Healing Wishes – Prolgoue

by Jun 17, 2003Stories

Karen sat in her wheelchair and gazed out her bedroom window. Her sister, Tara, crouched next to her on the floor and held her hand.

“Just one more night, and if nothing happens we’ll stop wishing.” Karen pleaded with her older sister. For the last two weeks, Tara had helped wheeld Karen to this window so they could with on the first falling star they saw.

“Okay. Just one more night.” Tara replied with a yawn. Karen was such an innocent little girl she could convince anyone to do anything. It was a gift Tara wished she had.

They girls watched into the early morning hours. The sky was already tinged pink on the horizon when they saw a star shoot through their field of vison. “Close your eyes.” Karen reminded sweetly and began repeating the wish she had made faithfully every night.

“Star light, Star bright,
First star I see tonight.
I wish may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.”

There was a pause and they finished the wish silently, and Tara added, on impulse, “and please let Legolas look like Orlando Bloom.”


The Fellowship had rowed down the Anduin all day. The trip had been silent for the most part because they were all saddened to leave the beautful elf haven of Lothlorien. The only noise that had broken the brooding silense was Merry and Pippin belching. They had apparantly been into the lembas.

As they rounded a bend in the river, the majesty of the Argonath was revealed in all it’s glory. “Look, Frodo.” Aragorn murmed, awestruck, into the hobbit’s ear. Frodo looked and gazed at the huge monoliths in wonder. “Long have I desired to look upon the Kings of old, my kin.”

The sun hit the grey stone and the faces of the two kings lit up and almost looked real. Aragorn blinked his eyes. He didn’t know if it was just the sun glinting of the water, but he thought he saw some kind of barrier between the two statues. He blinked again and shrugged. It was too late to turn back not and if it was a trap they would just have to face it headon.

They group rowed between the Argonath and there was a sickening lurch and a cracking sound. In a moments time, the Fellowship found themselves in a starnge world.

To be continued…..


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