Hope and Dreams – Chapter 8- Moria

by Mar 7, 2003Stories

Chapter 8

*tears well up in Muriel’s eyes* I am so happy about all of you who reviewed my last chapter. Being that this is my first fanfic, and all. I wouldn’t be anywhere without my readers!!!! And without having anything else to say, here it is chapter 8.
-Muriel and Phoenix speaking with each other-

Translations from either Elvish or Pegacornish

Muriel could not see any more, but she could hear the hard breathing of the Hobbits and the Dwarf. “We have now but one choice,” came a voice from the dark. A light lit up among them, “We must face the long dark of Moria, be on your guard, there are older and fowler things then Orcs in the deep places in the world.” They started off, slowly and quietly, trying not to be seen or heard by anything but themselves. They walked til the next night, it was only then that they decided to talk but still quietly. The Hobbits started arguing about what kind of cheese they should eat with what kind of meat and what kind of meat they should eat with what type of bread. Muriel rolled her eyes, Hobbits can be so picky about food, she thought to herself. Suddenly she felt very alone, even though she was with all these kind folk. She opened her pack which was beside her, she opened it and picked up an odd shaped interment. It kind of looked like a conch but instead of the opening that you put your ear to lesion to the ocean there were little holes. Muriel put her fingers on the holes and put her hand where the shell had spikes sticking up. She put her mouth to a spike that stock up in the middle of the interment and blew, she started playing the softest melody. The fellowship all raised their weary heads to listen to the music. To Legolas it seemed to be filled with sadness, but at times also filled with hope. Muriel played the music for what seemed like hours and hours, the rest of the fellowship listening to every note with longing, not just longing for the music but for home and loved ones. When Muriel finished they all stared at silence at her, but her eyes were in deep thought and showed no emotion. Legolas sighed, there was no point in talking to her now, now that she had that look in her eye. She seemed to be hiding something, but what that something was he didn’t have a clue. He wished deeply that he did know, though. Your beginning to sound like Arwen, he thought to himself, falling in love with a mortal. But that’s what you want isn’t it, a voice came from his head, to fall in love with her? Anyways, you don’t know if she’s mortal or not, she never told you. Many more questions buzzed in his head, until a few minutes later when he was very confused (when one argues within him/herself it dose tend to get a little confusing). He nibbled on a peace of cheese and leaned against the nearest bolder. Soon he was off to sleep.

Muriel came out of her thoughts and looked over to where Legolas was sleeping, she groaned. Great, she thought, well I guess this nights Elvish lesson is canceled. She felt as if she was being watched so she turned to see Aragorn watching her. He came forward looking kind of ashamed, “I…err, just wished to say I’m…well,” He said, he looked rather uncomfortable standing there. “Apology excepted,” Muriel said with a smile. Aragorn looked astonished, “Just like that?” he asked her. Muriel laughed “Yes, just like that. I like to give quick apologies. Where I come from one usually doesn’t get an apology, so I try and make up for it and give them fast.” She sighed, a deep sorrow came to her eyes, and somehow this emotion slipped past her and made itself known.

Aragorn quickly changed the subject, “How long have you had Luinarmacil?” he asked her. “What?” she asked him, utterly confused. “Err… your sword of blue flame.” He said to her. “Oh! You mean Aife.” She said unsheathing the mighty sword before him, “I have had her for about ten years now. She is very special, to me and my people.” She told him. “Was she made by the Elves?” Aragorn asked. Muriel laughed, “No, unfortunately not. She has been with my people for hundreds of years, only to be used very few times. The first person, on record to hold her was Armina-sol.” She told him.

“Armina-sol… that name I have heard before, yes… I believe it was the first day that we had set out together. You sang of her, what did you sing?” Aragorn asked her.

Muriel closed her eyes trying to think of words that could help her translate it. She began;

“Armina-sol, dragon killer
Her hair blazing like fire
She killed the great dragon Maur
Damar-sol, Armina-sol
Princess of Damar
She rode without reigns
Damar-sol, Armina-sol
She still watches over Damar

Sick she became,
none could cure her,
She disappeared for many moons,
Then came back for the Great Battle,
Damar-sol, Armina-sol
Princess of Damar
She fought with blue fire a blazing
Damar-sol, Armina
She still watches over Damar

The battle was won,
Her father was lost,
She married Tore,
and she lived forever more,
In my dreams she will always stay,
In my dreams she will always stay.”

