Hope and Dreams – Chapter 3 Sudden meetings and Rivendell

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Chapter 3

Sudden meetings and Rivendell

I’m going to give you a key from now on.

Bold is translations from any language, be it Elvish or Pegicornish

“What lady sleeps by the river like she has never slept before?” asked a voice. She snapped out of her sleep, startled. At first Muriel didn’t know where she was. Then, like a wave, she remembered everything.

Muriel asked.

“Can you not speak?” the voice that woke her up asked. There was a man with long blond hair, he had pointy ears, and he was clothed all in a soft green. On his back were a bow, a quiver full of arrows, and two knifes.

“Yes, I can speak.” She said a little harsher then she meant. She looked around at her surroundings, she was where she wanted to be. She had no idea where Ahern or Senay was but she knew they were close by, unless this traveler killed them. What must have to be his horse, was grazing nearby. She racked her memory for what culture this guy was from. He was an Elf and the information she had on Elves said that they love all living things but the living things that follow evil. There was no danger of him hurting Ahern or Senay. She got up and stretched, her body was still weary from the jumping. She placed the pack on her back to the ground and pulled out a small bow and some arrows.

“I am truly sorry for disturbing you for I wanted to make sure you were alright, you were sleeping so soundly.” This wasn’t entirely true, the elf thought, but he said nothing.

“No, don’t be, I shouldn’t have been so harsh. It was just that, when I woke up I didn’t know where I was for a moment, I was afraid.” Muriel admitted. The elf nodded.

“What’s your name?” he asked. She hesitated, there was no danger of her being found out if she gave him her name.

“My name is Muriel.” She answered. “Where are you headed? We’re 5 miles from any city or building.”

“My name is Legolas Greenleaf, and you are correct. I am headed to Rivendell to the council of Elrond.” Legolas said with a little pride in his voice.

“That’s exactly where I’m heading.” She said smiling.

boom, Boom, BOOM. A sound came into the valley. It sounded like drums to Muriel, but she couldn’t be certain.

“Orcs!” Legolas yelled as he clambered up his horse. “Come, you shall ride on my horse with me.”

“No need.” She said, and she whistled. The sound of thundering hooves came closer and Ahern and Senay popped out from the trees. She jumped onto Ahern’s back. “I have my own horse.”

“Then follow me.” Her newfound companion said. He put his horse into a gallop and Muriel did the same with Ahern. Ahern easily caught up to Legolas’s horse, Ahern wanted to be a head, but Muriel wouldn’t let her for she didn’t want to loose the elf, she wanted to talk more with him. Senay ran next to Ahern matching her stride. Muriel was deep in thought when, in the corner of her eye, she saw the ugliest looking creature she had ever seen, run toward her sword in hand. Without thinking her hand went to the hilt of her sword. She raised Aife and struck the thing effortlessly.

She said. Five more popped out ahead of Legolas.

Phoenix sarcastically said. Legolas pulled a knife out and started killing one of them and Muriel joined him. He already killed two by the time she was next to him Aife moved Muriel’s arm so that she killed two in one swing (Aife isn’t any regular sword, she is a “person” I guess you could say). They seemed to be trying to aim their attacks on her, though she didn’t know why. The last one turned and ran but out of the brush Senay leaped at him. He was dead before they hit the ground.

Muriel leaned over to Legolas’s horse and said, “Hathul baca noldo. Follow my horse.” She put Ahern into a full gallop. As she looked back she saw Legolas’s horse following them at the same speed, Legolas on the other hand was confused. She let her eyes go from Legolas to a few dark figures following them at amazing speed.

“Don’t worry about controlling your horse,” She yelled to him “concentrate on shooting the Orcs!” At first he looked stunned but then he whorled around and, using his bow, shot three orks in the head. More orks started following them and Muriel looked ahead for something that could help them escape the orks. All she saw ahead was a river, we could make a stand across it she thought, so she pushed Ahern to go faster. She only stopped Ahern when all of them where across the shallow river. She turned Ahern around to face the Orks, but as Ahern reared to signal that she was going to charge, twenty arrows flew past them toward the orks, which were now dead. Turning around she saw about twenty more elves on horses appeared. They seemed to know Legolas for they all were talking very excitedly to him, but she only caught a little of what they were saying.

she said, feeling very annoyed, to Phoenix

Phoenix suggested. Muriel sighed she was still very tired from not getting enough sleep from the night before, the jumping, and from the fight that just took place. When she looked up Legolas was right in front of her.

“My troops say that there are more orks coming this way, we must get to Rivendell.” He said. Muriel only nodded for her weariness was growing by the minute. The Elves before her put their horses into a canter, but she only put Ahern into a very fast jog for she was much faster then their horses. She was half asleep when they first saw Rivendell. The scene was breath taking, the leaves were colors that varied from a yellow to a deep red. The beauty of this place awed her, for she had never seen anything like it before. There were many waterfalls all around. As they stopped a female elf came up to them. Muriel slowly dismounted and took a weary step to the ground. The female Elf spoke to Legolas and his companions for a little while. Muriel wondered what they were talking about for there language was very beautiful, Elvish she thought. Then she and Legolas turned came toward her, while Legolas’s companions took there and Legolas’s horses away. “I am Arwen. My father, Lord Elrond, rules Rivendell. I shall show you to your room.” She said.

“And I shall take your horse to the stables if you wish.” Legolas said kindly.

“Sure, I just want to say good by to her.” Muriel said wearily. She went up to Ahern and said, “Suivre ceci. l’uomo, egli Il vous prendra à un domaine se qui se repose. Follow this man, he will take you to a resting area.” She turned back to Arwen, who was smiling and said, “I’m ready.”

“Follow me.” Arwen said gently. They went up three flights of stares until they came to a door. Arwen opened the cream colored door and inside was a very large bed, a dresser, a vanity, a window facing the west, a plant hanging from the ceiling above the bed, and a very large fireplace with a roaring fire. The room felt welcoming and warm.

“If you need anything just ask an Elf and they will be happy to assist you. There will be a banquet tomorrow in the great hall and afterwards there will be singing for many hours.” Arwen said.

“But…but, I don’t have anything to wear. I left all my dresses at home. I guess I shall have to pass on the banquet then. I’m sorry.” Muriel said her eyes looked down at her feet.

Arwen smiled, “I could find you some suitable clothes that you could where for the banquet if you wish.”

Now it was Muriel’s time to smile. “Yes, I would like that if it isn’t any convenience to you”

“Not at all, I shall send some up for you.”

“Thank you,” Muriel said blushing.

Arwen left after there little conversation and Muriel looked around one last time before plopping herself on the huge bed. She was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

Thank you for waiting so patiently I shall try and get the next chapter out to you as soon as I can!


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