Journey of One – As seen in the messageboards.

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A hobbit by the name of Dayle went on an exciting journey. This hobbit was different. He had an understanding of all the Races that no other hobbit could understand. One day, after he had discussed his plans to visit the sacred woods of Lorien, he left his hobbit hole and received nasty looks from a neighbour.

“Look, theres the ‘elf-hobbit’! Where are you going elf-hobbit? To see your ‘mother’, Galadien?”

Dayle’s face darkened. “It’s GALADRIEL,” he said. “And she’s not my mother, she’s the Lady of the woods, and shes an elf, a race that only we could ever DREAM of being!”

More laughs. “Go away elf-hobbit. You are not wanted here. Go visit your family! Betrayer!”

From that day, one week ago, Dayle had felt very out of place in the Shire. He set out on his pony, Jack, and left his home. For days he traveled, not knowing where the road would lead him…

To pass the time, Dayle sang a song that had been passed down from his family. The origin was that of Frodo Baggins, who now, if still alive, would have been 130 years old.

“The road goes ever on and on,
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahed the road has gone,
Now I must follow if I can,
Pursuing it with weary feet.”

Dayle heard steps behind him…

“Until it joins some larger way.” They were closer now.

“Where many paths and erreds meet.” Right behind him….

“And wither then? I cannot say…”

Dayle turned fearfully.

“W-who goes there?” He squeaked. He tried to sound brave, but could not hide his fear.

“Do not be afraid. I will not hurt you… I seek…. companionship.” The voice was that of a female.

“Show yourself… and what do you mean by ‘companionship’?”

“I know of your quest. I wish to come. Galadriel is one of the many elves I have not yet met, though I have wandered long and far.”

The woman walked out. She was of an elven race, fair skinned but dark haired. A barely visible scar ran down her cheek, and by the looks of it, she was a warrior. A quiver of arrows was at her back, and in her hand she held a bow.

“My name is Arianna. An elven wanderer. I wish to come with you to see Galadriel.”

Dayle nodded and the two began their journey. They walked for many days. Finally they stopped at The Prancing Pony for a break.

“Dayle, I did not want to startle you when we were walking… but something is following us. We can not stay here, and we must leave first thing in the morning. What this thing is, I cannot yet say, but I will find out. Now get some sleep, we have a long day ahed of us.” Ariana turned and walked to her room leaving the hobbit standing alone and confused in the hallway.



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