The song ended, she paused, “It doesn’t sound right in the common tong but in Damarin (one type of Pegacornish) it sounds correct. The song is one of the prized songs of Damar, and very few who are not of our own people have heard it” Aragorn smiled, “Then we are privileged to hear it, Lady of Damar.” He meant it as a compliment she knew, but the words stung her worse then any sword could. She tried not to let it show, but by the glint in Aragorn’s eye she knew that he knew that she didn’t feel comfortable being called that. “We should decide who takes what watch tonight. I should like to take the first watch, but who shall take the second?” Boromir stood, “I shall take the second watch.” Merry spoke up, “Then I shall take the third.” And the rest of the fellowship took the shifts until Gimli, Legolas, and Muriel where left. “I will take the eighth sift, I have no wish to be woken up by a Elf or Witch.” He grumbled. Muriel ignored his harsh words, “Then Legolas shall take the ninth and I shall take the last, for the last is always the longest.” When they had all agreed, all but Aragorn and Legolas settled down to sleep. Muriel pulled out a blanket, for the mines were very chilly and damp.

* * * * * *

Muriel! came a call. Muriel! Come to me, my daughter. It was her mother. Muriel burst into tears of joy as she ran to her mother. When she was halfway there when an evil laugh erupted from her mother’s lips and she changed to a great eye, covered in flame. Muriel screamed, she turned to run but she found that she could no longer move her legs. The eye laughed a horrible laugh, it came closer and closer. She could feel the heat from it now, Come to me! it said to her. It cackled again, Come to me, Muriel! Muriel! Muriel…

She woke up sweat was pouring off of her, she could feel herself tremble. She looked up, it was Sam’s watch and he had not seen her. She lay back down and tried to close her eyes, trying to forget everything she had just seen. -Don’t be afraid.- Phoenix said. -He cannot hurt you now, nor could he when you were dreaming, that is of coarse, unless you wanted him to hurt you.-

Muriel said nothing at first, but a question erupted to her head and she knew that she had to ask it -Why dose he keep saying “Come to me”? It just doesn’t make sense.-

-He’s probably just asking you to take his precious gold ring back to him, remember we cannot let the ring fall into his hands.- Phoenix replied.

Muriel didn’t sleep for the rest of the night, she was too frightened to even try, not knowing that someone had seen her wake up from her bad dream. When it came to Legolas’s turn to watch she got up, hoping to be comforted by a lesson in Elvish. She sat down next to him waiting for him to speak. Finally when he spoke it wasn’t what she expected. “What did you dream about?” he asked her gently. Muriel was surprised and caught off guard, “You were awake? But…but I thought you were sleeping.” Legolas laughed his sweet, harmonious laugh, “I do not sleep well in dark, confining places, like most Elves. And also like most Elves, I do not need to sleep for very long. Now please tell me what troubled you in you dreams.” Muriel sighed, she had hoped to not discuss it with the Elf but now she had no choice. “I…I dreamed about my mother. She was calling me, telling me to go to her, so I did. Then when I was halfway there a terrible cackle came from her lips. I stopped and watched her turn into an eye, enveloped in flame. I tried to run but I couldn’t…” her voice broke. Legolas felt ashamed that he let her relive such a painful dream and quickly put his arm around her. He spoke to her in his own tong, some of the words she understood but some were foreign to her. She closed her eyes and just listened to the sound of his voice. To her it was both comforting and encouraging. She quickly snapped out of her thoughts thinking, I cannot let my guard down, she thought. “Please, I do not deserve your kind words.” She told him pushing his arm off her shoulder. “Let us start up our lessons again, please?” It was more of a plea then a question. There’s no point in getting her to talk now, Legolas thought. “Alright, then your first word tis sunrise, in Quenya it tis romen but in Sindarin it tis rûn.”

