Isilmë – Chapter 3

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Keluial was watching the sunrise. She was on one of the higher terraces of Rivendell, one of her favorite spots in the area. Here, she had an amazing view, and could see all the other elves carry out their lives. She couldn’t hear a conversation that far away, but she could guess what was being said from the movements of the person talking.

This was how she found out about Valdil courting Sáralissë. She saw for a little while beforehand how Dinril seemed excited, yet nervous. She knew something happened, but she didn’t have any idea what it could have been. She saw Dinril lead Valdil in a room solemnly. Keluial couldn’t see very well after that, since she could only look in through a window, and Dinril’s head was blocking most of that. Now, as she watched Dinril talk to his son, she could venture a guess as to what was happening.

So, this has something to do with Valdil? Or does Dinril have some problem or secret he is telling to his son? She quickly ruled out the second possibility..Dinril was very private and wouldn’t tell anyone about a problem he had unless it was a choice between telling or death.

He spoke a few, quick words, then he gazed out of the window. For a moment she worried she would be discovered, but then she saw that Dinril’s eyes were looking at the ground, away from her. She saw barely Valdil seemed surprised, but then he laughed.

Keluial thought this was a little strange, but she couldn’t figure out what he said, so she kept on watching. After a few moments, she saw Valdil come out and sit on a chair. Shortly afterward, she saw Sáralissë join him. Both elves had the same expression on their face: confusion. When he turned to face her, they both laughed. Keluial pondered this for a while, then remembered the rumor that had spread around the previous night: Valdil and Sáralissë were engaged. She smiled as she realized the truth. Dinril somehow got permission for Valdil to court Sáralissë, and he only told Valdil now. It seemed that Sáralissë had only just found this out also.

Keluial didn’t notice another person come up behind her, and she didn’t even notice the soft laughter until she finally came to a conclusion as to what was happening. When she did hear, her face broke into a smile, glad to hear the familiar voice of Feanendil.


“I still do not understand why you wish to fight Keluial.”

It was a few hours later, and Valdil and Sáralissë were talking in the Hall of Fire. They had talked about courting, about the perian, Frodo, being tended to in Sáralissë’s room. Elrond didn’t have the time to find a spare room, so she had offered her’s for now, until they could find one. Now they were talking about Keluial.

“There is no harm in it, Sáralissë. Either way, I win. Besides, she said it would be a secret. Nobody will know,” Valdil said.

“I’m sorry, Valdil, but I don’t trust Keluial very much. I think there is more to this than what we know.” Sáralissë protested.

“Well, it still shoudn’t do much harm.”

After a while, Sáralissë said, “I do wonder how he is doing.”


“The perian, Frodo.”

“Oh. Do you want to see how he is doing?”

“Well, I would like to, but I don’t know if anyone is allowed to see him.”

Valdil stood up, then said, “We at least can ask if we can see him.”

Sáralissë stood up, and together they went to Sáralissë’s bedroom. The room was empty, except a note pinned to the bed. Sáralissë looked over it uickly, and said , “They found an empty room…it’s this way.”

She led Valdil to a room in the heart of Rivendell. They walked slowly and quietly into the room. Inside, Frodo lay on the bed, looking very pale and sick. Elrond stood next to the bed, and the old hobbit, Bilbo. A few elves stood to the side, watching uncertainly. Valdil joined them, and Sáralissë followed. After a few minutes, the other elves began to leave. After about a half-hour of watching, Elrond said that they could leave if they wanted to, because Frodo wouldn’t wake for a long time.

They walked out, same as they came in, slowly and quietly. As they emerged, they saw a familiar face come around the corner.

“Mithrandir?” They said together, but he only gave a nod before going into the room that they came out of.


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