Is This Heaven? (Chapter Six) – LONG-AWAITED Chapter Six

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I’m very sorry I’ve been gone so long. My computer crashed, I had two deaths in the family, and had an eating disorder, all in the same few months. However, I’m BACK!! And so is Laureli…

Chapter Seven: Water, Among Other Things…

Morning. The smell filtered through the open window along with sunlight, rousing Laureli from her slumber, if slumber it could be called. Blinking in the harsh light of day, she smiled, briefly, as her gaze drifted towards a chair, well, more of a chaise. Legolas, looking wonderfully out of his element, was sprawled across it, hair totally let down, staring at the ceiling.

She laughed, then rolled out of bed, looking for a reaction. He didn’t move; and she took matters into her own hands. Grinning evilly, she crept closer to the dormant elf, her features lit in wicked delight. Her hands tightened around the handle of her “weapon”, insanity just tapping into the depths of her eyes. Closer… closer… NOW!!!

He jerked in surprise as a torrent of water rained down, seemingly, from above his head. Blinking in sheer astonishment, he swung to catch sight of Laureli, lying lengthwise across her bed, laughing hysterically. His eyebrows were raised in mock indignation as he rose, sopping wet, to fall onto the bed beside the oblivious lady. “Do you enjoy water so much, M’lady? Had I known, I wouldn’t have hesitated to take you for a swim yesterday,” he laughed, then pulled her into his arms, roughly, so that her hair fell in a golden curtain, shrouding both their faces. She was breathless, trying in vain to suppress the laughter that was just itching to escape. Propped on one elbow that rested against his chest, she laughed softly, musically, before she dropped her forehead to rest against his.

“I don’t like to swim, sweet prince. But I do like water,” she giggled, well aware that she was going to be as sopping as he was in a matter of minutes. She didn’t care; for once, she felt like she was real, and the fears and insecurities of the previous night were forgotten as she flirted playfully with the prince of Mirkwood. His arms tightened slightly, holding her closer as he laughed with glee.

“Is that so, sweet lady? Well then, why don’t you see how it feels to get wet?” One arm released her, grabbing for a small pitcher he knew was full of water. Once he had it, firmly, he poured it over Laureli’s head, not caring that he got himself wetter in the process. She shrieked with delight and a touch of annoyance, then looked him straight in the eye.

“That was not such a good idea. Haven’t you heard of retribution?” She tried to push away from him, only to be held even more firmly by him.

“Don’t. I’m sorry… I did act rather rudely. I beg for forgiveness,” he spoke a second too late. Laureli, with the speed born of being an elf, had him pinned on his back with a handful of acorns, which she promptly dumped on his head. He winced, then gave her another slight, almost cocky grin that lit up his face and reached his eyes, playfulness shining from their azure depths. “Oh, it’s a fight you want, is it?”

She nodded, smiling as she stuck out her tongue playfully at him. “You wouldn’t dare, now would you, prince!” She laughed as she spoke, though she was on her toes. He was a skilled warrior, even if he WAS playful around her. He’d long since released her, and she now stood on one side of the bed, with Legolas on the other.

“Don’t try my will, Lady Laureli. I’ll have you know I always get my prey.” He feasted his eyes on her. Wearing nothing but a night shift, loose and billowing, she was quite a sight to see. The laughter in her eyes didn’t help; it just added to her already breathtaking appearance. He found himself laughing as he lunged across the bed, missing her by a fraction of an inch.

“And you call yourself a warrior? More like a could-be warrior.” She laughed, breathlessly. He looked so handsome, laughing helplessly, strewn across her bed. His eyes were lit like blue sparklers, dancing with his laughter and excitement. She stepped back, but he managed to encircled her waist and pull her onto the bed with him.

“You… are going to pay for that little comment,” he said indignantly, staring into her icy blue eyes, a smile playing at his lips. Laureli frowned, but rested her head against his, nuzzling noses with him as she once had with Leo…

“Leo, come play with me!” Lori laughed, trying in vain to lift the much taller man to face her. He’d just groaned and rolled over in his sleep, pulling a blanket over his head as he shifted, trying to stay warm.

“Wake up, sleepyhead. It’s after noon.” She’d whisked the blanket off of him, only to be caught by two strong arms and pulled into bed beside him, her forehead pressed to his, eyes boring into his own. Then, lightly, they had rubbed noses…

“Laureli? Sweet lady, are you alright?” Legolas was staring down at her with concern, his azure eyes looking so confused it broke her heart. She wrapped both arms around his neck, clinging like a burr, trembling, her face pressed to his shoulder.

“I… I had a dream again, Legolas. They won’t stop,” she cried, feeling his hands play over her back so gently, sweetly.
“It’s alright. I’m here. Nothing will hurt you,” he whispered, his voice filled with conviction. But nothing could have prepared him for the sudden pressure of her mouth on his, kissing him with all her might.

He could have sworn the world stopped.


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