“Romen. Rûn.” She repeated. “Sunrise in my language is dusoleilever, but in the old language it is sonnenaufgänge.” Legolas repeated the words. Muriel thought for a moment, what would be a good word for him to learn. I guess it would be alright to learn the word, I mean he wouldn’t be able to talk to any of my people, she thought to herself. “Next word for you is prince. It is the same in both languages, Sol. When you change it to princess you just add an -a to the end, Sola. Although, when it is at the end of a name though you keep it sol. Although it can also mean someone of high rank.”

“Sol. Sola.” Legolas repeated, he had hoped she wouldn’t teach him this word. He took a deep breath, no point in not telling her now. “Prince in Quenya and Sindarin is also the same, it tis ernil and princess is erniliel.”

“Erniliel. Ernil” she repeated. This process went on for hours, she noticed the rest of the fellowship was shivering from the cold and dampness of the mine. She quickly unpacked nine more blankets, and handed a few to Legolas. “Come let us cover them, It would not be good if someone catches a cold on our quest,” she explained to him. So they covered all the fellowship til one blanket remained. “Whose blanket is this?” Legolas asked her, for he would not need one, dawn was approaching fast. “Yours,” she simply said. He saw that there was no point in arguing with her, and that she had made up her mind. About an hour latter the fellowship stirred, Aragorn was the first one up. “Where have these lovely blankets come from?” he asked them. Legolas answered when Muriel did not, “The lady saw that many were cold, so she covered you with her blankets.” Aragorn nodded, “That was very smart, Lady Muriel. I shall have to return what is rightfully yours,” he said handing her the blanket. “It tis only Muriel, and you may keep the blankets. You never know when you might need them, and I might not be there one day to give them to you,” she told them all. Once everyone was awake the next job was to try and hide all traces of themselves. Then they were on the move again, trying to pass as shadows in the darkness. The minutes seemed to take hours, and hours seemed to take days. Muriel was exhausted when they finally stopped.

“The smell of orcs is getting stronger.” Aragorn said quietly to Gandalf. “Yes, we must be extra careful now. Do not alert the others, they might try to be too careful and accidentally alert the orcs.” Gandalf said quietly to Aragorn. “And one that does not know the opposing danger, will alert the danger quicker then the one that is extra careful,” Aragorn said to him. Gandalf ignored his statement, and continued to help everyone else settle down.

Muriel sat in the darkness, her eyes closed. She wished to see how things faired, outside of this darkness. Oh, duh! She thought to herself, she reached inside her pack and pulled out a large flask. This will help me see, she thought, shall I share it with the others? There’s no point now, she thought they shall die anyways if my people. She came into the light of the fire that Boromir started, they all stared at her in different ways; Boromir and Gimli stared at her in hate and fear, the Hobbits, Gandalf, Aragorn, and Legolas stared in wonder. “I…err, This is the drink called l’eavue or Sight water. For some people it gives visions, for others it gives nothing but sleep. Whomever wishes can drink it with me can. Though I warn you, you may not see pleasant things.” She looked around again at all the people at the Fellowship many of them had looks of surprise in there face, the only face she could not read was Gandalf’s, who’s beard and mustache hid his expression. Muriel took a sip, her vision blurred and figures swam into view. She could see hundreds of orcs and Northerners surrounding a castle like fort made of rock that looked like obsidian. A man came out of a balcony and was talking to them. He was clad in all white and was saying, “There shall be no dawn on the men of this world! With the help of the Northerners, we shall win this war. After our Lord Sauron takes over Middle-earth, we shall become more powerful then ever!” The vision disappeared before her eyes, she had feared this. She turned to the others, “I have seen one of our enemies. He sits on a black fortress surrounded by many Orcs and Northerners. He was speaking his and his masters plans.” Gandalf, Legolas, Boromir, and Aragorn all stiffened. Muriel gave the flask to Merry. “Take only a sip, if you take any at all. We do not know yet, its effects on Hobbits, Humans, Elves, or Dwarfs,” She said to him sternly. But Merry did not wish to take a sip from the flask claming that, “It probably tastes horrendous.” Merry handed it to Pippin, who did not listen to Muriel when she told Merry to only take a sip, and took a very large gulp. He gasped, then fell over snoring. They all laughed at the little Hobbit’s mistake.

