I Am The Wanderer – Ch.1

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This is my 2 story I have written but the first story of my series. Now please, don’t be shy to comment will love comments from all good and bad. And for all you who want to know how to pronounce the names this is how
Morraukora= mor-rook-or-ra
Ilyaerquen= ill-ya-er-kwen
Now all I’ll be waiting for your coments.enjoy my story!

The fellowship had just twenty miles to travel until they reached Lothlorien.Legolas was jogging with all the others when a figure dropped down from a tree bow and arrow pulled ready to shoot. But in a matter of seconds all the fellowship had their weapons out ready to use but this didn’t faze their new stranger. They were at a stand off when Aragorn said,” Who do you think you are?stopping us, tell me who you are, NOW!” the stranger began to say,” I am Morraukora of the of the wild wilderness! I know who you are! Aragorn son of Arathorn,Legolas Greenleaf prince of Mirkwood,Gimili son of Gloin dweller of the mines of Moria,Borimir of the White City,Minis Tirith,Gondor,Samwise Gamgee,Meridoc Brandybuck,Perigrin Took and Frodo Baggins son of Drogo Baggins ring bearer of the one ring. surprised are we?” The stranger finished with a satisfied smirk at the surprise at the fellowship. but something dawned on Legolas,it was a feminine voice. This person was wild seeming and dressed in a mans clothes, but he was positive that that this person was a female though he knew that the rest of the fellowship thought she was a man.(with the exception of Aragorn)she was dressed in the brown and black clothes of a ranger with a cloak that blended in well with her surroundings and covered up most of her face, you could only see her mouth move when she talked.” Revel yourself, remove your cloak!”Aragorn demanded. She smiled evily,”Yes,your majesty!” She threw her cloak to the ground and reveled a beautiful elf. She was tall but still shorter than Legolas.She had the silkiest curly dark brown hair and the brightest lighting blue eyes ever seen. She ad a slender curvy figure. she had soft pale skin and beautiful facial features. The whole fellowship was surprised but pippin reacted for them because he dropped his sword in surprise and said,” You’re a woman!””yes little pippin, I’m a woman,”morraukora said with a smile. The rest of the fellowship just kept looking at her, yet Aragorn seemed deep in thought. Meanwhile Ligulas was thinking,” How could a fair elf like her have gotten that name?” Ligulas had to say something,” how did YOU come upon the name morraukora when it means—-” “Come! Do not let me me keep you!” she said almost in a panicked voice cutting ligulas off “I only ask that you let me journey with you to Lothlorien.If you let me go with you I will answer your questions.” Aragorn was silent for a moment,” I know nothing about you, I don’t how or why you know the things you know but, you know them……I don’t think that it will hurt if you come with us but be warned! You harm or attempt to harm any of us we will not show you mercy!” She smiled,” Thank you.” Then she called out into the woods,”hotuli Ilyaerquen!” and with that a great steed came out of the woods.


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