I Don’t Think We’re In Middle-Earth Anymore – Part 1

by Mar 27, 2003Stories

Sitting at her computer, Renee scrolled through the many stories of “fan fiction”. About to write one of her own little fairy tales, she wished that the stories were true, that all the people that believed could really live with the fellowship and live in Middle-earth.

“I highly doubt that’s possible,” she said to herself, sighing she leaned closer to the computer screen and read one last story.

“Whatcha doin’?” she heard her annoying little brother’s voice from behind her.

“Typing,” she said, finishing the story and bringing up the submit a story page, “Now go away!”

Her brother didn’t leave, “Whatcha writing about?”
Rolling her eyes, Renee answered as patiently as she could, “Lord of the Rings.”

“Oh,” he replied excitedly, “I love that movie!”

“It was a book first,” Renee said as she began to move her fingers over the keyboard, letting creativity flow out of her.
Her brother went on, “I love it when they fight! The elf dude-“
“Legolas,” she corrected him.

“-When he uses his bow,” her brother was unphased, “And when the humans use their swords to chop off pieces of the monsters!”

Renee put her face in her hands, “David,” she said slowly, there was no use in reasoning with him, “Why don’t you go pretend you’re those guys and go chop something to pieces outside?”

David seemed to think this was a good idea, and left to get his weapons.

Renee went back to typing, not knowing what was soon going to happen, something that would change her life forever.


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