Sam took the flask out of Pippins inactive hand and handed it to Frodo. Frodo, remembering Muriel’s words and Pippins mistake, took only a sip. Nothing, though, that she had said or would have said could have prepared him for what he saw. At first he saw Rivendell empty, then he saw the Shire but instead of happy playful Hobbits he saw miserable tortured Half lings, and then what he saw next surprised him, he saw a women riding a white stallion, her sword blazed blue and her hair was red, she also had many scars upon her face. Muriel, he thought to himself, it has to be Muriel. She was fighting off what looked like men, except for they’re eyes were different, and they rode beasts that looked like horses, with the exception of the fangs. It seemed to fade and he saw the fellowship once more. He told them all that he had seen, Muriel nodded when he told him about her.

“Ah, I was wondering who would see her first. You did not see me in your vision, you saw Armina-sol, in the Great Battle, as we Pegacorns call it. The scars upon her face that you saw were her battle scars from when she fought the Great Black Dragon.” Frodo nodded his head and handed it to Boromir, who also took a sip. The rest of the fellowship waited until he snapped back into reality. He said nothing, but he handed the flask to Gimli. He started looking longingly at Muriel but Muriel took no notice, more watching Gimli than anything. Although, she did happen see the look in his eyes. The look was making her feel very uncomfortable so she concentrated on Gimli. Gimli took a sip and, like Pippin, went into a deep sleep. Aragorn took the flask next, a look of surprise, wonder, and sadness reached his face. When his vision had passed, “I have seen my future,” was all they could get out of him. The flask then passed to Gandalf who took a sip. Muriel could not read his expression, for it was like a cloud had passed over his face, when the vision was gone he just said plainly that, “I to have seen our enemy, Saruman.” The flask then came around to Legolas, who also took a sip of the weird substance. He could see himself and Muriel riding Ahern, they were laughing and talking to each other. Then another vision came, this time he saw orcs, thousands of them, bearing the mark of the white hand. He heard Muriel screaming for help. Try as he might he could not find her, but the image changed once more. He could see her, and she was walking around as if looking for something. Then the eye of Sauron appeared before her. He could hear her screams, he rushed to her but was too late, the eye had swallowed her. Another came, this time he was in a room standing next to a bed. Muriel was laying in it, wounded, he could see that she was alive, but barely. He tried to reach out to her but the had vision faded. He paused pondering what he should say. “Io ha visto una bella donna, che sta in piedi nella mia anwesenheit. I saw a beautiful lady, who stands in my presence,” he said finally in perfect Pegacornish and Muriel blushed at the compliment. Aragorn might not have known exactly what Legolas had said to Muriel but he knew that the Elvin prince was falling in love with the young Pegacorn. He was going to have to talk to her, before the night was over.

Muriel offered to take the first watch. She watched as slowly everyone went to sleep. She began humming to herself a tune, I shall have put words to this tune, and maybe I could put it in Elvish, she thought. She heard a voice singing softly behind her. She looked to see Aragorn. “You’re supposed to be asleep,” she said to him softly. He laughed, “I’m supposed to be a lot of things, but as you can see I choose to be different. My destiny is up to me,” he said to her, he continued singing in Elvish. “What are you singing? It is very beautiful, but sad somehow.” She asked him, curiously. “Tis the song of the lady Lúthien Tinuviel, an elf maiden, who fell in love with Beren, a mortal. There life was a sad one, once Beren died the lady also died, of despair. It is the ways of the Elves, if their sole mate dies then they also pass away. So, yes, the song is very beautiful but sad,” He told her. “I fear that Arwen might suffer the same fate. I do not wish her to die for me, though I do love her. My wish for her is that she goes to the undying lands,” Muriel nodded her head. She knew it was hard for him and Arwen to be in love. “That is not the only thing I wished to talk to you about. I do not know if you had noticed or not, but Legolas’s love is growing for you, I see it getting stronger day by day. If you do not mind me asking, what are your feelings saying? Do you love him in return?” Aragorn asked her with all honesty. Muriel looked uncertainly Legolas’s way. “Do not worry, he is sound asleep. I have been around Elves long enough to know when they are slumbering or not,” Aragorn said smiling. Considering the question in full, she finally answered, “I do like him, but I cannot fall in love. It would not only destroy myself but him also.”

