Isilmë – Chapter Four

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The day was wearing out, and night was coming. Keluial was sitting in a … well, a room. There wasn’t anything very special about it, but she liked it. Maybe she liked it because there wasn’t anything special about it so other people overlooked it? Anyways, she was sitting on a chair in the room. Feanendil was talking to her, but to tell the truth, she wasn’t really paying attention. She was just so delighted that Feanendil had come to visit her. She tried to overlook the fact that he had just accompanied the prince Legolas to Rivendell to deliver a message to Lord Elrond. She could pretend he had come to visit her, right? There was no harm in pretending. She wondered what the message was. She obviously looked distracted, because her thoughts were interrupted by a playful laugh.

“Keluial must have wooden ears, because I have called her name many times now and she hasn’t answered.” Feanendil said in a singsong voice.

Keluial blushed. “Sorry, Feanendil. What were you saying?”

“I want to see how Elladan and Elrohir are doing. I haven’t seen them for a very long time. Every time I travel here they seem to be away someplace else.” He laughed again.

Keluial smiled. She loved Feanendil’s laugh, and he laughed a lot. “I suppose we can go see them, but we must do it tonight or tomorrow morning. They are leaving again tomorrow.”

“Then let us go find them!” Feanendil practically leaped out of his seat but then slowed down to a walk before he went out the door, Keluial following closely behind.


Valdil and Sáralissë were once again in Frodo’s room. Elrond and some other elves had been trying to heal the wound on the hobbit’s shoulder earlier, but he didn’t look much better. They had left the room, so the two elves assumed it was fine to go in. Valdil had suggested going in, because he believed that even though they didn’t know Frodo, he shouldn’t be alone. They had been sitting in silence on the floor for some while now, sometimes venturing to whisper a sentence or two to one another.

But they weren’t the only ones in the room. Three others were there. Two hobbits, Bilbo and Samwise, and Mithrandir. Sáralissë already knew Bilbo and Mithrandir, but the younger one was new to her. They hovered around the bed, occasionally walking to the other end of the room to stretch their legs.

Some time later, Sáralissë head began to get heavy. A full moon was rising, and the leaves outside of the window cast shadows on the floor. Sáralissë watched the shadows dance upon the ground, until she was lulled to sleep.

Valdil suddenly felt Sáralissë’s head fall onto his shoulder. He turned toward her, and lifted her head off and put it back onto her own. He tried to rouse her, but she only let out a soft moan. Mithrandir looked at them, as if he just remembered that they were there, but Valdil had a feeling that he didn’t forget at all. Valdil tried to rouse Sáralissë again, and this time he succeeded. She looked up at him sleepily, then looked around the room.

“Where am I?” she mumbled.

Valdil smiled, and said, “Maybe we should leave now.” He lifted Sáralissë to her feet, then turned to Mithrandir.

“I’m going to take her to her room. I hope he gets well soon.”

The wizard nodded, then said, “It was thoughtful for you two to come in here, even though you didn’t need to. I will tell Frodo about you when he awakes.”


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