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A week had passed since the rescue that had sent Elrond into spouts of laughter. He still limped a bit, but others were there to hel most of the time if he was to trip. When Bilbo had heard of the trick that Gandlaf used, he himself had fell on the floor with laughs. It had taken him several minutes to recover, seeing as most of it was just getting off the floor.

Dinner one night seemed the usual mix of thoughts and foods, but it was some what sad, nomatter the smiles on their faces. They missed the princess and felt sorry for her mother’s not knowing untill the day after she’d come back. Still, things had lightened up a bit at Celebrian’s return. Few,other than those invoved, had heard of what had caused their king’s slowly recovering limp.

“And what do you think, My Lady?” Glorofindel asked from acrros the table.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying? my mind drifted elswhear for a moment.” Celebrian said, trying not to look foolish for not paying attention.

“What is your openion on the Reunified Kindoms?” he repeated.

“I do not know, for I have not seen, but the thought is pleasant. If only…”

“She was as dear in our hearts as she was in your own, My Lady. She is a good queen none the less. And he is also decended from the Eldar, or so it is to my understanding.”

“Indeed, he is.” Calalas, a half elven mercenary from the East, said. “I have studied the line of the kings since around the beginning of the First Age. He falls as the last of the Numarions, as I have read.”

Dinner was finished not long after, and those gathered for dinner followed the lord and lady into the Hall of Fire, as it was named after the fire that was kept aflame at all houres, a fire that filled one whole wall of the long room.

While those inside took their turns singing, playing music, and telleing their tails, others went outside to dance and play other games. Elrond and Celebrian sat inside, for the lord had asked Bilbo to tell of his adventure with the Dwarves and Mithrandir to her so that she might understand why they laughed so hard when Gandalf began to immatate the others.

The princes, Elladan and Elrohir, walked outside to show off a dance that they had learned form the hobbits at their sister’s wedding. Much laughing followed as a coupple other elves and Mithrandir joined them. Not far into the dance, however, Elrohir couldn’t hold up any longer, he fell down into a chair alughing his head off at the others attempting to dance to the music with what they thought were the correct steps.

Elladan walked into the hall and came to his mother. He begged, “Won’t you come and dance, Mother? It’s been so long since we last saw you dance, and we really could use some help out there.”

“I…Oh, why not. Just a few, though.” she said and strode outside with him.

“Here we are now!” “She’s the dancer of us!” “Come now sow us a dance that you learned while away!” were some of the manny comments called out when the prince led the queen out to the floor.

“Avvana! Let’s have her dance to Avvana!” called a younger elfling who’d only heard of the queen’s dancing skill manny times over, but was too young to ever have seen.

“Do you think that you up for it, milady?” the lead musician asked.

“Shure, she is!” Elrohir said. “That’s the one she taught Mayarwen when the girl was first beginning to get her feet for dancing.”

“She can’t dance it unless I am allowed to dance with her.” called the voice of Elrond from the door way.

“But you leg, my lord!” some one said.

“It can’t be any worse than my ancle. I sprung it just a few moments befor comming out here. He’ll be fine.” Celebrian said.

“As long as you’re there to catch him.” laughed another elfling, a little older than the one who called the dance of Avvana.

The Spring time dance seemed a bit correct for the fall evening. Elrond only mannaged to stumble three or four times untill half way into the dance. When the fith dance was well underway, a shout went up from the outter corner of the dancing floor, Celebrian lay unmoving whear she’d fallen, but there was no sing of injoury pased the skiining of her knee whear she’d fallen tried to catch herself.

“Cele? Cele, look at me.” Elrond said, tapping at her cheeks to try and catch her attention. “Cele, open you eyes.”

A soft moan followed the opening of blood filled eyes. “What…happened?” she asked softly.

“I don’t know, but at least we know you’re still alive. That’s a good thing. Now stay awake.” he said soothingly. Elrond turned to the others, scanning for his sons. “Elrohir, redy a bed for your mother. Elladan, help me carry her. Now, boys!”


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