“I understand how it would destroy Legolas, but why would falling in love destroy you?” Aragorn questioned her. Muriel sighed, trying to think of the right words to say, “I am… betrothed to a man in my own world. It tis a punishment, for I was blamed for a crime I did not commit,” she told him finally. Aragorn once again saw the pain in her eyes, and thought it best not to question her further.

“Arwen spoke very highly of you. You and her, I understand, have become close friends.” Aragorn said trying to lighten the conversation. Muriel smiled, “Yes, she and I got along very well in Rivendell. She is my mellon.” Her eyes seemed to brighten at the mention of Arwen, or so it seemed to Aragorn.

“How did you happen to learn Elvish? When I last talked to Arwen, she told me that you didn’t know the language,” he asked her. Muriel smiled mysteriously, “Legolas has been teaching me Elvish, and in return I have been teaching him my native languages. He is learning swiftly, swifter then I expected.” Aragorn laughed at her last statement, “He’s an Elf, they seem to pick up languages faster then most.” Muriel smiled, they talked most of her shift and swiftly became fast friends. “So you said that Legolas is teaching you elvish, can you say something in the language,” he asked her smiling. Muriel thought a moment trying to think of something appropriate. Finally she came up with something, “Elen síla lumenn’ omentielvo. A star shines on the hour of our meeting.” Aragorn smiled and laughed, “Well said but, unfortunately, this is not our first meeting.”

Aragorn relieved her from her watch when the time came and Muriel was soon fast asleep. Her dreams soon took over, Come to me, she heard the eye call. Come to me it called again, she screamed and tried to run like the night before. It’s just a dream, she told herself while looking strait into the eye. Is it? it asked her. Or do you just think it is? She could feel a hand shaking her roughly. She opened her eyes to see Boromir looking at her. “Are you alright M’lady?” he asked her. “Just a dream,” she said out loud to herself, “Just a dream.” Boromir nodded, he had the same longing look in his eye. Muriel was beginning to feel uneasy, she knew what he wanted from her.

“Your beautiful,” he said while trying to touch her face. “Do not touch me!” she hissed at him, sending him a glare. She got up and walked off into the darkness, trying to calm herself down before she did something unreasonable. She didn’t want to use her noingha to fight for any reason, she walked until she found a large bolder and sat upon it trying to calm herself. She could still see the light and she saw Boromir approaching her. “Why do you run from me? All the women I know would love me.” He said trying to convince her. “Leave me alone!” she yelled at him. “Ah, but you are alone,” he said with an evil smile. “They won’t be able to hear you now, and you are a woman, separated from her sword.” Then it dawned on Muriel that she had undone the knot on her sword in order to sleep better. Muriel tried to remain calm, “I know what you want, and you shall not have me. I may not have my sword but I can still fight,” she said trying to sound brave. Boromir laughed, “You? You can defeat me without your sword? Well than I shall have to be more careful then, M’lady,” he said sarcastically. With that Muriel snapped, she gathered all her noingha and used it to lift Boromir off the ground. “Yes, I can, and will, defeat you. If you had grown up in my world you would know better then to challenge a lantruni-danga.” Muriel said, making Boromir do a loop-de-loop with ease. She then set him down hoping he had learned his lesson. Muriel turned her back to him, but he tackled her from behind. On reflexes only she, once again, gathered her noingha, and made him fly backwards. He hit the ground with a thud and he got up swiftly. Muriel expected another attack, but Boromir just turned around and walked to the Fellowship’s fire. Muriel also went back into the firelight, but still didn’t sleep. Instead she kept her eye on Boromir, waiting for his shift to end. Fortunately it was Legolas’s sift next, he awoke to see a very agitated Boromir and Muriel. Once Boromir was asleep he asked her what had happened. After a long pause she finally said, “He just said something that I didn’t like, that’s all.” But she could not fool Legolas, her eyes told him everything he wanted to know. Anger boiled in his veins, how dare he, he thought but he quickly covered his anger. They started lessons up again and this time he was teaching her songs in the Elven tong. Legolas began singing The hymn to Elbereth;

Legolas: A Elbereth Gilthoniel
Silivren penna míriel
O menel aglar elenath!
Na-chaered palan-díriel
O galadhermmin ennorath
Fanuilos le linnathon
Nef aear, si nef aearon!

