Iqirie: – an ordinary elf’s tale

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Not the only Star

Iqirie Romani trudged slowly down the corridor, feeling as though this day was identical to every one she’d experienced for the past thirteen hundred years. Her shoulders slumped as she walked with her friends, Anniri and Arwen to their usual classes. Iqirie (better known as Kyri) stard defiantly into the faces of anyone she passed in the hall, unlike her friends, who looked down, and giggled demurely into their palms. Kyri had large blue eyes set in a face that was ruddy (for an elf’s) and a long, thin mouth that was etched with a scowl onto her face. Walking beside Anni and Arwen she felt like a freak, since they were, as the adult elves called it “well favored” with exceptional good looks. Kyri felt so drab with her brown hair and blue eyes next to Anni, a traditional elvish blonde beauty, and Arwen, a princess who was known for her face.

She heard Arwen giggle, and looked up to glower inot a pair of human faces. Human boys’ faces. One was tall and gawky, one short, and darker. The gawky one had messy brown hair falling into his friendly face, but the shorter one was more gaurded, and looked weathered, as if he’d seem tragedy. The tall one winked at Anni and Kyr, and the short one grinned at Arwen and said ” WIll you Introduce us to your accomplices, Evenstar?” Arwen blushed a deep red, and introduced them , and Kyr learned that the short boy with the troubles in his eyes was Estel, and the tall one was Jerian.
Estel was a trainee ranger at Imladris, and Jerian was a minstrel’s apprentice. “I love the music your people use” he said, blushing and staring at Kyr. But Kyr kept her eyes on Estel.


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