Homecoming – Brothers

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As always I’d like to thank my beta reader Livi-Wan Kenobi for making sure that the spelling and grammer is ok!

Disclaimer:I do not own Boromir and Faramir,and I wouldn’t want to own Denethor,like other fan writer’s I’m just borrowing them for a while!

Hope you like my story!


Faramir looked out of his bedroom window, waiting.
Today would be the day he came back. Faramir’s best friend, his brother, Boromir.
Boromir was nineteen, five years older than Faramir, and a man. He had joined the ranks of the tower of the guard when he had come of age, leaving Minas Tirith to patrol Gondor and protect it from the dark of Mordor many times.
Faramir had missed him constantly.
Ever since Faramir could remember, Boromir had always been there. When they were very young, they always played together and been with each other.
They had enjoyed the same things in early childhood, but then things changed. While Boromir had been absorbed by swords and fighting and the idea of becoming a great Lord of Gondor, Faramir had been content to simply learn the lore of their land and learn combat when he needed to.
They were so different, but that didn’t stop the brothers from being very close.
A horn sounded outside, as was usual when a member of the Steward’s family came through the gates of the city. Faramir smiled and left his room to go meet Boromir.
He walked quickly, trying to find a good place to wait for Boromir, when he collided into someone, falling to the floor. Faramir got up quickly and saw that he had walked into his own father
“Oh,I’m so sorry father!”
Denethor looked at Faramir with distaste.
“You should be more careful Faramir. You should spend less time day dreaming and more time doing something of use”
Faramir lowered his eyes.
“Yes father, sorry father.”
Denethor walked past Faramir, leaving his son alone in the hallway. Faramir sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
He was glad Boromir was back for another reason; Denethor always paid less attention to his faults when Boromir was there for the Steward to give praise to. That was just the way things were.

Boromir got off of his horse and looked around, he was home at last.
Boromir turned, smiled and bowed his head slightly.
“Father,” he said “I hope you are well”
Denethor stepped foreword and embraced his son.
“As well as can be expected during these times, how was your patrolling?”
“We encountered some orcs near the southern border, but all of the men came back and no-one was hurt” Answered Boromir.
“Good.” Said Denethor.He turned to his son.” You need to get changed and rested. I will see you late my son.”
“Yes father” Said Boromir, going to leave and take his horse back to the stable.
Boromir turned back.
“Yes father?”
Denethor paused.
“Welcome home.”

Boromir walked down a corridor after changing, when a voice called to him.
“Is the great soldier of Gondor too high and mighty to say hello to his little brother?”
Boromir looked to see Faramir standing behind him. Boromir grinned.
“Of course not little brother.”
The two hugged warmly and affectionately. They broke apart and Boromir ruffled Faramir’s hair.
“I’ve missed you.” He said.
“I’ve missed you too. Welcome home Boromir. The time seemed so long with you out there and me here” Said Faramir, the two brothers walking along.
“So what have you been doing while I was away?”
“Much the same as always, training, learning. The combat master says I have much skill with the longbow. Father isn’t too pleased; I think he believes the bow to be an inferior weapon to the sword.”
Boromir gave Faramir a worried look then.
“Faramir, was……..was father alright towards you while I was gone?”
“Boromir, we’ve discussed this before-“
“I don’t like the way he treats you Faramir, he acts as if you aren’t even his son at times. He criticises you for the tiniest fault.”
“If he criticises me for a fault, then I disserve it,” Said Faramir flatly” I can never be disserving of his praise”
Boromir turned then and grabbed Faramir by the shoulders, shaking him a little.
“Never say that again Faramir, never! You are a good person and are worthy of praise. You strengths simply do not lie where father believes they should.”
Faramir nodded sadly. Boromir hugged him again.
“Hopefully when you’ve reached manhood, father will treat you better. But never doubt that I love you and will look out for you Faramir.”
They walked out into the garden, the late day sun warm on their faces. Boromir leaned against a tree casually, and then looked at his brother.
“And I promise that when I go away, or when you go away, we’ll see each other again at the end of it and rejoice.”
Faramir smiled slightly.
“I’m so glad that you’re back here. It’s like when we were young at moments like this”
“It is, and I’m glad to be home, it’s the place closest to my heart. If times were more peaceful I wouldn’t have to go and do duty while you stay here. But one day it’ll all be over, the darkness will be gone from this world forever, Gondor will defeat it.”
Boromir grabbed his brother’s forearm and grinned
“And nothing will truly break apart the mighty brothers of Gondor, not even death.”
Faramir nodded, gripping Boromir’s arm.
“Not even death” he repeated.

*eleven years later*
Faramir stared out along the banks of the river, fearing and almost knowing what he would see. An elven boat drifted there,an eeire light surrounding it. The whole moment was so surreal that Faramir was not sure whether it was vision or reality. He waded through the water and looked into the boat.
There lay Boromir, sword clasped to his chest, shield above his head. Arrow holes were visable in the tunic and Faramir knew what kind of death had befallen his beloved brother. Boromir’s skin was pale and hollow, his eyes closed as if sleeping. Despite the grimness of it all, Boromir’s face had a feel of peace to it, and freedom. Freedom from fear for his country, freedom from the pressure put on him by his father, and freedom from the darkness that was in the world. Faramir would have kissed his brother’s brow, to give him a last farewell, but the scene was too delicate to disturb. The boat floated away, and Faramir moved back to the riverbank. There he found the broken horn of Gondor and picked it up.Was this an oman that the end was coming? Faramir was not sure.
A lone tear fell down Faramir’s face.
‘This was not the time for mourning,not when the darkness is threatening to consume all.’He thought.
Faramir brushed the tear away,and stared out at the elven boat, which was far into the distance. More tears fell, they could not be stopped.There was a raw pain then in Faramir, pain that his brother was lost to him, pain that Mordor would soon move againt them, and pain that by dying,Boromir had broken their promise from all those years ago.
“Not even death can break us apart Boromir, not even death”Faramir muttered quietly



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