In Times Like These – Chapter 12- The Lasting Siege

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Title: In Times Like These

Author: Yih

Disclaimer: All characters are Tolkien other than my “OC.”




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12: The Lasting Siege (March 7, 2003 to March 10, 2003)

If it had been any other time, there’d have been a huge celebration at Eomer’s return. But Anaire had cautioned them that it was in the dimness of the night that the forces of Isengard would assault them. She was not sure if it was to come this night or the next, but she was certain it when it came it was going to be in the darkness of the night. And even with the gathering of Eomer’s strong, battle hardened men— she did not think it was enough to turn the tide in their favor.

It was then that she was overcome by a vision, a terrible sight of thousands of Uruks approaching, scaling the walls— breaking into Helm’s Deep. She gasped and rocked backwards. If it had not been for Legolas, she surely would have fallen to the ground. As it was, he had to hold her protectively in his arms. //Prepare the men, she told him. //They arrive tonight.

Legolas’s eyes widened and he shouted out in elvish to Aragorn to be ready the men, that their Anaire had foresee what was to come. At first the men were doubting, who had ever heard of a prophet? But their disbelief was dispelled when they saw her unfocused eyes, eyes that saw what was to take place. This foresight was strong only because it was near. It wasn’t hours away, it was mayhap an hour away. It was going to be soon, she felt it in the hollow of her bones. And Eomer trusted her, his men soon gathered at the forefront of the barracks— prepared as they were to defend their Keep.

It was soon that the guards of Helm’s Deep were able to make out the thousands of lit torches carried by the enormous, advancing army of the Uruk-hai. The gleam of the fire bounced off their armour, making them look even more menacing than they already appeared. They were indeed a force to be reckoned with. There were only a few more moments to go before the defense of Helm’s Deep began.

“You should go into the caves with the rest of the women and children,” Legolas whispered softly into her ear. She stood at the forefront of the lines next to Gimli and besides Legolas. “Eowyn has already gone down below. You should follow her.”

She did not shift her attention to him. But she understood very well where his words were coming from. She felt the anxious worry and deep concern vibrate from him. “Legolas,” she murmured to his complete awe, //her gift is to heal as well it as it is to fight. I have no gift in healing. My use is better here.

“But it is dangerous,” he replied fervently. “We face certain…”

Her hands closed over his lips before he spoke of their doom. //It is not the time to think of that, she responded fiercely. //If you have no hope, then how can they? She gestured to all the frightened civilians made into soldiers that lined the battlements. //At least you have seen war and battle firsthand; they have no experience— none at all. Think of how they feel, do you not sense their fears? It is overwhelming, overpowering— even more than the darkness emanated from the armies of Isengard.

His eyes were filled with melancholy at her bittersweet tone. But the gloomy emotion was replaced by a fire to fight out to whatever end was required, and he had promised Haldir to protect her with his life— that he would do. His thoughts drifted to the close bond that Haldir and Anaire had… were they more than teacher and student, friend and companion— were they lovers? It had been a thought he had not confronted for the fear of the answer that he knew it was going to be.

Yet, at this time and at this moment, Haldir was not here. It was he that stood by her side, that was giving his life to shield her from danger. Right now before death was imminent, he wanted to touch her— he needed to feel her warmth. Lifting his hand up, he touched her cheek tenderly, tracing the scar delicately that blemished her aching beauty. While he caressed her, she did not move, but her eyes did shift to meet his intense blue eyes. There was no reproach in her eyes, only a kind comprehension that he needed something to remind him of life, of light.

Far from them, Eomer saw the intimate contact between Legolas and Anaire. He felt his stomach tighten and his heart squeezed. It did not surprise him that the two were close; he had seen it before when he had stumbled upon the Fellowship on the rolling plains of Rohan. But it was with disappointment that he saw the physical touch that confirmed his suspicions. He sighed deeply and shouted orders to his men to be prepare, to not lose focus. They were fighting not for themselves this time, but for the continued existence of the Rohirrim.


