I don’t think we’re in Middle-Earth anymore! – Part 1

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Sitting at her computer, Renee scrolled through the many stories of “fan fiction”. About to write one of her own little fairy tales, she wished that the stories were true, that all the people that believed could really live with the fellowship and live in Middle-earth.

“I highly doubt that’s possible,” she said to herself, sighing she leaned closer to the computer screen and read one last story.

“Whatcha doin’?” she heard her annoying little brother’s voice from behind her.

“Typing,” she said, finishing the story and bringing up the submit a story page, “Now go away!”

Her brother didn’t leave, “Whatcha writing about?”
Rolling her eyes, Renee answered as patiently as she could, “Lord of the Rings.”

“Oh,” he replied excitedly, “I love that movie!”

“It was a book first,” Renee said as she began to move her fingers over the keyboard, letting creativity flow out of her.
Her brother went on, “I love it when they fight! The elf dude-“
“Legolas,” she corrected him.

“-When he uses his bow,” her brother was unphased, “And when the humans use their swords to chop off pieces of the monsters!”

Renee put her face in her hands, “David,” she said slowly, there was no use in reasoning with him, “Why don’t you go pretend you’re those guys and go chop something to pieces outside?”

David seemed to think this was a good idea, and left to get his weapons.

Renee went back to typing, not knowing what was soon going to happen, something that would change her life forever.
Turning back to her computer and starting to type again, Renee began to make up another one of her fan fiction stories.
“This should be a love affair between Boromir and an elf maiden he meets while in Rivindell,” she said to herself, listening to her brother outside yelling and making sword noises, “Don’t think anyone’s tried that yet.”
The Love Story of Boromir and Listala

Riding up on his horse, Boromir entered through a gate and found himself in an entrance courtyard. Greenery and flowers covered the walls and ground of the courtyard. Ivy crawled up the sides of ancient buildings. Time seemed to stand still in this place, the elves and other beings that arrived before and after Boromir seemed to be at ease here, but Boromir felt as if he should stay on guard.
Perhaps it was because he had spent his life in Gondor, near the borders of the dark land itself, always defending the other lands from dark creatures and armies. Now the darkness was growing again, and he had had no choice but to come to Rivindell to the elf lord Elrond, to seek his council.
Dismounting, Boromir turned in time to see a blonde haired elf ride up behind him. The elf dismounted quickly in one fluid motion. The elf’s horse didn’t even seem to stop before the elf was off and standing on the ground next to it in soft leather boots. Boromir knew that elves could walk on snow and not even so much as break a single snow crystal. Envying him for his agility, speed, and everything else that was elf, Boromir turned away from him.
“Bet he thinks he can just walk right in here and run the place since he’s an elf,” he grumbled, leading his horse to a “young” elf stable hand, “I’ll show him, I’ll show all of them. The only reason any of them have a place to call home is because of the kingdom of Gondor and the brave men that reside there.”
Boromir turned back around from turning over his horse just in time to see a group of dwarves arrive. He saw the curled lips and dark looks that the elves and dwarves gave each other, “Well, well,” he said to himself, smirking, “Perhaps I can use their contempt for each other to my advantage.”
One dwarf in particular stood out from the rest, he had a red beard and always had an axe with him, Boromir thought he caught the name Gimli once when another dwarf addressed him. The dwarf didn’t seem to like the fact that he had to be here either, “Probably wishes he could be in his mines deep in the ground,” Boromir said, still watching all of the other elves and dwarves and men in the courtyard from a distance.
He didn’t want to mingle with any of them, not just yet anyway. Later he would sit at tables with them and laugh and get to know them through conversation, but knowing that first impressions left a lasting remark, Boromir carefully watched each and every one of them as they arrived. He saw their weaknesses and strengths before they could compose themselves and put on their masks to hide their true selves.
Finally, a group of elves came into the courtyard, “We will now lead you all to your quarters for the evening,” said a very tall elf at the head of the group, “If you will please follow us, we will also show you the dining hall and the entertainment hall,” Boromir and everyone else in the courtyard shouldered packs and weapons and followed the group of elves up a flight of stairs. The group of elves stopped on a landing where three different staircases led different ways. One led forward, another down, and another up. “Elves to the right and up, men straight, and dwarves left and down,” the head elf said calmly, pointing out the direction as he indicated each race.
“Figures,” the redheaded dwarf grumbled, “Of course they put the elves up top, they’re superior, and then the human are just middle-class, but the dwarves are dirt! So much for elven hospitality!”
“Would you really rather be up near the tree tops my dwarf friend?” the blonde haired elf asked, using a sarcastic tone, “Well, you are a wonder of the world then, I always thought dwarves liked to stay close to the ground,” he looked at one of his companions and pulled on the elf’s sleeve, “Come along Vacara, we must be kind and let this odd dwarf have a room with a view of the sky and leaves. I’m sure we can do one night without being more than two feet away from the ground.”
With that the elves started to laugh and the red-headed dwarf known as Gimli turned redder than his hair, “Now see here you thin tree-limb!” he bellowed at the elf, “I’ll teach you what the dwarves are all about!” he swung his axe and nearly hit Boromir in the face.
Blocking it with his arm, Boromir grabbed hold of it with his other hand, “Hold!” he yelled, “Men, elves, dwarves hold.”
The entire congregation, which had started to yell and shove and threaten each other, stopped and turned to look at him, “Please,” he said, letting go of the dwarf’s axe, “Just go to where you’re designated to go and get some rest.”
“And who are you then to be telling us what to do?” Gimli asked, “You the king of the world or something?”
Boromir looked down at the dwarf, and never replied. Turning away from all of them, he walked towards the straight path ahead of them all, not looking back, he walked down the hall alone, with all of their eyes following him. An elf appeared beside him before he heard him, and led him to his own room.
“Thank you,” he said as he laid his things on the bed and walked to the small, low balcony at the back of the room.
“No, thank you,” the elf said, “Thanks to you they all went to their rooms without anymore complaints.”
Boromir didn’t even bother turning around to see if this was true, he could hear his fellow men lumbering noisily down the hall. They were so much unlike the elves, and so much unlike the dwarves. They were their own race, but Boromir felt that soon something was going to change that. He felt that somehow two of one race were going to join together either in friendship or love. He knew not which one, but he hoped that it was for the best, whichever ending happened to come along.

Renee leaned back and stretched, she was proud of herself so far, this was one of her best works yet!
“Well, can’t leave it like that, I haven’t even begun to get started,” she popped her knuckles, a habit that drove her mother insane, and began to type again.


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