Healing Wishes – Chapter 4

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What’s a bellpepper?” Pipping looked down at the deceiving, vegetable. “What a strange place this is! he thought to himself as he waited for an answer. The vegetables are even different.”

“It’s a vegetable, oh smart one.” Merry bowed and went back to his digging.

Tara watched in amazement. The refrigerator that had been well stocked the day before, was now half-empty. She looked at her sister with raised eyebrows.

“Yes, I know.” Karen raised her arms in surrender. “We will just have to go grocery shopping.”

“Are we taking them all with us?” she pointed to the Fellowship.

“Taking us where?” Gimli asked nervously. He was put out enough that they were not in the Middle-earth he knew. He was even more nervous now that they were talking about taking him somewhere. “I will not be made a prisoner, Aragorn!”

The Ranger gave the Dwarf a consternated look. “I think they are talking about going to buy food. Put your axe away.”

“Don’t you say a word, blondie.” Gimli stared hard a Legolas, who looked like he was about to laugh.


Legolas climed into the front seat of what Tara had called ‘the SUV.’

“Are you sure this is safe?” He was not sure he like being carried anywhere in this strage object.

“She has her driver’s license.” Karen muttered.

“Mr. Frodo, maybe we should stay here.” Sam looked up at the car. If he was to get inside, someone would have to lift him.

“No, Sam. Just think of it as an adventure.” Frodo patted Sam on the back and let Aragorn hoist him into the very back seat.

Sam muttered to himself as he waited his turn. “Look where the last ‘adventure’ got me. Chased by Ringwraiths and nearly dead.”

“Cheer up, Sammy. It will all be over soon. Karen said the food store was real close.” Merry grinned down at his friend.

“Yea, but you don’t know how this thing works. I refuse to get in it.”


Boromir watched fascinated as the scenery flew past. “We should definitely take this back to Gondor with us. Think of how many orcs we could run over with it!”

“Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself.” Sam sat squished between Aragorn and Pippin. He would never forgive the lot of them. He had only climbed in when they threatened to leave him.

“There’s only one thing wrong with your idea, Boromir.” Tara commented as they pulled into the Kroger parking lot.

“Wha’ts that?” he asked.

“What are you going to use for fuel. This baby is a gas hog.” She pulled the keys out of the ignition and climbed out.

“Pippin and I have gas.” Merry chimed in. “You could use that.”

“Wrong kind of gas guys,” Karen rolled her eyes.


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