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Celebrian opened her eyes with a small sigh. The sun was out, and the birds sang once again. The smell of fresh spring rain filled the open hall ways. The night befor had held a storm only of a light drizzel, but it’s sweetness had lulled her to sleep.

Elrond was still at her side. When Elladan and Elros left them alone the night befor, Elrond had said the only thing that mattered to her at the time… He loved her no matter what. This morning, she felt unbelievably refreshed and happy. The joy of being accepted once again by those around her filled her heart with excitement and drounded out the misery and doubt that had once been there.

Celebrian looked over at Elrond. He was curled into a ball at her side. Even with his coat and shoes still on over his clothes, the cold of the night had chilled him, but he dared not disturb her by moving the blankets to get warm.

An old blanket she’d once made for Arwen hung on the rocking chair in the corner across from the bed. Celebrian moved from under the covers to retrieve it for him. Her movement had caused him to stirr, but not enough to fully wake him.

She smoothed the blankets on her side and draped the old blanket over him. His eyes opened and he began to sit up. For a moment, Elrond didn’t know where he was, but Celebrian gently nudged him back onto the pillow.

“I’ve had more rest than you.” she whispered. “Don’t worry, I’ll see to things while you sleep.”

With that, his eyes closed and he let out a long sigh of comfort while he drifted back into his dreams of the old times when they were newly wedded.


“No, you take it!”

“I don’t want it!”

“You’re the one who found it, Pip!”

“I don’t care. It was your idea to pick it up and make me wash it off. You take it!”

“Are you crazzy?”

The voices echoed arround the hall corner. Celebrian turned to see two oddly dressed boys shoving an item back and forth and argueing with one another. They had the strangest accent and manner about them. So silly they looked, that she couldn’t help but giggle at the way they fought like Elrohir and Elladan did so manny years befor.

The small golden thing dropped from their hands as they turned to see her standing there in the hall watching them. “And what might your names be, boys?” she asked.

“Now what a silly question to ask.” said the darker haird one.

“Don’t you recognize us, lady Galadriel?” asked the lighter haired one.

“Oh, no no! I am not Galadriel.” she said, still laughing.

“Then who are you?” they asked together.

“Celebrian, Galadriel and Celeborn’s daughter.”

“I’m Merry and this is Pippin.” said the lighter haird one.

“And we’re not boys. Back home we’d nearly be men by now.” said Pippin.

“I see, then you are pharenath?”

“What?” Merry asked, confused by this term.


“It’s HOB-BITS!” Pippin corrected.

“Well then master hobbit, what has brought you to Imladris?”

“Gandalf, and a bit of unfortunate bad luck with Mr. Frodo back home in the Shire, but we’re just passing through again.”

“Mithrandir is here?” she asked, her eyes brightening.

“yes, if you mean Gandalf. He’s in the library wating for Elrond to pass through to his study or something.” Merry said.

“Thank you, I need to speek with him.” she said and hurried allong, hoping not to run and bump into anybody allong the way.

“How strange.” Pippin commented as she went pased them without another word.


Celebrian walked among the shelves, looking for Mithrandir. At the table sat a familler face, one who had counceled her manny times in the pastas a child when she felt that no other should hear her troubbled.

“Curunir, have you seen Mithrandir? Two pharenath said that he would be here wating for Elrond.” she asked, pacing tward him.

“You are mistakin, my lady. I am not Sarumon.” he said turning her way.

“Oh, forgive me, Gandalf. I did not know that you had gained so much yet.” She said with a smile.

“He will do better in Sarumon’s place, though…at least better than Sarumon himself.” said Bilbo as he made his way to the table to join them. “Where is he anyway? I needed to ask him about a bit of poetry I’m writing. It needs quite a bit of help. Not many of these books in here say much at all about what the sea is like. I’ve never seen it myself, and am trying to write about it before I leave.”


The ship came into the docks as Frodo scurried along the decks to get to the others. He slid into the captain, but didn’t bother to spare his breath. If they left without him, he’d never get anywhere.

“Slow down, my lad. A ship is no place to be running like that!” Bilbo scolded him.

“S…S… Sorry, but I was on the other side…and…” he panted.

Mithrandir, Galadriel, Frodo, and Bilbo left the ship and waited on the pier for Elrond and Celebrian.

Elrond grasped Celebrian’s hands as they spoke. The ship had come into the docks, but they were only just now coming out to the door.

“Now we may truly have eternity.” Elrond said to her.

“Yes, maybe now we can.” she said, a small tear beginning to drip from her eye.


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