Isilmë – Chapter 5

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Note: I messed up when I made Keluial’s name, but I am going to keep it that to avoid confusion.


Valdil led Sáralissë out of the room. He struggled to remember just where her bedroom was. He remembered, and turned around. They had been going the wrong way. Sáralissë suddenly seemed to wake up. Her eyes opened all of the way, and she started to walk faster.

“It’s good to see you are awake. I was wondering if you were,” Valdil said.

“Yes, I suppose I fell asleep for a few moments.”

The rest of the walk was in silence. They both were tired (even though they were elves) and didn’t really feel like talking. In a few minutes, they were at the door to Sáralissë’s bedroom.

“Good night, Sáralissë. I will see you tomorrow?”

“Yes. Good night.”

Sáralissë opened the door and slipped inside. Valdil smiled and then suddenly remembered his conversation with Keluial. She had said to give her an answer today! He wondered where she could be, and went off in search of her.


Keluial and Feanendil were running down the halls of Rivendell. They had been for a little while now. They would slow down to a walk whenever anyone came by them, but then they would forget all about how they were supposed to behave and would start to run again. They wanted to find Elladan and Elrohir, but they decided to take the ‘long’ way to their room. Which meant they would have to go into almost every hall and passageway in Rivendell.

Keluial stopped. Feanendil went on a little longer, but then slowed and turned around. They had finally reached Elladan and Elrohir’s door. Keluial opened the door, and looked inside, but she didn’t see the twins. She stepped back out, and shook her head. The two elves walked back up the hall. They hadn’t gone further than a few feet when two familiar elf-twins came around the corner ahead of them. Feanendil ran up to meet them. Keluial smiled and followed. Elladan, Elrohir, Feanendil and Keluial had all been childhood friends before Feanendil went to live in Mirkwood.

“We just went to your room, but nobody was there.” Feanendil said when he reached the twins.

“Of course nobody was there. We needed to get ready for tomorrow. You do know that we are leaving, right?” said Elrohir.

“But now we are done. There is nothing else we can do until morning.” continued Elladan.

They all then began to walk. Feanendil and Elrohir walked towards the bedroom, but Elladan and Keluial had turned the other way.

“Can we go to the Hall of Fire? There is much more room there. We are much bigger now than we were as children.” Keluial asked.

“Sure, why not?” Feanendil answered. Both of the twins nodded, and they all walked in one direction now. Keluial grinned. She had a feeling that one poor person would be a victim of a prank soon. As she thought this, the reached the Hall, and sat down. As soon as she found a seat, Keluial spoke.

“I think we should pull a prank…for old times sake.”

“Do you have any ideas?” Elladan asked.

Rivendell always had some trouble when these four were together. Even though Keluial had said, ‘for old times sake’, those four little words actually meant, ‘this place has been too boring for too long and it’s about time something happened’.

“I was thinking about hiding all of Estel’s clothes except for what he wears to bed.” suggested Feanendil.

“That’s all right, but I was thinking more of a mess…maybe we could put honey or something like that on Elrond’s chair. He is going to have more guests soon,” said Keluial.

“That’s good,” said Elrohir, “when do we start?”


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