His Other Half – The Choice of the Half-Elven

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Elros watched the sun sink slowly into the western horizon amidst a bank of clouds in all shades of pink and gold. The ship’s prow plowed through the clear blue water as a gentle breeze propelled her steadily away from Middle-earth. He could feel the salt spray against his face, pleasantly cool and fresh.

He was heading toward Númenórë, the land prepared for the faithful Edain to dwell on. He had been told that it was beautiful, with rolling green pastures and tall silver trees, wind carrying the fragrance of flowers. And he, Elros Celebrandir, was to be king of it all. He had everything a man could ever want…

Except his brother. His twin. His other half. Elrond should be there to share his happiness. But Elrond was getting farther away from him with every passing moment. Sometimes Elros had to grip the handrails running around the deck as tightly as he could to restrain himself from going to the captain and telling him, “Turn around! I change my mind! I need to go back!”

But he knew that things didn’t work that way. He had decided that he wanted to remain with the Edain and Elrond had decided that he would be of the Elven-kind. The choice was irrevocable.

And in his heart he knew that he belonged with the race of Men. All the signs pointed that way. Even their names were held to be prophetic.

But it still hurt. And he still missed his brother.

Footsteps sounded behind him. At any other time he would have welcomed the talk, but at the moment he was in no mood to speak to anyone other than Elrond. He quickly escaped into his cabin, where he flopped onto the bed.

Face it, he told himself. You can’t speak to him, unless you know telepathy.

So he decided to do the next best thing : write to him.

Elros pulled out a notebook and a fountain pen. Chewing the end of his pen, he wondered what he would say. How he felt that he had left half of himself in the Grey Havens. How empty he felt, with all his family gone. How bright the stars were, and how beautiful the sea, and how big the sky. How the sea seemed to sing to him, as sweet as the choirs of the Ainur.

How much Elrond was missed.

I wonder what you’re thinking now. Do you miss me as much as I miss you? Do you wonder if our parents ever regret that they never said good bye to us? Does life go on after this? Can I find happiness in this Andor, the gift of the Valar? Will you be happy in Middle-earth?

I can imagine Elrond’s smile, his nod of reassurance. I do believe that the answer is yes.

Elros smiled back at his brother. I miss you.

He could almost hear Elrond’s voice bouncing back to him across the waves.

I miss you too.


Silmarien’s Notes: So, how was it? I meant this to be a chaptered story, featuring Elros’ letter, but I think this can stand alone. It’s much shorter and slightly more sappy than what I intended, but nothing ever turns out like it’s supposed to, eh?

Also, the name “Elros Celebrandir” is not canonical, it’s borrowed from my friend Elros.


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