Muriel: “O Star-Queen, Star-Kindler
Starlight sparkling like jewels
From firmament glory of the star-host!
Looking at the remote distance
From treewoven Middle-earth,
Snow-white, I shall chant to thee
On this side of the ocean, here on this side of the great ocean!”

Muriel translated the song with surprising ease. Legolas laughed at the surprised look on Muriel’s face. Muriel blushed furiously, “Alright then, let’s see you translate this;

Muriel: Armina-sol, l’assassino di drago
Hun i capelli che ardendo amano il fuoco
Hun ha ucciso il drago stor Maur
Damar-sol, Armina-sol
Sola av Damar
Hun passeggiare senza regna
Demar-sol, Armina-sol
Hun les montres calmes par-dessus Damar

Malade hun est devenu,
aucun aucun ne pourrait guérir lei,
Lei disparu pour beaucoup de manen,
Est revenu alors pour le Geweldige Slag,

Damar-sol, Armina-sol
Sola av Damar
Lei battu avec le feu bleu un flamboyer
Damar-sol, Armina
Lei les montres calmes par-dessus Damar

Le Slag a été gagné,
Hun vader a été perdu,
Lei epousé Tore,
Et lei habité à jamais più,
Dans mio rêves lei toujours restera,
Dans mio rêves lei toujours restera.

Legolas: Armina-sol, dragon killer
Her hair blazing like fire
She killed the great dragon Maur
Damar-sol, Armina-sol
Princess of Damar
She rode without reigns
Damar-sol, Armina-sol
She still watches over Damar

Sick she became,
none could cure her,
She disappeared for many moons,
Then came back for the Great Battle,
Damar-sol, Armina-sol
Princess of Damar
She fought with blue fire a blazing
Damar-sol, Armina
She still watches over Damar

The battle was won,
Her father was lost,
She married Tore,
and she lived forever more,
In my dreams she will always stay,
In my dreams she will always stay.”

Legolas finished in his sweet harmonious voice. He smiled and said, “I say we are the best students we have ever had.” They both laughed at that. “I do hope that we see the sun and stars soon. The caves are making me feel like… like the walls are closing in on me.” Muriel said looking around. Legolas nodded, he also hoped that they would get out of this wretched cave soon. They sat in silence as the fire died. Muriel stood up to start the fire again, but felt a hand grab her arm. Thinking that Boromir wanted another go at her, she turned around and swung her fist. Legolas ducked as the raging fist flew above his head. Muriel looked at first surprised then ashamed, she knew that while Legolas was awake that Boromir would not hurt her. “What is it that you fear?” he simply said as he let go of her. She turned away from him, so he couldn’t see the tears. “Nothing,” she told him. “I fear nothing at all.” She was trying to sound brave, but Legolas heard her voice crack. He was going to have to mention this to Aragorn, they were going to have to keep a close eye on Boromir. Muriel looked at him, and trying to change the subject she said, “Why didn’t you tell me Elves loose their immortality if they fall in love with a mortal?” Legolas was caught off guard by the question, who had told Muriel about the elves and their immortality. No point in avoiding the subject now, he thought. “I…I didn’t think it was important, and you never asked.” Muriel looked into his deep blue eyes, but there she saw nothing but truth. She nodded, went to her pack, and picked up her CD player (I told you the Pegacorns were like us). She started it up and checked the batteries. The batteries were Ok so she put the headphones on her ears and began to listen, and sing softly to the music;

I still think about how I used to be
So entwined in my own life
Surrounded by this make-believe
I’ve been held by despondency
I should have known the road I chose
Would run out on me

I coulda faded
Be jaded by every consequence
Every word that you heard
Then was part of my defence
You can hurt me, desert me
It makes no difference
I give as good as I get

