If I really went to Middle Earth – Ch 1: The Language Barrier

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Ch 1: The Language Barrier

“Eeehh……” I blinked, my eyes slowly focusing as I woke. Yawning, I stretched and sat up.

“Ahhh!” I let out a shriek and scrambled to my feet. Where was I? It looked like- no. It couldn’t be. I saw above my head, not the painted blue of my ceiling, but the bright blue of the real sky. There were no walls surrounding me, only long, yellow grass, parched in the bright sun.

“Hwæt eart thu?”

I whirled to face the owner of the voice that spoke. Again, I shrieked. He was clothed all in armour, that shone in the sun. His copper-colered helm covered the top of his head, but I could see his long, light hair streaming down his back in a dirty mix of braids, loose hair, and tangles. He smelled of sweat, smoke, blood and horses. I wrinkled my nose, and took a step back, even in my confusion feeling a deep repulsion for his strong odors.

“Na nemnan Rohirric?” he spoke slowy now, and softly, as though he could tell I was frightened.

“What?” It came out as a squeak. Who was this stranger? I was all too aware of the nightshirt I was wearing, which barely reached my knees. Would anyone hear me if I cried for help?

“Ic pancie pe, Aedil. Fréond.”

Friend. I could understand that. He was trying to make me calm down. Well, I wasn’t calm. I had gone to bed in my room last night, and woken to find myself in a foreign land, which was inhabited by a smelly man wearing clothes that reminding me of an Anglo-Saxon’s clothing. Now, if that doesn’t give a girl reason to freak, nothing will.

I took a step back, feeling much like a deer who has been spotted by a human: terrifed, but uncertain. “Thu eart…….?” He asked me. I shook my head, trying to make him see that I did not understand. He nodded, then pointed at himself. “Ic Aedil. ” Now, he pointed at me. “Thu…..?”

“Alysandra. I’m Alysandra.” I said, finally comprehending.

He grinned at me. “Pu Alysandra, Ic Aedil. Fréonds.”

I pointed at him. “Ic… Aedil?”

He shook his head. “Thu Aedil. Thu secgan `thu’. Ic secgan `Ic'”

“But……. Why’d you call yourself Ic Aedil?”

“Na! Ic-” He pointed at himself- “Thu-” he pointed at me.

I scratched my head. “You’re making no sense, Ic Aedil.”

He laughed, slapping his gloved hands on his thighs. “Alysandra secgan oæt héo Aedil! Ha!”

I stared at him in confusion, wondering what was so funny. “Ic Aedil……” I said, hoping for some sort of explanation, but that only made him laugh harder.

Rohirric translations:
The man often simplified his speech to try to help her understand, so the grammer is bad.

-Hwæt eart thu? = Who are you?
-Na nemnan Rohirric? = No speak Rohirric?
-Ic pancie pe, Aedil. Fréond.= My name is Aedil. Friend.
-Thu eart…….? = You are……?
-Ic Aedil. = I Aedil.
-Thu…..? = You…?
-Thu Alysandra, Ic Aedil. Fréonds. = You Alysandra, I Aedil. Friends.
-Ic… Aedil? = I….. Aedil?
-Thu Aedil. Thu secgan `thu’. Ic secgan `Ic’. = You Aedil. You say `thu’. I say `Ic’.
-Na! Ic- = No! I-
-thu = you
-Ic Aedil = I Aedil
-Alysandra secgan oæt héo Aedil! Ha! = Alysandra says that she [is] Aedil! Ha!


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