Celeborn knew what Haldir wanted to ride out with the fleetest of the mounted Galadhrim guard to reach Anaire’s side. Galadriel had already seen the doom that was awaiting her pupil, her Fanyarelisse. But something Galadriel had said was plaguing Celeborn’s mind. If they sent all their forces to the aid of men, Lothlorien would fall to the destruction of orcs. If they sent only half their Guard, there was a tenuous line they would stand on. Even one elf may make the difference in this War of the Ring.

Yet, if Lothlorien fell— what light was left in Middle Earth? As much as he wanted to help the race of men, his first duty was to his homeland— his own people. As Lord of Lothlorien, he had made it his mission to protect its beauty and its light. The question was not when he was going to send the Galadhrim out, but how many he would send. There was no doubt in who was going to be the commander. That duty rested with the Head of Guard and March Warden, Haldir.

//I know what troubles your mind, Galadriel’s soothing voice spoke into his distressed thoughts. //It is your choice, Celeborn. The time of elves is ending, you know which way I lean. Once the days of elves come to an end, there is nothing to keep me here. If you will not join me, then it is up to you to decide.

“Not even for Estelinde will you stay?” he questioned softly. He knew of Galadriel’s great love for their adopted daughter, it was Anaire that had drawn them closer to each other— made them remember of their undying love for each other. That deep affection had been severed once Celebrian had sailed for Valinor, Galadriel had drifted into an abyss of grief that was unreachable. Now, she had crept out of it. There was a life in his beloved once more. “What if she does not hear the call when you wish? Will you force her to leave?”

It was not in Galadriel to part with another so dear to her heart. Losing one was hard enough. “What if she does hear the call of the sea, what then will you do, Celeborn, my love? Will you follow us? Or will you stay here and linger until your time comes, for it will come… the days of elves are coming to a close. It is an admirable end we will take by helping our cousins in our final gesture to Middle Earth.”

“But what if she does not?” he earnestly approached the topic that he knew she did not want to confront.

She had not even thought about Anaire not joining her in Valinor at the end of this age. “All that can be done is what is now, the future is still changeable,” she answered her husband’s question vaguely but with a definite tilt. The decision in whether Galadriel dwelling in Middle Earth after the War of the Ring and the coming of the end of elven days rested in Anaire. It was what Celeborn had expected. He was not ready to leave yet, even at the approaching of the conclusion— he did not think Anaire was either.


Thousands upon thousands of Uruk-hai gathered in front of the immense walled fortress of Helm’s Deep. They raised their swords up as they screamed their battle cries. Gimli, being a dwarf, had no notion of the terrifying display of strength of the enemy being only able to hear their cries because of his short stature. “You could have picked a better spot,” he grumbled to both Anaire and Legolas. The tall wall was of no problem to their tall figures. “Now is not the time to be getting all comfy either!”

Quickly, Legolas withdrew his hand from Anaire’s cheek, mentally glad for Gimli’s blunt reminder. He’d almost forgotten where he was and what time it was. It was not a time to be getting soft, rather it was the time to be hard— harden his spirit. There was to be much bloodshed tonight, and he needed to be on his toes to protect Anaire. Who else was going to guard her if he didn’t?

“I can defend myself,” she stated adamantly, her eyes staring holes into his own. //Unlike you, she began with intensity, //who have no reason to hate the Uruk-hai, I do. For they are cousins of those that murdered my father.

Patting her arm with his gruff and heavy hand, Gimli with confidence in her ability and worry for her safety, “We believe you can look after yourself, Anaire, but we still are concerned for you as good friends should be. Is that wrong?”

She shook her head. “It is not wrong, Master Dwarf,” she answered kindly, her eyes shining with warmth. She was fond of Gimli mostly because of his adoration of her amme and also because of his good humor in troubled times. He reminded her of when Haldir was in one of his rare jovial moods. Thinking of Haldir made her remember how much she missed his company, his companionship. At least, she had Legolas by her side— he made her feel safe much like Elrohir.

“Good, good,” Gimli responded heartily. The dwarf glanced at Legolas and in a good-natured voice made a boastful declaration in the spirit of a friendly rivalry, “I bet you, Legolas, I will kill more Uruks than you when this night is through!”

Rollings his eyes up into the black sky, Legolas notched two arrows into his bow in preparation for the barrage that was about to begin. “I take your stake and wager that I will easily twice your numbers for I will have the head start on you, Gimli.”