Like a weight falling from my shoulders
I’m not gonna go that way again
When everybody said that my days were over
Wouldn’t give their time to comprehend
You shoulda known it would make me stronger
I was never gonna fade away
I’ll keep it comin’
My destiny ain’t running away from me
Ain’t it all so Bittersweet

My life had no room for compromise
There are things I’ve done, there’ve been
The ones that I have had to leave behind
Look in my eyes, you will barely recognize
The woman who depended on you
To sing a little praise or criticize

And so I’d hide it, divided by what I felt inside
Now I’ll take it, I’ll make it, I’m gonna be alright
Whether you need me
Believe me you’ll never hurt my pride

Finally all this feels like
Look into my eyes, I won’t be left behind
Everything’s gonna be fine
And I have never felt like this
I have no need to reminisce

Those old days have gone
And I keep holding on

She felt eyes watching her, and found that Legolas was staring at her. “I have never heard a song like that before, it seemed very energetic and bouncy, and yet beautiful. Like something a drunk Hobbit would sing,” he told her. She laughed, “I am singing what we call a pop or popular song. Pop is meant to be danced to, although the older Pegacorns think it too “modern” to be danced to or sung.”

“I would like to hear more of this pop music,” he told her. “I would be happy to sing another version of pop music for you, but not know, dawn is coming soon and the others are beginning to stir.” Muriel told him. She was right, Aragorn and Gandalf were beginning to rise. “Was that singing that I herd? Or was I just dreaming?” Gandalf asked them. Legolas let out a laugh and said, “Yes, Mithrandar, your ears have heard correctly. Muriel was just singing a song of her people.”

Gandalf also laughed, “You are going to have to sing to us more Muriel, in the future, but not now. First we must get out of this mine. Awaken the others, gently, though.” After everyone was awake, they set out again. Muriel always walked close to Legolas and Aragorn now, she knew she could take Boromir if she had to, but she didn’t want to take him if she didn’t have too. Now that Aragorn and her where on better terms with one another they would talk about anything and everything as they walked along. Legolas knew that they were very close to the Orcs now, he could sense it, but he tried not to let it show.

They had been walking for some time before they came to a short halt. Muriel looked up to see monstrous steep stares, she had no intention on climbing up all those stares. They started up again, Gandalf in the lead with his staff lit with a white light. Muriel unsheathed her wings and flew while the others climbed. Muriel reached the top first. She was barely able to see anything as she landed and waited for the others to come. She had a good fifteen minute rest before all of them were at the top. Gandalf looked carefully around at his surroundings. There were three passages each one looked like the other. Gandalf, with a confused look on his face, said, “I have no memory of this place.” They stopped and waited for Gandalf to remember which way would lead them out of the ugly cave.

Someone lit a fire, and all but Gandalf gathered around it. Muriel stood next to Aragorn and across from Boromir. He kept giving her nasty looks as if to say, “you would have been better off if you did what I asked,” but she tried to ignore him. She felt very restless waiting and she could feel that evil was close, so close that she could almost feel the coldness from it go straight through her. She shivered, Aragorn looked at her, “What is it?” he whispered to her. “Some great evil is close, but it’s not the ring. It’s something else, something that’s looking for it.” He nodded, “Orcs are very close, and there are many here, in Moria.” Muriel looked at him, “There would have to be over a million Orcs in Moria to make me feel this way. I think that it is more than just Orcs, something large and very evil.” They said no more on the subject but continued to stare into the fire.

After a little while Aragorn, Boromir, and Gimli began smoking their pipes. Muriel was disgusted by their habit and tried to plug her nose. Legolas seeing her disgust, came next to her, “Come, let us get away from this ghastly smoke and talk with one another.” He led her a little ways, but not too far, from the rest of the fellowship. They sat on a rock, but before they could get anywhere with a conversation, the four Hobbits came over. “Tell us about your home. Is it much like Middle-earth?” Merry asked. Muriel smiled, “Actually it is to a great extent like Middle earth, but yet very different. Like…Men and Hobbits, they look like each other in appearance, but the cultures are different. We have forests, rivers, lakes, grasslands, and mountains just like Middle-earth. But the trees are different in the forest, they are much older then the ones in Rivendell and almost sadder in a way. The rivers are mostly small and cheerful, or so it seems. The mountains are much kinder to travelers, even through the winter time. The lakes are peaceful enough, unless you run into a Naska.”

