Isilmë – Chapter 6

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Valdil was running through Rivendell now. He had been getting worried that he wouldn’t be able to find Keluial. He had went to almost every last bedroom, kitchen, dining rooms, and library. He finally burst in through the doors of the Hall of Fire, and saw Keluial sitting there, with three other elves. He stood there, panting. There was an awkward silence. Finally, Keluial laughed. She stood up, and called out,

“Na vedui! (at last) I was beginning to wonder if you were going to answer me! Well, what is your decision?”

“I accept your challenge.”

“We can fight tomorrow. I would say tonight, but I am busy right now.”

“Busy doing what?” Valdil asked, extremely curious. He couldn’t think of a single thing that would be more important to the rather strange elf maiden.

“We are busy planning the way we will mess up the feast later. My name is Feanendil, and I don’t think we have met. Now, if you don’t mind, could you leave? We don’t want you telling Lord Elrond what we are doing…unless you have an idea?”

Valdil shook his head, and said, ‘I would very much like to stay, since this place is public, but, I want to go to bed and would like your plan to be a surprise. He nodded, then walked out of the doors.

“He’s no fun. Anyways, what exactly are we doing?” said Elladan.

“I thought we were going to put honey on Elrond’s seat?” said Keluial.

“Oh. Right…” there was a long silence, as all four elves thought about the plan. Suddenly, Elrohir spoke up.

“I have an idea! We should do it to Estel instead… he has less power than Elrond.”

“You only say that because he’s your father.” said Feanendil.

“I think it’s a good idea”, said Keluial, “though I think we should get more creative….how about honey all over his body?”

“Yes! And feathers too! He’ll look like a bird!” laughed Elladan.

The plan was heating up, and getting more hysterical by the minute. The four elves were laughing, and many elves heard them from their rooms and wondered what was happening.

“I think we should do it before he goes to the feast. How about before he even wakes in the morning?” suggested Feanendil.

“Oh that’s good. But won’t he just get changed or wash it off?” said Elladan.

“We could hide his clothes. And….well I can’t think of a way to keep him from washing it off.” said Elrohir.

“Well, that’s good enough,” said Feanendil, “I’m going to bed. I’m exhausted.” He stood up and stretched, then started to walk away. “Good night.”

“Losto vae (sleep well),” called out Elladan.

Keluial watched Feanendil go. She smiled, and suddenly realised something. They were adults. She had never thought of Feanendil, the twins, or herself for her matter like that, but come to think of it… they had been adults for a while now. Then she did something that she never really understood. Maybe it was just because she was tired. She stood up, and called to Feanendil.

“Feanendil…I would like to talk to you. I…need to tell you something…”

Feanendil turned around, and said, “Sure, come on.”

She lept up and followed him into the hall. When they were out there, he stopped.

“What’s wrong, Keluial? Why did you want to talk?”

“I….uh….I guess…”

“What? You can tell me, can’t you?”

“Well,” Keluial stuttered, the first time in her life she didn’t know what to say, “I guess…well, I might as well tell you. I think… I like you. I guess I love you.”

Feanendil looked surprised. Keluial continued anyways, hoping that he didn’t think she was crazy.

“I think have always loved you. You were always my best friend…one of my only friends. You know that I have…troubles. With my temper and stuff. But I have just realised how much you really mean to me…”

Keluial looked up at Feanendil’s face, and sighed. In her entire life, this was one of the longest silences in the world. But her worries were banished when Feanendil’s face softened into a warm smile.

“Elo! I have never known…now that I think of it, I suppose I have always loved you too, but I didn’t think you thought of me as anything more than a friend. I didn’t even know I was your best friend…but, now that I have listened to your words and thought about it…Le melin.Le melithon anuir. (I love you. I will love you forever.)” he suddenly hugged Keluial. Just a friendly hug, but it meant everything to Keluial. She felt as though she was present at the Ainulindale. Feanendil then backed away, and spoke again.

“Do you know something? I don’t especially like the name Keluial. It is…a little hard to say. In my heart, I have always called you… Isilmë. Moon-light. I read the name in an old book, and thought it suited you.”

“I like that,” said Keluial, “I suppose then, I can give you a name? Feanendil doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue too well.”

Feanendil laughed, then said, “sure, what do you wish to call me?”

“How about…oh…Faeron? Spirit.”

“Yes, that does fit.” said Feanendil. They looked at each other for a few moments, then Feanendil nodded and said, “Well, Isilmë, I’m going to bed. Law lín síla sui Ithil (Your radiance shines like the moon)” he kissed her forehead, and walked down the hall. Keluial went back to her bedroom, and slipped into a very peaceful sleep.


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