It was a sweet sound to her sensitive ear to hear their cheerful conversation before the dawning of destruction. The awful sense of foreboding had made her fear for Gimli and Legolas, but as she concentrated harder in an attempt to see what the future held for them— she thankfully did not see anything ominous. That did not mean it could not happen, but it was unlikely to happen. Their lightness of manner in times as dark as these reminded her why she had not given up to the shadows that had squeezed her soul.

Once Aragorn had reassured the men that had been given to his command, he approached with what remained of the Fellowship, taking a spot next to Gimli. Below them, the Uruk-hai were roaring and thumping their spears ferociously on the ground while their leader stood on a rock, gesturing commands to those that surround him. It was then that Aragorn lifted up his arm to signal to his men to take aim with their bows. “Show them no mercy! For you shall receive none!”

“What’s happening out there?” Gimli cried out, straining to jump up high enough to see what was going on below him.

“Shall I describe it to you?” Legolas inquired lightly with a grin. “Or would you like me to find you a box?”

The fact that Gimli laughed easily at the joke spoke well of the lengths their friendship had come. It was impossible for her to believe that their rivalry had once not been on friendly terms, but fierce conditions. All that had changed abruptly at the departure from Lothlorien, but the true beginnings had happened in the mines of Moria when Legolas had reached out with his hand to grab Gimli’s beard, saving his life. She sensed that their friendship was going to be deep and lasting.

In a moment of panic, an old man accidentally let loose his arrow, which struck an orc. “HOLD!” Aragorn shouted at the men, all of whom had their bows aimed and ready to fire. As they waited with for their commander’s signal, the Uruks roar in rage and start their angry charge onto the walls of Helm’s Deep.

In another section of the fortifications, Theoden with grave eyes and a solemn voice stated, “So it begins.” His eyes were filled with sorrow and sadness as Eomer places his hand upon his Uncle’s shoulder with reassurance and respect. When the King shifted his eyes to Eomer’s glimmering ones, his own heart began to believe in the impossible that resided in Eomer’s heart. Eomer believed they had the ability to overcome,;it was all there was left to believe in. It was as Anaire said: there must be hope.

With a word of advice to Aragorn’s men, Legolas declared, “Their armor is weak at the neck and under the arms.”

Timing the attack perfectly, to work against the momentum of the Uruks, Aragorn yelled, “FIRE!”

From the ramparts, the arrows sing out to their chosen destinations. Legolas’s two arrows found their new home in the necks of two Uruks, while Anaire’s split into the arm of another. Without having to be told to ready themselves again, both elves were shooting arrows as fast as they could grab another and pull the string and fire at will. Their arrows were flying through the air rapidly, felling many orcs, but still not dwindling their numbers enough.

“Anybody hit anything?” Gimli questioned, still trying to peer over the wall when Anaire grabbed him by his collar and pulled him back before the ladder that landed in the spot knocked the dwarf off his guard. When Gimli saw it, he mentally thanked Anaire for her quickness. She nodded at him; she had heard his thoughts.

“Ladders!” Aragorn warned as all around them ladders were being placed against the wall. The time where the bow was going to be most useful was fading quickly. With strength from her elvish heritage, she pushed all the ladders that were near her off the wall. As quick as she was in doing so, the ladders were piling onto the wall at a frightening speed. It was as she was trying to push one ladder down that a Uruk appeared and nearly cut her into two if it were not for Legolas’s quick action in aiming an arrow at the foe that killed it with dead on accuracy.

“Good!” Gimli exclaimed as he brandished his axe and started hacking away at the Uruks that had made it from the ladder to the bulwarks. “And be careful,” he commented to Anaire as he slammed his blade into the belly of a Uruk that was about to assault her, “near the ladders.”

“Anaire!” Legolas exclaimed as he released two arrows that found the targets that were about to attack her. “Stay away from the ladders!”

With Gimli and Legolas fighting to either side of her, she was lucky to get any action anywhere. It wasn’t that she was looking for danger, but she was more able to protect herself than the poor villagers that had no experience with arms at all! But her irritation at Gimli and Legolas was lightened when she heard Gimli’s delightful declaration, “Legolas, two already!”

“I’m on seventeen!” Legolas retorted.