“What’s a Naska?” Pippin asked interrupting.

“A Naska is a very large lizard, with razor sharp teeth. They live in large rivers and lakes, and they are said to be able to eat a Pegacorn whole,” Muriel answered. “I was very unfortunate to meet one once. Fortunately for me it was a younger one, about five feet long it was. I killed it before it could do any damage to me or my two friends, Senay or Ahern.”

“Five feet is small?” Sam said with a squeak.

“For the Naska, yes, five feet is small. The adults get to be about twenty to thirty feet long.” Muriel replied. “Thankfully I have never seen one at that length, alive.”

“Do you have a King and Queen ruling over you?” asked Frodo.

“Yes we have a King but our Queen was murdered many years ago,” Muriel answered him, a little annoyed that he brought up the subject. All but Pippin could see that she didn’t wish to talk about it.

“Who killed her?” Pippin asked, he still hadn’t figured out that Muriel didn’t wish to speak about it. Merry elbowed him in the gut, and whispered to him.

“It’s alright, I am guessing you would have to find out one way or another, and I would prefer that you found out this way. What Pippin just asked is the great mystery, no one realy knows for sure who killed the Queen. The Queen was found, dead, in the courtyard with an arrow in her side. The princess was blamed, for she was the only one in the room at the time and she had a bow of the Sedacosette in her hands,” she told them.

“So… then the Princess killed her,” Merry said.

Muriel shook her head, “No, I did not say it was so. I said that she was blamed for the murder. She was only six at the time, and she couldn’t even pull back the bow even if she tried.”

“How do you know?” Sam asked inquisitively.

Muriel looked at him with a mysterious look in her eye, “I was there when she was convicted, I was there when they striped her of her title and all of her dreams destroyed.” They asked her no more questions, but sat there quietly, letting the tension pass. Then Pippin finally asked, “Are we lost?”

“Shhh,” Merry answered. “Gandalf’s thinking.”

“Marry?” he asked once more.

“What?!” Merry asked a little more sternly then he realy meant.

“I’m hungry,” Pippin said softly. Muriel smiled, she reached into her bag, and quickly pulled out ten bags of CCCs (or what we would know in our world as M&M’s). She handed one to Legolas and all but one to the Hobbits, “Now give these to the rest of the fellowship before you eat yours.” She had never seen the Hobbits move so fast, they rushed over to the remainder of the fellowship and quickly handed them the packages. Then they rushed back to Legolas and Muriel. “Well, open them,” Muriel told them. They stared at her as if saying, “how?” . “Here,” she said opening hers and holding it out for all to see. “You eat the little round things inside. They’re very good. Go ahead and eat them!” It didn’t take long after that for the Hobbits to start gobbling down on their new found meal. Muriel watched as the rest of the fellowship opened there packages and started eating the little candies. “Mmmmm,” said Pippin. “I’ve never had anything this good, what do you call this food? Is there more?”

“There called CCCs or Candy Covered Chocolates. And yes, there is more, but if you eat any more you shall spoil your dinner,” she told them.

“Spoil our dinner? How can eating CeeeCeeeCeee’s spoil our dinner?” Merry asked.

Muriel sighed, ” That’s C C Cs Merry, and if you eat to many they’ll make you sick.”



Suddenly a voice yelled out, “AH!” All of the fellowship jumped when Gandalf had spoke. “It’s that way,” Gandalf said reassuringly.

“He’s remembered,” Merry said leaping to his feat and walked over to stand next to Gandalf.

“No,” Gandalf answered as they looked down the dark tunnel, “but the air doesn’t smell so foul down here. When in doubt, Meriadoc, always follow your nose!”

Gandalf lead them down the staircase to a very large, open room. Muriel could feel a breeze around her. She knew that they were getting to the end of the retched mine. They continued to walk, Muriel was walking very stealthily now for she could feel the presence of Orcs nearby. Once again for almost the hundredth time, she wished to see the open sky, and wondered if she would ever see it again.

The song that Muriel was listening to is not my own, I have to give all the credit to S Club.


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