Hope and Dreams – Chapter 1 – Conserning Pegacorns

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Hope and Dreams

This is for fan fiction only. I do not intend to sell any of my works for profit but so many people can enjoy the story that I am writing. I do not own any of the characters that are mentioned in Lord of the Rings but all of the others I made up myself. Also some of my ideas come from the books The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown Some of the poems I own and some I don’t either, although I realy don’t want to tell you witch are witch.

Chapter 1

Concerning Pegacorns

(I know, I know this is starting to sound a lot like J.R.R. Tolkens The Hobbit but trust me this is very different then that book. This intro is needed. Do not skip over this chapter! If you do you will be utterly confused.)

Pegacorns are unicorns that have wings on there back, but they have the ability to change into a human form. Like horses they come in a verity of colors (they usually have the same color as most horses). Most of the time they are in the human form, but on very rare occasions you can see them in their original form. If a pegacorn ever told a halaf (a person that’s not a pegacorn) that they where a flying unicorn that person couldn’t tell anyone about it (unless that person knows). That’s why pegacorns rarely marry out of there own species.

Most pegacorns believe that they are the protectors of the universe, and whenever a world was in danger of being consumed by evil they would send someone to help. Their theory is that there are many worlds (they have already proven this) but if one world falls into evil’s grasp then they all fall into darkness. This might better explain it. If you were to take colored markers and draw strait lines of colors, each one a different color. Each colored line represents a world and in-between these worlds are bridges that a thing or person can cross over. So if one world turns black (evil) then the evil will eventually seep into the other worlds and make it look kind of like if you were to take a black marker and scribble all over the others.

Not very nice looking now is it? The pegacorns are always worried that this might happen so they created the Defense Against Darkness team (DAD team) that goes into each world and helps defeat the darkness. At first the pegacorns had to find the port hole from there world into the other world and they found that when they did this that it was very random and it took to much time to get there. Now days they “jump” into a world by just concentrating on the place in the planet they want to go. Unfortunately not just any pegacorn can do this, only a pegacorn with the proper noingha can go into one world (which is about 10% of the population) but that doesn’t mean that only 10% of the people go on missions. You see, the people with the noingha can also transport people from world to world on missions, usually, they also have partners that go with them who can help them if they were to get sick or injured, usually.

The people most likely to have the noingha are the royals and the royal’s riders and even then they rarely go because of the own troubles that they had in their lands. In the northern part of their planet lives an evil race with much power. They are called the northerners because there is no other name for them. There race might look like humans from afar but when you see them up close you know that it is not so. There eyes are the color of flame and when you pierce there skin purple blood spills onto the ground. Even there horses are different, they have fangs like a killer and scream that is like nails on a chalkboard. Most northerners like slow killing and slow torture, but they do not use physical torture. Most times they use spells and enchantments so that the thing that they torture goes mad and usually kills themselves before the northerners get a chance to kill them.

Like you and me, the pegacorns have technology, they have computers, Internet (they actually have a portable internet system that they use for anything from emergencies to asking how are you), etc., but in a lot of ways there technology is way ahead of ours and behind ours. They even have a system of producing electricity that helps purify the water and air, but yet contaminates nothing, and they don’t use cars but they use horses. Fortunately they chouse not to use this technology in there weapons. Even if they tried to make guns or weapons of mass destruction like us they would malfunction because of the noingha (sorry no nukes). The noingha is there magic, I guess you could call it. The older you are when you first get it, the more powerful your noingha will be.

There are two different types of pegacorns there are the Damar and the Sedacosette. The Damar usually live in large cities, they are very good with a sword and they ride horses. The Demarians are more like us then the Sedacosette. The Sedacosette are a very secret people, for one thing the Demarians almost never see the Sedacosette, and if they do it is usually only because war is about to start with the northerners and the pegacorns.

This story is about a female pegacorn named Muriel Aubree Sol. This pegacorn lives a very difficult life with a bird named Phoenix, a very powerful female Phoenix (hence the name), who she shares her body with but when there is a time of need, she and Phoenix transform into Phoenix’s body. But she has a deep wound, that she believes that she will never get rid of. Will a trip to Middle-earth help change her? This is her story.

Trust me it gets better! Please don’t kill me because of the first chapter! I know the “girl landing in Middle-earth” thing is realy overdone, but trust me this Lord of the Rings fan fiction is much different from the regular “girl landing in Middle-earth. Or any other “girl falls in love with a Middle-earth character”


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