“Arg!” Gimli roared. “I’ll have no pointy-ear outscoring me!”


At least their competition got their attention off of her as she slipped past them to block the blade of a Uruk that was about to cut down a helpless boy that was barely old enough to wield a weapon, much less be able to use it effectively. A jolt of fear rode into her as she dodged the sword and scarcely missed being sliced in the arm. Luckily, Gimli drove his axe into one of the Uruks while Legolas stabbed the other with the arrow in his hand, giving her precious time to drive her sword into the throat of the Uruk that was about to kill the lad.

“Do not stray,” Legolas warned her as he let loose his arrows at close range with blazing speed. “Stay close, Anaire, I beg of you.” He was serious, and it was safer to be near his side anyway. It’d had been foolish of her to try to get too far away. She fought much better when her back at least was watched. To let him know that she heard him, she nodded as she parried another attack and easily gutted the orc.

“Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen,” Gimli chanted as he beheaded and axed Uruk after Uruk. “Twenty. Twenty one. Twenty two.”

“Northway!” Aragorn cried out. With alarm in his eyes while he slashed away at the enemies near him only to see what he feared to see. It had occured to him that Saruman would only attack Helm’s Deep if he had a weapon that would breach the wall. The torch that the Uruk was carrying toward the cesspool was it, that was the reason Saruman had dared to send out his Isengard army. “Togo hon dad, Legolas! Dago hon! Dago hon!” (Bring him down, Legolas! Kill him! Kill him!)

Shifting his focus immediately to the more important of the task, he aimed an arrow and did not bring the Uruk down and quickly reloaded to fire again. He was only able to get the second shot because Anaire was protecting his back; she staved off any attacks that Legolas was not aware of. She winced as one of her elven blades was wrenched from her grasp. Thrusting the other into the belly of the orc, she withdrew her sword and quickly countered the attack that was about to fall onto Legolas’s unawared back.

Her wrist was aching like fire as she slit the throat of the Uruk as Legolas failed to bring down the Uruk, despite hitting his target dead on. There was little he could do as he watched the Uruk throw himself at his goal. It was with agony that he watched his failure come to full terms as the unbreakable wall of Helm’s Deep was broken. The quakes of the parapets as the wall shattered knocked Anaire off balanced and she was falling when Gimli reached to grab her by her wrist. But it was too late and her force was too much as she and Gimli fell from off the walls and into the heart of the enemy.

“Anaire!” Legolas screamed, turmoil in his voice as ,with disbelief, he watched her descend into a danger beyond the danger already there. His fears were double folded as he watched his good friend also fall trying to rescue her. “Gimli!”

“Gimli! Anaire!” Aragorn yelled in distress. His eyes were filled with the desperation that mirrored Legolas’s as he shouted, “Prepare to charge! Hurl the arrows! Charge!”

As Aragorn led his men toward the Uruk-hai that stream into the keep, Legolas took the faster way down. Grabbing a shield, he sent it sliding down as he hopped on it— surfing down the steps, releasing arrow after arrow before kicking the shield to stab the Uruk that was about to deal a deadly blow to Anaire. As he shielded her from the attacks, she reached to help Gimli who had already picked himself up despite having broken their fall. It was then that Aragorn arrived and forcibly picked Gimli up into his arms while Legolas grabbed Anaire’s hand and ran with her after Aragorn.

“Aragorn!” Theoden shouted. “Fall back to the Keep! Get your men out of there!”

Aragorn did not have to be told twice. “To the Keep! Pull back to the Keep! Legolas, to the Keep!”

It was Legolas and Anaire together that were watching the backs of Aragorn’s men in the retreat. While Gimli was struggling in Aragorn’s arms, Anaire offset the attack of a Uruk easily but was caught off guard when another Uruk attacked her from another side. It was all she could do to block that blow with her aching wrist. It was not long before she lost her hold on her sword and all she had left was the dagger Elladan had given to her, that had served her well before. In desperation, she launched herself at the three Uruks that were attacking Legolas for coming to her aid, managing to fell one.

She had been too focused in trying to help Legolas she had not even tried to think about what the Uruks were thinking. When she saw the widening of Legolas’s eyes, she knew what was about to happen was not going to be good. In a flash, she saw herself being stabbed brutally— saw the life force drain from her body— without anything in which to protect herself. But she had forgotten that Aragorn and Gimli had not forgotten their companions, coming to their aid, cutting down the orcs that threatened them.

