Hope and Dreams – Chaper 2- with all dialect

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Chapter 2

Sorry, been sick. *blows nose* I am hoping to give you the new chapter tomorrow.

– dialect between Phoenix and Muriel-

Translations from Pegacornish or Elvish

-Are you sure that you double checked our equipment?- Asked a familiar voice in her head. It was Phoenix.

-Yes! Will you please stop asking me, I need to concentrate on this task, which is vary hard with you badgering me all the time!- Muriel said as she looked at the star map. She was making sure the coordinates were right so that we wouldn’t come out of the jump right next to a black hole or something.

-I know, I know but, as I keep telling you, I won’t be able to help you out as much this trip. I just want you to be prepared to face anything that might come up. –

-Phoenix- Muriel said tiredly -shut up.- She looked at the hologram map again. Yah, I have the right coordinates, she thought to herself.

-What’s the name of the world that were going to again?- Phoenix asked trying to make sure that Muriel knew the details.

-But the inhabitants call the planet “Middle-earth” what a strange name.-

-Well, they might think that the name of your planet is strange.-

Muriel chuckled as she stopped the hologram, and walked over to the computer next to her. She put her hand on the keys and typed the code 23175-sr50, her name, and then she hit enter. The screen flashed and she looked at the trunk-sized box next to the computer and opened it, inside was a thing that looked like a hearing aid and clothes. She first put the `hearing aid’ in her ear. What she felt was a jolt, not like an electric jolt but not to far off, and she felt the information being downloaded, she looked at some of the info that she was receiving, some of the things that she looked at were parts of languages and history of this “Middle Earth”. Finally when all of the information was downloaded she threw the `hearing aid’ back in the box and picked up the clothes that the computer had picked for her. There was a long deep colored moss green sleeved shirt, a moss green pair of pants, and a hair tie. The fabric was… soft, but it was not like any soft material she had felt before, it was like feeling water and sunlight woven into fabric. The designs were very beautiful, most were of birds and trees she wondered what culture this world could poses that wore such clothes. She dug into her memory bank and came up at last with the world Elvish.

-The word realy fits the fabric don’t you think? I mean what a beautiful name for a people and such beautiful clothes they weir.- she asked. -I bet the clothes are realy uncomfortable though, I know I have some dresses that I had Goanna pick out for me but are they comfortable? No.-

Phoenix laughed, -You never know until you try them on.-

Muriel left the office behind and went to her room to try on the clothes. They fit perfectly, Muriel was amazed. -Well, I guess there’s a first for everything.- She looked at herself in her mirror as she tied up her hair, her long red hair was easily put up. It needed something she thought, she went through her old clothes and found her plain green sash and put it around her waist like she usually did. Then she tied her sword, Aife, onto her sash for now. The last thing that she put on was her silver locket that she never took off unless she changed clothes or took a bath. She looked kind of pretty with the new clothes and her green eyes (actually her eyes weren’t all green, on the inside it was a gold color, and when she would get mad her eyes would turn gold). She was almost ready, she had to do two more things. She took the long winding staircase next to her room to the courtyard, finally across the courtyard she came to a well-furnished stable. Inside were thirty horses all looking alert and in good shape. She went two stalls down and to the left. Inside the stall in front of her was a large palomino.

“Chula, Ahern. Hello, Ahern. ” Murmured Muriel. The horse pushed her huge head into her chest wanting to be petted. “Io fortsetter en lang reise, et io avoir besoin de vous m’être fourni avec . I’m going on a long journey, and I need you to come with me.” Ahern nodded her head, and Muriel knew that she was agreeing. Muriel wasn’t surprised that her horse understood her, after all animals can understand the language of the Pegacorn. Muriel unlocked the door to the stall and stood back so Ahern had enough room to come toward her. The horse moved forward and out of the stall and into the hallway off the stables. Muriel then got her saddle with no stirrups and placed it onto the horse (pegacorns invented a way to ride without stirrups and a bridle). The horse didn’t bloat like most horses do when you put the saddle on them, but stood very still so Muriel could put the clinch around her belly.

“Meow.” Came a call by Muriel’s feat. Muriel looked down and saw her hunting cat, Senay. “Chula, Senay. Hello, Senay.” The cat looked up into Muriel’s eyes, Muriel knew that she was asking what she was doing. Muriel laughed, “Io fortsetter en lang reise. Faire lei noto le besoin pour aller? I’m going on a long journey. Do you want to go?” Senay looked up and purred, as if saying of course I’m coming. Muriel was finally ready.

-About time to! I was about to slow down time itself to help you get ready!- Phoenix said as Muriel placed her hands on Ahern preparing to mount her.

-You probably wouldn’t have accomplished anything by slowing down time.- Muriel said. Phoenix laughed -Your probably right-

-If I faint, – Muriel said wearily, -wake me up, OK?- Phoenix said nothing. Muriel guessed that that was her way of saying yes.

Muriel jumped onto Ahern and raped her legs around her belly. She didn’t feel so tired when she felt the great strength of the mare underneath her, for a moment she forgot everything that she was about to do, until Senay jumped up onto her lap. She closed her eyes and concentrated hard on the coordinates. For a moment she saw nothing but darkness, but then a planet swarmed into view. While holding that view she concentrated on the downloaded material in her mind. Then a thought on where to “jump” seemed to pop into her head. Go to Rivendell (were elves live) to the council of Elrond. She asked herself Where’s Rivendell? And what she saw was a small forest, but she couldn’t jump right into Rivendell, that would be giving up her true identity. She searched her memory to find a river or something to transport herself and her friends safely. She looked, and there right next to the Misty Mountains where the Bruinen was closest to the pass toward the Old Ford and Mirkwood. A little valley with a stream running though it enclosed by trees. It was perfect for her to “Jump” into. She then pinpointed the same place on the world, which was easily done. She summoned all of her will and concentrated on jumping all of them.

She felt like a wave had just splashed her but she concentrated on the little valley. She felt very cold and wet. Then, she felt as if the sun suddenly had dried her. She opened her eyes and saw the sunrise before her, before everything went black.


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