Hope and Dreams – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Old friends and the Midnight Killers

Translation to Pegacornish or Elvish

Legolas was surprised that the horse followed him without any bridal or rope, but he was not worried about that now. The cat that had followed Muriel was following him now. He was very nervous about this cat, for he had seen it take down an Orc, which is vary hard to do with such a small animal. Not knowing if she thought he was lunch or a friend, he showed them both to the stable. Once he had found an empty stall he filled it with straw. The horse gracefully walked into the stall as if she grew up there. He reached into his pocket to get some sugar that belonged to his horse, wondering if she would take it from his hand, he held it out to her. She inhaled deeply and then started eating. Such a beautiful horse, he thought, much like her master. He knew that he wasn’t supposed to fall in love with a human, but the way she moved and the way she talked he swore she had to be half elf. In fact, if she didn’t have her hair tied back, he would have mistook her as an elf. Just at that moment he felt a brush against his leg. He looked down, there was the cat that he was worried about. She must not think that I’m dinner then, he thought, for she had started purring, he reached down to stroke her ears. She apparently liked that to for she started purring louder. He had never herd a cat purr that loud before, now that he came to think about it the cat and the horse were the largest of there species he had ever seen. When he had first seen them he thought they weren’t real and that he was still dreaming in his home in Mirkwood. He turned to the horse again wondering if she would allow him to take off her saddle, he slowly lifted his hand toward her. She didn’t even flinch when he touched her neck, and he slowly moved his hand down her body toward the saddle. He slowly untied everything, so not to spook her, and lifted the saddle off her slowly. He put the saddle in the compartment above the stall and shut the stall door.

“What is a Mirkwood elf doing putting away a foreigner’s horse?” Came a voice behind him. Legolas turned around smiling.

“This Mirkwood elf does everything he can to help a person in need.” He said to the man who was now in front of him. “It is good to see you again Aragorn.” He said.

“And it is good to see you too, Legolas.” Aragorn said smiling. “I heard that you came in with a stranger. Is she in your party?”

“No. We didn’t invite her to follow us, we just,” he said trying to word it right “stumbled upon each other.”

“So you don’t know anything about her.” Aragorn said inquisitively.

“She has a beauty of a horse.” Legolas said trying to change the subject. He didn’t like the way Aragorn was pressuring him about the girl he had just met. “One of the largest horses I have ever seen. I wonder if it came form the country of Rohan.”

“Possibly.” Aragorn said looking at Legolas with searching eyes. “You probably want to get settled down in your room. Arwen told me that your room is three floors up from the arch with the blue ivy on it and two doors down. Your companions have already brought up all your things.”

“Thank you Aragorn.” He said, and walked off toward his room.

Muriel awoke with sunlight hitting her face. She was still tired, but she knew if she slept any longer that she wouldn’t sleep a wink tonight. She was just getting off the bed when a knock at the door.

“I’m coming.” She said. She opened the door and she saw Arwen standing at the door.

“I’ve brought your clothes, I’m sorry it took so long. I just met some old friends of mine and just rounded up the clothes.” Arwen said blushing.

“That’s alright I fell asleep right after you left and I just got up as you knocked.”

“Did I wake you?”

“No, I was already awake when you came in. Would you like to come in?” Muriel felt realy dumb asking this, for it wasn’t her place but Arwen’s she was inviting her into.

“No, I think that I will just give you the clothes here.” So she handed Muriel a few neatly folded dresses. “This will be your banquet dress.” She pointed to the light blue dress on top. “Beneath it is a gold string belt that you can wear with it, the end shall go to the bottom of the dress.”

The beauty in the dress astonished Muriel. “I… I can’t where this. You should be wearing this, this must be your best gown.”

“I have many more dresses, besides this one will look ravishing on you.” Arwen said.

“Could you do one more thing for me Arwen?” She asked

“Sure, I am always happy to help someone.”

“After I put things away, could you show me where the stables are?”

“Of course.”

“Thank you.” Muriel said. She turned and put the clothes in the dresser. Then went out the front door where Arwen was waiting. They went down the three flights of stares, Muriel noticed that there was an arch with a blue vine on it. She had never seen a blue vine before, but she thought that nothing would surprise her anymore. Then Arwen turned left after she got down to where they first met. Soon a large stable came into view, it had many sculptures of horses and elves on horses.

“Here are the stables.” She said very plainly. She sounded very bored. Muriel felt very ashamed, for she knew it must be boring to show a stranger things that she had seen since she was born.

“Would you like to meet my horse? I know that you saw her but I wish to introduce her to you.” Muriel asked.

Arwen smiled and said, “I would be honored to meet her.”

They went into the stable together. Muriel felt as if her and Arwen where becoming good friends. The finally found Ahern near another palomino, except this horse wasn’t a horse, it was a pony. Muriel looked at her horse and greeted her in her own language. “Chula, Ahern Hello, Ahern,” she whispered so that Arwen couldn’t hear what she had said. “Arwen this is Ahern, Ahern this is Arwen. You can pet her if you wish,” Muriel said out loud. Arwen put a shaky hand before Ahern’s nose. Ahern put her nose down to Arwen’s hand, sniffed it, and then turned so Arwen could pet her. Arwen stroked her like a dwarf would polish a diamond . “She likes you.” Muriel said. Arwen nodded mesmerized by the majestic body of the animal before her.

“Meow.” Came a voice next to Muriel. Muriel laughed as she looked down.

“Yes, I will introduce you too. Arwen this is Senay, Senay this is Arwen.” Senay went up to Arwen and started rubbing against her legs and purring. Arwen also laughed.

“She is a very good purer,” Arwen said.

“She loves the attention she gets when she rubs against someone, but she only purrs when she thinks that a person is a good friend.” Muriel said as she smiled.

