Jocelyn’s freedom – She wanted to be out on her own, and now she is, her and her new friend*hint hint*

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She was a young girl, an elf princess. All cooped up and nothing to do. Her father was a colonel in the elvish alliance. Away on matters o business, she had no one to relate or talk to. No one. Her mother had died when she was but eight years old. All she saw now was a cold hearted world, filled with nothing but hatred and murder. A fury built up in her… in the sterling light of the moon, her eyes became as ice, and she stared out at the wilderness yearning to become independent. To become nothing more than her own person. Sure she loved the world she had now, only the most lonely and spectral of all. Everyday her father had seen his little princess grow up, he too had seen this itch to leave and seek fair and distant lands. In her bed, she could see the curtains flowed by the wind….one day she hoped she could flow as well, freely in the breeze.
“Daughter…” the colonel called as he went around the corner to her room.
“Yes father…what is the matter? Your voice is deep, yet full of worry…” she said as she looked at him with concern.
“You must go. NOW.” he said sternly, trying not to show his tears.
“Is everything alright?” she asked.
“NO, u must go…”
“But why?
“Everyday,” he paused for a few seconds, and then continued…” everyday, I see you lonely and spectral. Everyday, my heart aches for you. I now know that you have been yearning for a chance to do something. I would not be able to live with myself if I did not push myself to help you out.”
“Father?” she whispered.
“Jocelyn! Please, just listen to me. As your father! I insist that you venture. You may take an assistant if you wish. I can’t bear to stand by and be burdened with my own daughters’ distress.”
Jocelyn just looked at her Father with astonishment, and excitement. For the first time in her life, since her mother was gone, that she felt happy. “What would you do without me?” she asked.
“I shall not perish, I will not keep close watch on you, but you must promise me you will send me word whenever you can of how you are.” then looking up at her, he kissed his little princess, and sent her to pack her things…
Outside, it was a somber and wonderfully worm day.
“Keep safe, and try not to get lost…” he said jokingly. For he knew he had taught his daughter well on navigation, and history of the world she would venture out to.
“I shall be fine…you shant worry about me too much.” she said. “I thank thee for giving me this opportunity. Then she kissed him and approached her horse to walk out of the garden.
The colonel waved at her until he could no longer see his little princess descend into the world.
“Who do you think you are WOMAN!” he looked at Jocelyn as if she were nothing but a scrap of dirt!
“I am a Prin….”then she paused a moment to think’ what if they knew she was a princess, what they would do?’ thinking of things, she had to tell her self not to mention she was of a well known, honorable family. Then she replied” I happen to be Jocelyn. And who might you be? A thief or just a village idiot!” she had definitely had courage to stand up against this so called man. All of a sudden, she heard the man grunt, as she looked up at him and his companion, he had gotten beat red, and was now furious. `Great now I’ve really done it’ she thought. Before she knew it, she felt a huge hand come down on her, and then everything went black.
“I think she is waking…” a voice sounded distant at first, then became clear as day.
“Hmmm….” she groaned.” ohh! My head!”
“I bet it does hurt! You took quite a blow to it. Those two “village idiots as you called them knocked you out, and were going to rob you.” said the voice. “Luckily, I was there.”
Jocelyn quickly opened her eyes, she has forgotten that whole thing, and that she left her home, and was out alone. Then she realized that she did not recognize that voice. That definitely startled her. She jumped up out of all the blankets quickly…
“Who are you….I warn you sir, that I am armed, and know how to defend myself!”
All of a sudden, this man or shall I say elf rather started to laugh abruptly…
“What may I ask are you laughing at?!” Jocelyn asked.
“You, how could such beauty have so much strength in her?” said the stranger.
“Excuse me?”
“I apologize mistress, may I introduce myself…I am Legolas Greenleaf, and I am traveling also.”
“Well,” she said hesitantly…” I thank thee for thigh Rescue.”
“Just doing my duty…” he said jokingly.” where are you going?”
“No where that I know of right now. I guess I am going where ever destiny takes me.”
He looked at her with amazement. He really liked that she was a free soul. He admired that. He noticed an astonishing beauty in her. He had immediately noticed her beautiful eyes. They were a violet. Legolas saw a glimmer of excitement in her eyes. He felt dizzy, and out of breath, and he didn’t quite know what it was. ‘I must be tired’ he thought to himself.
The air was crisp and cool, and Jocelyn could feel the breath of the afternoon breeze in her face, and going through her long and dark hair.
“I must be on my way now; once again I thank you for the rescue.”
As she turned to mount her horse, she felt a hand grab her wrist. She twirled around quickly. Legolas had grabbed her.
“Why don’t we travel together, after all, two are better than one, especially on these roads.”
Jocelyn hadn’t thought about that. “I suppose, it would be better.” she said. “Where did you plan on going?” she asked.
“I was traveling to a distant land. I have a task I must take care of. It’s nice to have a companion; It gets lonely on the road.”
‘I wonder what the task is….’ she thought. But she knew she wouldn’t ask such a question, for it was not her business, and she was good about not being a brown-noser.
“I was thinking of traveling a few more miles, before we made camp, how about it?” Legolas asked, already on his steed.
She mounted quickly, and they trotted off.
The sun was already being ready to set. It was a crimson purple, red, and orange. Jocelyn breathed the worm air. She had never done anything she had been doing now. Away from anyone she knows, with a new found friend. She had loved Legolas’s long golden hair. The shadow of the evening outlined his perfect bone structure. He was tall, and handsome. He had eyes of stars, they were bright and beautiful. Nothing as she had ever seen before. She felt as if she could stare into them forever. As she looked out into the wilderness, she felt free, and independent. Legolas called it a night, and as did she, she had been exhausted.
In the morning, they felt refreshed, and were soon on there way. They joked, and laughed, even sang songs of which they both knew from celebrations, family, and victory.


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