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Dreems. The took over her mind. She didn’t know if the voices were real or not. Celebrian didn’t even know who it was that kept calling her “Mother”. That female voice, however, seemed to lure her into comfort, but the other voices dashed the child’s attempts.

“Mother…Mother? Mother, I’m here. Why won’t you come help me, Mother? You have found the way in, shurely you remember the way out again. Don’t you, Mother? Is not Father at your side? Can he not help us? Mother? Pleas don’t go away. I need you here. Pleas, Mother, pleas!” she heard the girl sob in the damp, dark, coldness that made her feal as if she were again in the tunnels filled with the orcs and their hard grips on her arms, dragging her along behind them.


“What is it that she is talking about, Father?” Elrohir said from his brother’s side.

“I don’t know, but if you two wish to remain in here whil I try to help your mother, you will have to be silent.” Elrond sighed heavely.

Celebrian mumbled again, “I will not leave you, child. I will not leave you to them, but I cannot come to you just yet. They are holding me back, and I do not know the way out again. Why do you call me mother? No…no I don’t know how to find Elrond. He dose not have love for me any longer.”

Elrond steped back from his wife. How could she believe that? He began serching for an escape immedeatly. There was no way to work and listen to his wife say these things.

“My lord?” Glorofindel asked quickly. “My lord, are you unable to continue?”

“I am. Pleas help me. I can’t help her any longer. It is too much of a strain on my heart to concentrate.” he said, fighting back tears.

“I will. I will. You do what you can and I will do my best to finish what you can’t, my lord. Have you not done the same for me as well?” Glorofindel said as he bend down by the queen’s side to take over the healing.

Elrond ran from the room. She thinks that I care not for her? That I love her not? the thought came down on him, tearing his heart to pieces as he fled the horribal words. Words that might haunt him for eternity if he was not dead befor they departed for Valinore.

The twins stood there, torn between staying with their mother and going to give solace to their father.


“Whear is the girl? I had just found her a moment ago, and we were almost out of the tunnels. How did I get here? Is the girl all right?” were the first words that came out of the queen’s mouth as she opened her eyes.

Night was around Rivendel, and none that were not in the Hall of Fire sat by her in the dark room. One, however, lay by her side. A mortal, she thought by the way that he slept. Only a mortal could sleep so deeply. Elves only did so when badly wounded or sickened, which was verry rare.

Had she been able to, Celebrian would have put a dagger to the man’s throat for laying by her in her bed. Only the lord Elrond was allowed to do such, and only when she was in need of company. Who was this brute to come lay himself beside her, and do who knows what else as she lay sleeping deeply?

The only weapon available to her at the moment was her own hand which she quickly balled up into a fist and struck down at his head. The man moved only three inches befor her hand slamed into his skul. He at least had a drop of elven blood to have such a warning as to when she was about to attack, but not head her words upon awakening.

“Who are you to place yourself in such athority?” she asked, with a hiss.

“It is alright, Mother. Elladan is with Father.” the soft voice of Elrohir floated to her ears.

To her, he seemed a young boy again. Unlike their younger sister, the boys had always came to her when scared, and to their father when they feared for another’s life. What puts such fear into my young warrior’s heart that he comes again to his mother for solace?

“Why is your father not here?” she asked.

“He was saddened for a moment, but it was only one of your feavor dreems. That is why Elladan is with him. To comfort him, but I wanted to be with you, make sure that you would make it through the night. glorofindel said that you should do well after this night, but that this night was the most important, and Father was not able to face you enve while you slept.”

“What did I say that made him so? has he not love for me still?

“You were speeking to a child in your dreem. And you said that I did not have love for you, the worst thing that had even came from your mouth that has met my ears, Cele. How could you think such a thing?” Elrond’s tight voice, from crying over his wife, came from the door way.

Celebrian looked into the door way whear two figures stood, and a possible third behind them backed away. “I was not thinking clearly. Those were old thoughts.” she said, trying to get him to come clocer so that she might take him into her arms as she’d done manny times befor when he suffered great doubt and could not help but want to flee his own life.

“Go on your own ways, boys. I need to speek alone with your mother.” he said, and so the twins softly made their way back, out of the room.

Elrond shut the door behind Elrohir, and crossed the room to sit on the edge of the bed and face her. He took one deep breth and let it all out when their hands met. Questions screemed in his mind to be asked, but one kept nagging at him, at his memory. That horrible time so manny years ago when the twins had brought her back to him in such a poor condition and refused to tell evrything that had happened. What was it that they’d held back? Did they not tell her that they had not said it to him? WAs it that his worst fears were true and that is why she thought he loved her no more? Perhaps so. The last dreem that he’d listened two had mentioned something to that degree.

“What is the real reason that you had went to Valinore? Surely you would have wated for me if there were not some other reason. Would you not have?” he asked.

She didn’t answer, but he felt the air grow darker in the room even as the moon began to light it from the window. Her intaken breth and sudden jerking back of her hand startled him.

“What is it that they really did to you there? Who is the child that calls you mother?” he continued, his voice tightening with the strain in keeping the tears back.

She did not answer, but began sobing and rose up to hold him. She wouldn’t bring solace to him this night, not as she’d origionally thought would happen. He would need to help her, even if it was he that brought such horrible times back to her memories.

“It’s all right, Cele. I just wanted to know. I am concerend for you, that is all. I just wish that you would tell me. The boys did not, and I was unable to come. I would have been ther if I could have.”

“I know…I know that you would have, but there is no way that you could possibly understand what it is like… No way possible for you to know the fealing for them using you over and over again. No way to know what it is like to give birth to one of their ugly creatures.” she began to cry loudly. the words flowed from her lips, even as she fought them. He was not to have heard it, but it was too late now to keep the whole thing from him. Might as well answer the last of his questions than leave it unanswered forever. “The girl is their’s, but she calls you her father. The baby died not long after she lived, and was such a sweet, but ugly thing.”

“Shhh…” his own breth became harder to controle as fresh tears poored down from his cheeks. “I see now…I see why you wanted to keep it from me…”


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