If I really went to Middle Earth – Ch 2: In which I think that this is simply a dream.

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Ch 2: In which I think that this is simply a dream.

I huddled beside the fire, not daring to meet the eyes of any around me. Intsead, I stared at the fabric of my new dress, kindly given to me by a woman whom I assumed was Ic Aedil’s wife. She bustled about the small house, feeding, reprimanding, and praising her brood of children all at once. Ic Aedil had dissapeared with a group of friends, all dressed in similar garb as himself, telling his mate: “Ic g?n idan se mearh.”

“Mægden?” She was beside me, offering me a bowl of soup.

I shook my head. “No thanks.”

“Etan, mægden!” She pushed the bowl towards my hands, and I took it from her, wincing as hot soup fell into my lap. I picked up the spoon, and put some soup in my mouth, to satisfy her. She grunted, then return to her pot of soup.

“Hwæt!” A little voice spoke at my elbow. It was one of Ic Aedil’s sons, who looked scarcely more than seven years old, and was missing his two top front teeth. I smiled at him.

He stared hungrily at my soup. I lifted the bowl up a bit. “Do you want this or something? You-” I pointed at him “-want soup?” pointed at the bowl. He nodded vigorously. “Giese!” I handed it to him.

“Here,” I said, “You can have it.” He snatchd it from me greedily, and scuttled off to some corner in which he could enjoy his spoils.

I watched him for awhile, then turned back to the fire, gazing into the flames. For not the first time, I wondered why and how the heck I had gotten here. Where is here? I looked about myself at the thatched building I was in. It looked so- Rohirric.


I stood up quickly, and raced outside. “Oh, my God….” There it was, before me, a village of the West Fold. The exact village that was shown burning in the movie, lake and all. “No…” How could I have missed it? “No….!” A terror filled me. The West Fold was attacked in… Wait! Inwardly, I laughed at myself. Why was I getting so upset? This wasn’t real- LOTR was a story. Fiction. Fantasy. This wasn’t real- this was dream. I relaxed. Of course. It’s not like I haven’t had dreams in which I am in Middle Earth before.

Just a dream.


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