I Will Go – Faramir and Osgiliath.

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A/N: Someone’s icon on a forum actually inspired this. It was Faramir as he raises his head from bowing to Denethor. I noticed tears in his eyes, and this came to life. Enjoy, then review!

I Will Go

I rollercoaster for you
Time out of mind must be heavenly
-Nickel Creek

I will go. But you will not care, you never really did. Or if you ever have, you have not shown me it.

I will go. And I will die.

I know I will with the silent, prophesizing knowledge my brother and I shared. You are asking the impossible.

Am I such a burden that my death–the last of your sons–is the only thing I can grace you with, the only thing that will gain your approval?

I will go, and I will die. Because you wish it of me, I will obey. I will perish with my countrymen, with my friends, and perhaps we will find a better place beyond the sea. Perhaps I will see my brother again and will not have to watch my world cave into madness.

I bow to you, and meet your eyes, hoping–despite my arguments that this is better–that you will stop me; that you will look at me like you once looked at my brother. But you do not see me, and I turn away.

I am already dead to you.


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