“Go!” Aragorn commanded them. “Watch over her Legolas, she favors her right wrist!”

Legolas cursed himself when he saw that her wrist was red and bruised. He hadn’t even noticed that as he had grabbed that very same wrist and tried to drag her toward safety. He was so busy reprimanding himself that he didn’t even notice until it was too late that Aragorn and Gimli were jumping back into the throe of battle. “No!” Anaire cried out. She was about to go after then when Legolas stopped her.

“We will be of more help to them above!” Legolas exclaimed fervently. “Come with me, Anaire.” He held his hand out to her, which she took reluctantly.

Meanwhile as Aragorn and Gimli battled their way through the Uruk-hai, making their way to Theoden’s and Eomer’s side, they hear Theoden’s shouting commands, “Hold them!”

“How long do you need?” Aragorn inquired.

“Brace the gates!” Gamling exclaimed.

“As long as you can give me!” Theoden remarked.

“Gimli!” Aragorn called and instantly the dwarf was by their side. Before they slipped out of the side exit, a steady and strong hand was placed on Aragorn’s shoulder. It was Eomer, he was not about to let the man and the dwarf alone in their dangerous mission to save Rohan alone. They were his people, after all. When Aragorn saw who it was, he nodded, grateful for the additional sword.

“Come on!” Gimli said fiercely. “We can take `em!”

“It’s a long way,” Aragorn commented after taking a peek.

Gimli moved over and looked for himself before stepping back. “Toss me,” he mumbled beneath his breath.

“What?” Aragorn queried, not sure if he heard what Gimli had said clearly.

“He said to toss him,” Eomer inputted.

“I cannot jump the distance so you have to toss me!”

Eomer grinned and shared an exchange with Aragorn as he watched Aragorn grab the dwarf and was about to throw him when Gimli grabbed his hand, “Oh! Don’t tell the Elf.”

“Not a word,” Aragorn promised.

After he had tossed Gimli over the causeway, Eomer and he were ready to leap after him. “I’m ready when you are,” Eomer declared.

“Let’s go,” Aragorn stated as both men jumped over the jetty with ease, joining Gimli in the fray. The three warriors made quick work in killing many Uruk-hai, but the numbers never ceased in replacing those that were killed.

The battle was getting bleaker and bleaker when Theoden shouted through the crack, “Eomer! Gimli! Aragorn! Get out of there!”

At the top of the battlements, Legolas and Anaire had been watching their companions with worry and anxiety. “Aragorn!” Legolas exclaimed, as he tossed them a rope from above. Quickly grabbing onto the rope, Aragorn also clutched Gimli tightly to him. Eomer also took hold of the rope and lended a hand in making sure Gimli made it up with them. The Uruks below them were not about to let them go that easily, but they had nothing to worry about as Anaire aimed her arrows at those that endangered them, picking them off easily.

“Pull everybody back!” Theoden cried out to his men. “Pull them back!”

As the King of Rohan shouted this, Legolas and Anaire were busy using their arrows to aid in the retreat by slicing away at the super-ladders that the Uruks were trying to use to breach more of their forces into the Keep. Both of them manage to fell several of the long ladders, but as soon as one falls two more are swung up. “Retreat!” Eomer shouted to the men near him, grabbing Anaire by the arm to pull her with him in withdrawal. “Withdraw!”

“They’ve broken through!” Aragorn exclaimed. “Come, to the keep!”

With Legolas and Aragorn covering their backs, the rest of them hurried into the Keep. Anaire had no choice but to let Eomer drag her into the safety, his hold on her arm was strong— with his care and concern. She had seen the way he looked at her with overflowing admiration. She wondered if it was because her beauty was incomparable to the moral woman or that he saw something like Haldir saw. She did not have much time to think about anything when the door was shut and Legolas rush up to her, wrapping his arms around her.

“I thank Elentari that you are safe.”


From Rivendell and Mirkwood, the elves were arriving to play their part in the Last March of the Elves. The past few hours had been harsh on Celeborn as he had wracked his brain to try to figure out what course he would take. Did he leave Lorien protected? Did he leave his home vulnerable? What Galadriel spoke of was true, there was going to be an attack by the orcs.

