I Don’t Think We’re in Middle-Earth anymore! – Part 3

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Listala led Boromir into an open courtyard with thousands of flowers all over the place. Blue, white, and purple flowers were strewn on benches and in little ponds with fountains in the middle. The perfume of crushed and newborn flowers mingled. The cool night air caressed Boromir’s face and helped him to relax. Forgetting the day’s worries and hard times, he felt his soul release itself in this beautiful sanctuary.
“Beautiful isn’t it?” Listala asked.
Boromir looked at her; the moon was caught in her eyes and reflected off of the small jewels around her neck and in her hair. Boromir felt like he was arm in arm with the moon itself. Listala seemed to give off her own light even, like a small sun was contained inside of her, “Yes,” he replied, still looking at her, “It’s beautiful.”
She noticed him staring at her and turned to him, blushing again, he turned away. He felt her free hand on his cheek, gently pulling his head back to look at her, “Boromir?”
“Yes Listala?”
“Why have you come here?”
He looked away again and let go of her arm. Walking over to a small fountain, he watched a few silver fish swim around under the surface of the water, “I came here for answers,” he replied after a long silence, “I felt like Lord Elrond would have reasons and advice on what to do about the growing threat in Mordor. I am a man from Gondor, the land that is on the borders of Mordor, and by my blood and the blood of many other men that I know, all the other lands of Middle-earth have been kept safe. It is because of my father and men that I fight alongside with that there is a Rivindell or Mirkwood or Rohan. Because of us everyone else lives, and now something greater than anything we can handle alone appears, and now we want to know what’s going on.”
Boromir felt Listala’s hand before he knew she had moved to approach him. Touching his back lightly and then pulling on his shoulder to turn him around. Moving his hand to try and wipe away the tears that had welled up in his eyes, Boromir felt her grab it and hold it. Wiping away his tears herself, she looked up at him again with her piercing blue gaze. It was as if she could see right into his mind and read his thoughts.
“Boromir,” she said soothingly, “It’s alright. I am sure my uncle will have some answers.”
“Your uncle is Elrond?” he asked in surprise.
She smiled, “Yes, and don’t act so surprised, didn’t you see the resemblance between my cousin Arwen and I?”
“I have yet to see Elrond’s daughter,” he replied.
Listala looked confused, “But when you looked out the window in the hallway, you saw her standing on the bridge didn’t you?”
Boromir remembered seeing two silhouettes and that was all, “I did not see her face.”
“Oh well, no matter,” Listala looked up at the moon, “Ai!” she exclaimed, “It is late, I should get to bed, as should you if you want to be refreshed for the council in the morning,” she paused as if she was deciding something, then she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, “I’m sure you can find your way back on your own, goodnight, Boromir.” And with that, she turned and quickly walked away before he could reply.

Renee clapped her hands together, “Ha! Eat your heart out Shakespeare! You try and make some stupid romance/tragedy, and look what I’m doing! Bet you’re turning in your grave right now, huh? Well, I never much liked you anyway.” Renee realized she was rambling on, and she didn’t quite know why, “Guess I’m just excited,” she told herself, and continued with her story.


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