind her.

“Hello, sir,” she said respectively as he sat down next to her.

“Hello. I was wondering something, and perhaps you can help me out. Are you Aragorn’s daughter?”

Kaari laughed.

“No. He found me when I was a baby. I don’t know who my parents are.”

“Then what were you doing in Rivendell?”

“That’s where I live,” Kaari answered.

“Why would a human live with the elves? Why wouldn’t you be living in Gondor?”

“Because Aragorn took me to Rivendell when he found me. He left me in the care of Lady Arwen. She’s whose been raising me for my whole life,” Kaari explained.

“Of course he would take you to the elves. Aragorn forgets what he is and where he came from. I assume you are the same way. That you believe that the elves are better than humans,” Boromir said.

“No. I don’t. We’re just different. But, then again, Aragorn is the only other human I have ever met before.”

“Of course. I assume, since you live in Rivendell, that you speak elvish.”

“Yes, I do. Both forms.”

“I guess that you and the prince will get along then. Since both of you speak the same language,” Boromir said.

“I don’t know. He’s different from the elves in Rivendell. He’s quieter and seems more warrior like than anyone I have met. He’s just different.”

Legolas’s sharp ears picked up the two humans conversation and asked Gimli if they could continue their argument at some other time. He walked over to where Kaari and Boromir were sitting.

“Hello,” he said in elvish.

“Good morning, Prince,” Kaari replied in the same tongue.

Boromir stood up and walked away. He didn’t like elves. He never had. And Kaari was just an elf in a human body as far as he was concerned.

“How are you?” Legolas asked Kaari as he took Boromir’s place beside her.

“Fine, and you milord?”

(This whole conversation is in Elvish)

“You do not have to call me milord. We share a common friend, all formalities should be put aside,” Legolas suggested, talking about Aragorn.

“Whatever you say.”

“So, Aragorn found you in the Wild?”

“Where you listening to my conversation?” Kaari asked. She knew that elves had keen hearing, but she still wasn’t used to them being able to hear her every word.

“No. Aragorn told me a few days ago. You speak very good elvish. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a human speak it so well, besides Aragorn.”

“But weren’t we raised the same? I was taught elvish before the common tongue. We were both raised by the elves of Rivendell. By Lord Elrond, himself. We were both very lucky,” Kaari told Legolas.

“Yes. Lord Elrond is very wise, and so is his daughter. I heard you call her mother, while we were still in Rivendell. Is she your mother?” Legolas asked cautiously.

“No. She just raised me. I used to think she was my mother, and I just couldn’t stop calling her that. It was natural by then.”

“Yes. I suppose it would be. What exactly is your relationship with Aragorn? I know that he isn’t your actual father,” Legolas said.

“Well, he is like a father to me. But I never see much of him. The is the longest time I’ve spent with him yet,” Kaari added.

“I have known Aragorn since he was a small child. It is odd, seeing him as a man older than myself. He and I are like brothers.”

“Legolas! Kaari! Time to go!” Aragorn yelled up the hill.

“One minute,” Legolas called back.

“No, now!

Legolas yelled something down to Aragorn in elvish that made Kaari embarrassed to have heard, and Aragorn slap Legolas when he reached him.

“Don’t ever talk like that in front of Kaari! I can’t believe….”

While Aragorn was scolding him, Legolas kept laughing. Kaari was still shocked. She had never heard someone talk like that. Well, at least not with them knowing that she could hear them.

“Sorry, Aragorn. I shall never use foul language in front of her again,” Legolas said as he put his hand over his heart. He wore a mocking look on his face. When Aragorn turned around and continued walking with Gandalf, Legolas turned to look at Kaari and made a funny face. `Maybe Legolas and I will get along well,’ Kaari thought to herself. He seemed a lot like her two uncles, Elladan and Elrohir. They were younger than him, but they acted the same.

`Legolas better watch it,’ Aragorn thought. He was acting like a child! Perhaps he was just trying to bond with Kaari, but acting as if she wasn’t a lady wasn’t going to work. Aragorn wouldn’t let it. He had taken her to Arwen for her to be raised a lady and a lady she would remain!


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