As he glanced around at the beauty of what light there was left in the constantly dimming world, his heart grew heavier. To see this land darkened like Mirkwood— it made his heart ache. He was so busy reflecting that he didn’t notice his wife come up behind him and rest her hands on his tense shoulders. Her lips were close to his ear, her face beside his, “Lorien will not fall whatever course you decide.”

Celeborn knew she was saying this to reassure him. She had not meant to plague his mind with vicious worry, but the concern of her home had been at the forefront of her mind. For her to say this meant that the situation against Mordor was more imminent and important even than their home. “If Lorien should fall but the war won,” she continued, “then Lorien will be rebuilt and will not truly fall to darkness. If Lorien should not fall but the war lost, then Lorien will eventually delve into doom.”

What she spoke of was true. “I will leave a minimal Guard to protect the the city,” he said resolutely. “But the main force of the Galadhrim will accompany Haldir and I to the battlefields.” He paused and turned around to gaze deeply into his wife’s wise eyes. “Will you not join us, nin meleth?” (my love)

She shook her head and rested her hands on Celeborn’s face tenderly. “I am no use there. At least here with Nenya, I can protect Lorien to the best of my ability,” she replied softly. “Tell Fanyarelisse that she is as if she were my real daughter, it has taken me far too long to realize that. And… amin mela lle.” (I love you)

“Im meleth inta,” he whispered back. Holding her wrists away from caressing his face, he bent his head down to his beloved and gently brushed a soft kiss against her sweet lips. This tenderness lasted for long moments before he wrapped his arms around her and deepened the kiss with the passion he had for her still despite all the years. Love did not fade. (I love you)


There had been no choice, only unanimous consensus that there was but one option— to make one charge for Rohan in the hopes that the women and the children could make for the mountain pass. When word of the attack reached Legolas, who was tending to her burning and aching wrist, he looked as if he was about to brush a kiss over her forehead but stopped when she drew away from him. There was a brief pain in his eyes, but faded as quickly as it came.

When Anaire tried to get up to be part of the last charge, he placed his hands firmly on her shoulders and stated with resolve, “You cannot wield a weapon, Anaire. Please go with Eowyn to the safety of the mountain pass.” He gestured to where Eowyn was directing the women and children toward the only hope of escape. “Go, Anaire, please,” he beseeched her. “I promised Haldir I would protect you with my life, this is the best choice for your well being.”

Whatever she was about to reply with, the fact he had said that he had promised Haldir to keep her safe made her hesitate. She could only imagine the turmoil in Haldir if he realized that she had foolishly gotten herself killed. As she searched in her mind for what her path was, she came up empty— no foreboding, nothing at all. Mayhap, this wasn’t the road her destiny was to take. Had she played her part already?

She nodded and rushed to Eowyn’s side to help her gather and carry what babies whose mothers were too weary to hold any longer. When Legolas was sure that she was going toward security, he turned around and made full speed to the front of the battle lines. It was not long before he was next to Aragorn and Gimli, fighting for the survival of Anaire as much as the survival of Rohan. The battle was growing more and more frantic and discouraging when the sun began to rise like Mithrandir had said.

At the forefront of the hill was where Gandalf rode on Shadowfax with an army from the Westfold. It seemed there was still the alliance in the heart of men for their brothers. As he raised his staff at the same time as the leader of the Westfold lifted his sword, the White Rider and the Westfold army rode down into the valley and confronted the Uruk-hai head on.

In the background the sound of the horn of Helm Hammerhand rang throughout Helm’s Deep like the hope that resonated into the hearts of the Rohirrim’s restored faith.


Author’s Note: To keep you updated, the story has been extended as I add more original scenes. The next chapter will be a bit different and almost entirely original, which means I do not follow book or movie, but both my beta-readers delighted in it. I’m sure that it will delight you as well. It doesn’t fall out of canon, no, it stays pretty true to it, but as said the reason the elves stayed is different and hint hint, does that bring you up to a clue? I’ve always written more scenes of Eomer and Eowyn, in the movie they were almost too insignificant, but not here!


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