“So I am guessing that she wants to be my friend.”

“I think she is speaking for me and for herself,” Muriel said smiling.

“Would you like to have a tour of Rivendell? It is costmary in the Elvish tradition to show a new friend around your home.” Arwen said as she smiled.

“I would be honored, and I think that Senay would like to see Rivendell too.” Muriel answered truthfully.

Muriel rested her head on the pillow. She blew out the candles next to the head of her bed after tying Aife to the head of the bed. It was after dark now, and after a long day she was ready to rest. She drifted off to sleep wondering what tomorrow would bring after telling Phoenix that she wished to be woken up at about seven in the morning. A few hours later she felt something, something evil, but she paid no attention to it. She was too tired to think clearly, but then she felt movement next to her foot, at first she thought it was Senay but then she remembered that Senay went off to sleep next to Ahern. A little frightened she called to Phoenix, She said,

Phoenix reasoned. Muriel felt something move again this time but, whatever it was, was by her leg now.

Muriel was feeling the panic rising within her now.

Phoenix said. She yelled and at the same moment she felt a wave go through her but she kept her head and, pulling back all the covers, did exactly what Phoenix had instructed her to do. She knew that beside her were the candles, for she could dimly make them out. She reached for her noingha and concentrated on the candles lighting up. For a brief second nothing happened then the candles, all at once, lighted up. She looked down to where she had been sleeping and screamed. There on the sheets was the body of a poisonous snake, black in color with dark red eyes, the snake hissed at her.

Legolas had just got back to his room when he heard a high-pitched scream come from next door. He grabbed his bow, his quiver was still on his back, and ran next door to investigate. He opened the door and rushed in only to see the girl he had met before. Standing on the head of her bed, and looking in terror at the snake that lay on her bed. He quickly pulled back the arrow that was now fitted on his bow and let it loose as quickly as he had pulled it back. Seeing movement out of the corner of his eye he looked up to only see another snake about to strike Muriel from the plant hanging from the ceiling. He grabbed another arrow, drew his bow back again, and let the arrow fly right into the hideous black head of the beast. It fell from the plant onto the bed. He looked back to her to see if she was all right.

” I…What…What are those things?” She asked him.

“They are the morlyg, the black snakes of Mordor.” He answered her looking at the snakes with hate. “How they got in I do not know. They say that where ever Elves live the snakes will not go, they must have had a special reason for killing you.” He said looking at her with wonder. Why had the snakes attacked her? She was not a threat to Saran. He tried to think of something comforting to say but nothing came, so he simply said, “You shall sleep in my room tonight.”

“But… but, where will you sleep?” She asked for she was uncomfortable with the thought of him sleeping in the same room as her.

He smiled, “Don’t worry about me,” he said “I shall share a room with one of my, companions.” He didn’t want to call them servants, for he didn’t want her to know that he was a prince or anything of high stature, for now. “You can come down now if you wish.” He said smiling.

“Oh, yah.” She said blushing. She still felt danger, but she only thought it was because the hideous dead snakes were still in the room. When she jumped down from the head of the bed to the floor, a black head suddenly emerged from underneath the bed as if waiting for her. Thankfully Legolas was faster, and an arrow was though it’s ugly head before Muriel knew what happened. Legolas looked at her, she was shaking. He didn’t blame her, this was the third attack on her life in one night. “Go to my room,” he said gently to her “you need to get out of this room as fast as you can. Is there anything that you want me to get out of your room for you?”

She took a deep breath, he doesn’t have to be so kind, she thought. “I can grab my sword, but the clothes that Arwen gave me…” She didn’t want to admit that she was frightened. He stretched out a hand to her shoulder, partly feeling sorry for her and partly because he was frightened for her.

“Where are they?” he simply asked.

“In the dresser, the second drawer down.” She got Aife and walked toward the door, but when she got there she remembered that she didn’t know where his room was. “Um, where’s your room?” She asked feeling a little stupid.

“Oh, the first room to the left.” He said, he also felt very stupid for not telling her.

“Thank you.” She said quietly, and left. Legolas watched her leave, how stupid can I get, he thought to himself, whenever he got near her he would act different, he had never felt this way before. He went to the dresser cautiously. He pulled out his knife before opining the drawer. He looked, no snake, he breathed a sigh of relief. He would have Elrond’s people search the room before he let her sleep in the room again, if she even wanted to sleep in the room again. He carefully picked up the clothes. The ones on the bottom where usual elven women clothing but the one on the top was the most beautiful dress he had ever seen. This must be her banquet dress, he thought to himself as he left the room with the clothes. When he reached his door he knocked.

“Come in.” came her voice. He opened the door and saw her eyeing the bed nervously. He was happy that she was aware of her danger, but the danger had passed. Yet, there was always that chance. He set the clothes on his dresser and pulled out his knife again. He pulled up the skirt of the bed, nothing, he checked the covers of the bed, nothing; he checked the rest of the room, nothing.

“I’ll leave you to your sleep.” He said blushing. He left her in the room, alone, hoping that she would be safe for the rest of the night. She looked at the bed, she knew that there was nothing there but she was still very wary.

Phoenix said sympathy Muriel smiled, she was thankful for her friend’s kindness, but she knew that she wouldn’t sleep anyways. She rested her head on the pillow, suddenly she felt a chill come over her, but the room was a very warm. She knew that Phoenix had done something.

Muriel did feel very sleepy. She could barely keep her eyes open. Then she drifted into a deep slumber. She hoped that tomorrow’s banquet would bring excitement.

Answer to Lady_Shinigami, yes they do speak a little French with a little blend of something else. If you figure out what it is please don’t say, that would be giving my language code away!


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