I Must Follow, If I Can – Prologue

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The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.
— J R R Tolkien


Hello all! Thank you for coming to my first fanfiction! Well, it’s my second, but I consider this a new beginning. So yeah. My name is Trixie, nice to meet you all *tips hat*.

This story is about an elf called Loniel, and she comes from Mirkwood. Don’t worry, this does not contain Legolas, not as a lover, at least. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Legomances (?), it’s just that I think it’ll be a bit boring.

Your favourite LOTR characters will be introduced after one or two chapters, I think. Please be patient! As for whom Loniel will meet and fall in love with, I’ll keep it a mystery and follow the Adventure path first. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and constructive criticism is always welcome! Enjoy!

Oh, and the disclaimer thing. Ahem. I hope I do this right. I do not own anything Tolkien created. But Loniel and the other characters you haven’t heard of are mine.


Loniel scrambled on her little hands and feet over the rough mass of roots sprawled out on the forest floor. She nearly slipped when leaping to another massive root of a gigantic tree, fortunately she was light in her steps or she would have landed in mud and humus.
She looked up and tucked a strand of wavy dark hair behind her ear. She was quite near now. She hurried and leapt over a few roots. Then she climbed over a piece of cold rock and slid down the smooth side of it. Finally down on the ground, she took off and ran to her destination.
The ground under her was wet and smelt of rotten leaves and branches. The air was thick and Loniel was covered in sweat and dirt. Weak moving air brushed by her as she ran ahead, her hair billowing behind her.
Finally. Finally she reached the clearing. She plopped down on the dry forest floor and panted. She lifted her head and smiled when she saw the afternoon Sun slowly climbing to the treetops.
She had come all the way from home to look at the Sun, as she did every day. It was a blessing to see the fiery orb of light in the gloom of Mirkwood.
Rays of golden light spilled into the clearing as the sun reached the heights of heaven. Loniel had to shield her eyes from the fiery sunlight but she looked up anyway. She felt the warmth on her delicate skin and she smiled. She loved this time of the day best, when the Sun cast its beams onto the dark forest.
Suddenly, she heard muffled sounds of crying. She got up and frowned, trying to make out where the noise came from. Slowly, picked out an ancient path now overrun and nearly completely covered by vegetation.
In the midst of sobs, she heard a lovely, choking melody. She also heard the rush of a river. It was getting nearer. Loniel broke into a run. A large, green lawn appeared, and a black, swift river ran next to it.
A little girl of her age sat on a rock beside the river, her face covered in dry tears and her lips trembling as she hummed a song with her lovely voice. She was clad in a simple dress just like Loniel’s, but her hair was a dazzling shade of gold.
She looked up as Loniel approached, and a smile formed on her lips. She got up and ran to Loniel, taking her hands.
“Hullo, I’m Laeriel,” she sniffed. “I’m lost, can you take me home?”
Loniel smiled back at her. “Hullo Laeriel, I’m Loniel. Where is your home?”
Laeriel tilted her head to one side and furrowed her brow. “I live very near to where the king lives,” she finally answered.
It was Loniel’s turn to tilt her head. “Well, I live very near to where the king lives, too. Let’s go home together. Maybe nana can take you home.”
“Thank you, Loniel,” the lost girl beamed and together they walked down the ancient path.

“Nana, this is Laeriel and she is lost,” announced Loniel when they arrived at her home.
Myrna smiled kindly and took Laeriel by the hand. “Welcome to our home, child. Let us get you dressed in cleaner clothing before we take you home.”
Half an hour later, the two girls were sitting together at the dining table, each chewing happily on a piece of Lembas bread. Laeriel was dressed in one of Loniel’s dresses, all thoughts of going home had evaporated. She enjoyed Loniel’s company very much. Very much indeed. She could not recall talking to anyone of her own age in her own home. Loniel was thinking the same way.
After curing their empty stomachs, Myrna led the two children along a path towards the king’s palace. Loniel lived in a noble neighbourhood, for her father was a councilor of King Thranduil. She also had an elder brother, Randírion, but he was seldom home because he was a Ranger. He wandered in distant lands and only came home every now and then. Although he was rarely home, she still loved him because he always brought little presents “especially for her”.
“Now Laeriel, if you see your home, tell me so we will not miss it,” Myrna told the little girl who was chatting away with Loniel.
“Alright,” she said and nodded.
They wandered down the path, passing a few more houses, before they heard a voice calling, “Laeriel! Laeriel!”
Laeriel looked up and her face lit up. “NANA!” she bellowed and flew into the arms of a she-elf, who was also blonde-headed and wore an elegant white gown.
Laeriel’s mother looked up and smiled at Loniel and her mother.
“Thank you for bringing Laeriel home,” she thanked them sincerely.
“‘Tis been a pleasure, having your daughter’s company,” Myrna replied. “Loniel enjoyed Laeriel’s companionship very much.”
“Oh, please forgive me, I have forgotten to introduce myself,” she realized in a sudden. “I am Cloreth.” She bowed in elvish fashion and Myrna returned the greeting.
“I am Myrna,” she said. She was clothed in a dark blue gown and her dark hair was tied up in a braid.
Laeriel tugged on her mother’s dress and asked, “Nana, can Loniel come over and play?”
Cloreth looked at Myrna and she looked at her daughter. “Loniel, would you like to accompany Laeriel?”
Loniel nodded shyly and smiled.
This was the beginning of a long-lasting and true friendship.

Nana: mother

Please review if you think I deserve some. I’ll work on the next chapter asap- I’m currently dealing with my evil final exams. Thanks!


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