Healing Wishes – Chapter 5

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Tara turned to look at the group as they stood in the parking lot waiting for her to lead them inside.

“I don’t care what you see in here that you want, I am not buying more than we need,” she looked down at Merry and Pippin. “No excess vegetables.”

Merry flashed her an angelic grin. “We will be good!” Pippin just nodded his head furiously.

Karen groaned and propped her head up in her hands. “This is going to be interesting. Remind me again why we brought them all?!”

“Are you suggesting we don’t know how to behave?” Gimli looked from one girl to the other.

Tara laughed. “I believe I can trust the older guys to behave, but I’m not so sure about the other four being around so much food. Aragorn if you could watch those two,” she pointed at Frodo and Sam.

“I’ll keep an eye on these two trouble makers.” Boromir ruffled Merry and Pippins hair. The two young Hobbits looked at their self-imposed guardian, then, back at each other and heaved huge sighs.

“All right, explore all you want, but at least make it back out to the car when we leave,” Karen warned the Fellowship as the entered this strange and very new place.


Merry ducked behind the tomato bin and pulled Pippin after him. “Do you think we lost him?” he asked.

“Most definitely.” Pippin nodded. “He’s still talking to that pretty lady with all those bags. I think I saw him carry everything out to her car.”

The two escapess giggled. As they sat there under the display, they recognized two pair of very hairy feet followed by two very large boots.

“Mr. Frodo, have you ever seen so much food?!” Sam was overwhelmed at it showed on his face.

Frodo stood on his tiptoes. “It’s everywhere? Is this whole place filled with food, Aragorn?”

The Ranger looked around nervously. Some of the displays were so tall he couldn’t see over them. At any minute, he knew orcs were going to pop out from behind something and grab him. “Why didn’t I bring my sword?” he thought worriedly.

He looked up and saw Boromir weaving through the vegetable stands toward him. “Have you seen Merry and Pippin?”

“They got away?” Aragorn asked.

“Apparently. I told them to stay right there.” he pointed at some distant spot. “When I got back they weren’t-” two small figures dashed out of nowhere and barreled into the back of Boromir’s knees.

“We’re right here.” Merry stood on their vanquishes foes back and proceeded to do a small jig.

“What are you doing?” Tara motioned for Legolas to stop pushing the loaded basket.

“Um… nothing.” Pippin stood quickly and pulled Merry to his feet.

“They attacked me, the little brutes!” Boromir picked himself up off the floor.

Frodo and Sam smirked. “They did a rather funny jig too.”

“Are you finished, Lady?” Aragorn asked pointing to the overflowing cart. How anyone could need that amount of food was beyond him.

“Oh, yes.” Karen noticed the look. “Don’t worry, it’ll be gone before you know it.”

“What are you looking at?” Legolas asked Gimli. The dwarf had shadowed him throughout the entire store.

“I’m just trying to figure out why your doing women’s work.”


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