Isilmë – Chapter One

by May 8, 2005Stories

This is my first FanFic, so it isn’t perfect.

The stars twinkled silently above Imladris. They laughed as they watched the feast below them. A large group of elves were singing and dancing happily. A few odd men were mixed in with them. A pretty elf maiden danced to the cheerful music in a corner with another elf, he had dark hair and a sword poking up awkwardly from his belt.

In another part of the room, a dark-haired elven maiden was gazing back up at the night sky. She stood admidst the music, alone and quiet. She always loved these parties, but she was never very sociable. She was wearing a silver gown, with a slight green tinge to it that made her emerald eyes stand out. Her eyes were the deep green of summer, but the rest of her seemed to resemble the white silence of winter.

She sighed as she heard the light footfalls of her friend behind her. She turned around just as the other elf spoke.

“Where have you been all night, Sáralissë? I was worried you went back to your bed again!” Sáralissë’s friend was very beautiful. Her hair was Silver-blond, and almost looked white. Her blue eyes sparkled with laughter.

“I have been enjoying some privacy, Lóssewen, ever since you wandered off to find something. I don’t need to spend every waking moment with you.” Both of their faces burst into smiles, but then Lóssewen seemed to remember something.

“Follow me!” Lóssewen said as she suddenly grabbed Sáralissë’s arm and started to pull her across the room. When she finally let go, Sáralissë saw a handsome elf next to them. He looked rather shy, and was staring at the floor. He had one hand resting on his sword-hilt, and the other dangled at his side. He had black hair, but Sáralissë couldn’t really see his eyes well.

Lóssewen suddenly broke the silence. “Sáralissë, may I introduce you to Valdil, Valdil, this is Sáralissë. Valdil hasn’t been to Rivendell before, so I thought you might want to show him everything he may need? My mother wants to speak to me, so I cannot stay here.” She walked away and left them.

Valdil looked up, and for the first time, Sáralissë could see his face. He had slightly tanned skin, flawed only by a scar on his cheek. His eyes were the slight bluish gray of the sea. He spoke, and his voice seemed to sound like it was surprised at its own noise.

“Hello, what did she say your name was? She was speaking so quickly I couldn’t understand her.”

“My name is Sáralissë. Yours is Valdil, right?” She smiled at him awkwardly, unsure of what to say, since she had only a few friends. She thought of something, then said, “Where do you live, since you do not live in Rivendell?”

“I live in Lothlórien, and travelled here with my father and brother.”

“I have always wished to travel to The Golden Wood, but I have never been further from home than the river,” she sighed softly and said,”I don’t believe I will ever leave here, or at least I will stay here until I depart for Valinor…” her voice trailed off, straying into thought.

“I could bring you there. You could come with us when we go back home. You could use one of our horses.”

“I couldn’t. I couldn’t leave. All that is left of my family is here.”

Lóssewen let out a squeal of delight when an elf told her that Valdil and Sáralissë were betrothed. She would have gone back and congratulated them, but she had to find Keluial like her mother asked her to. She suddenly saw a figure ahead, sitting on a bench, looking away from the others. She walked up to her, and said, “Keluial, our mother was wondering where you were.”

Lóssewen stumbled backwards with a cry as a long knife suddenly flashed at her face. She regained her balance, then said sternly, “Stop doing that! It isn’t at all amusing!”

“It doesn’t matter if it is amusing or not to you. It only matters if is funny to me,” said Keluial, smiling to herself. The name Keluial certainly fit her personality. It meant Icy Twilight. She always felt different from the other elves. She always seemed to sober, and when she was appy, it was for no reason at all. She was elegant and beautiful, but at the same time cold and aloof. She could be charming, but she could also be intimidating. Her black hair shimmered in the fading light. Her silver-gray eyes often were the only part of her that was happy. She insisted on wearing a knife at all times on her person, and eventually the rest of the elves of Imladris had accepted her oddity, though she had no friends, except for one.

Keluial put the knife back into her belt, then said,”So why did Mother want to speak to me?”

“I do not know. She wouldn’t tell me,” she paused for a moment, “Sáralissë is betrothed to an elf from Lothlorien! Be happy, at least for her!”

Keluial let a small smile peep out, then said,” Yes. I have a feeling I will be in the same situation also.”

Lossewen shook her head as she said, “Do you mean your friend from Mirkwood? He is quite…wonderful.” She made a weak smile, then turned around in search of Saralisse.

Keluial frowned. How could her sister think of Feanendil that way? He was … well, perfect. She looked ahead and saw Saralisse talking to Lossewen.

Keluial walked slowly forward. By the time she go to Saralisse, Lossewen had gone. Saralisse was talking to an elf. He looked nice enough, she thought. She stepped up behind Saralisse and said stiffly, “I heard you are going to be married. I am happy for you, cousin.”

Saralisse turned around and shook her head. “I already told Lossewen, that is not true. Valdil and I have only been talking to each other, but everyone seems to think it is otherwise.”

“Oh, sorry. I just wanted to congratulate you before I leave.”

“You are going to Mirkwood again?”

“Yes. Mirkwood is far more exciting than here. Some elves love song and poetry, but I need to keep my fighting skills sharp.”

Saralisse shook her head. Why did Keluial find such pleasure in fighting? “And your heart resides in Mirkwood” she said under her breath.

“I heard that. There is no reason to whisper. Feanendil loves me, so you could shout and I would feel no bad feelings.”

“I hope I am not interrupting anything important, but you never introduced yourself,” Valdil cut in.

“Oh. I am sorry. My name is Keluial. I am a cousin to Saralisse. But what is your name?”

“I am Valdil of Lothlorien.”

“Well, Valdil of Lothlorien, your sword is not in the right position and is threatening to fall out of its sheath.”

Valdil looked at the floor again, embarrased that a maiden had noticed that he wasn’t experienced with a sword. He was only on his first journey out of his homeland afterall, and he wanted to make a good first impression.


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