Home in Imladris – Part 4- A Little Help In An Old Way.

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“He’s slowing us down.” a foul voice said.

“Well I’m not able to carry him, so you’ll just have to make due.” said another.

Elrond opened his eyes. He had a spliting head ache and blerry vision, but he could just make out whear they were. The sun was near the horizion, so it could be eather morning or afternoon. He guessed morning by the chill wind in the air. The trees around them were thinning out not far ahead of them.

He was never able to actually see his captors. They remained in the shaddow realm all the time that he could remember looking for them, but only hearing their voices or fealing their hands dragging him along behind by the bindings on his wrists or ancles.

“Now, only to cross the river.” the one ahead sighed.

“And how do we do that if he’s not going to help us?” the other asked.

Hands grabed Elrond’s shoulders tightly. The first spoke, “You get up and give a path, or you’ll do the drounding. You hear?”

“I can not help you.” he whispered. Anything more made his thrught throb even more so than his head.

“Then you prefer to dround?”

“I am too weak to help you.”

“If he can talk, he can help.” said the second. “He only refuses to help.”

“Well, of cource he dosen’t want to help. Can’t you give some pitty to him? We nearly killed him an houre ago!” a voice that sounded like the second’s said.

“What?” the first aked near rage.

“That wasn’t me, I swear!” the second said.

Elrond laughed to himself. He knew what was going on, but it was getting hard not to contain his pleasure at their downfall.

“Oh, so it was you, then?” the first asked, kicking him in the ribs.

“No… Not me…” he laughed through his whispers even as he whenced at the extent of pain caused by the kick.

“Well, maby we could go a bit easyer on the poor soul. He’s going a bit crazzy from what we’ve put him through. Must never have been to war like all the other older ones. A bit like a princes rather than a king, don’t you thing?” said a voice like the first’s.
“Methrandir! “How long have you kept them at it? Whear have they gone to?” the voice of Celebrian whispered from behind him.

“Not long, and they are soon to find me out. Can’t you feal them? They have not left that spot. They won’t move untill he agrees to let them pass across the river.” the old wizard said in a voice just loud enought for her to hear. “You shouldn’t have come, Lady.”

“I have learned a few things while away, Gandlaf, and one of them includes protecting myself. My parent’s never let me learn, and Elrond always assumed that I knew how. Well, that turned out bad for us, but now I can do something to help him at least by comming.

“The others have spread out around them in a half circle on this side. I told them not to cross the river, for they may give us away.”

“Good, good.”

“Glorofindel awates my order, and I awate yours.”

“The go soon. I don’t think I’ll keep them in fits for much longer. They’ll soon reconize the old trick.”

She looked off to her right. Her eyes met with Glorofindel’s and they nodded their agreement. Seconds after, Celebrian purposly placed herself in the shaddow relm compleatly in order to see the captors, as did sever of the other elves who could.
“You were definitly crazzy to do that.” Bilbo said to Gandalf.

“It wouldn’t have been the first time that I’d done it to help a friend.” Mithrandir said a bit lightly. “Had I not done it all those years ago, you’d be dead by now, and all of this would be gone.”

“You silly old fool. Thank you for that.” Elrond aid to the others from the chair. They sad in Glorofindel’s house, lingering after dinnder with their talk.

“It was actually Elladan’s thought to do that. Elrohir had mentioned to him that I’d done it for bilbo once befor.” Mithrandir said, not careing that the elf had just called him out of name.


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