Healed {second story of Home In Imladris} – Part 1- A near Murder

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For the first time in months, he was able to sleep… truely sleep. Though full blooded elves were able to stay partially awake constantly, being half mortal placed him at a point where he needed to fully give in evry week or so. Elrond did not worry that Celebrian was not near this night. She was safe in this part of Valinore.

The door opened; soft light touched the walls like a grey dawn. Glorofindel was using his own “power” to keep the light constant even after he closaed the door back. His main concern was to keep Elrond asleep long enough, just long enough. His grip grew tighter on the dagger her held as he moved clocer to the bed.

“Is this why you helped save him when he was taken from Imladris?” the words that cut the air were filled with harsh venom and truth to make it all the worse. “So that you could have the pleasure of killing him yourself?” The sound did not touch his ears, but screemed in his mind with demanding power. He only knew of two people with that ability and that voice: Galadriel and Celebrian. “If that blade so much as grazes my husband…”

“He is the reason my father died.” Glorofindel thought back. “i have wated over five thousand years to repay him for it.”

“By your father’s own hands was your mother’s life ended. It was the hand of Elros, not Elrond, that distroied your father, though he did it to save your sister.”

Elrond stirred. Glorofinde’s concentration on him had been broken for too long. He made his way out befor Elrond could awaken fully.

Celebrian could say or do nothing. She had no way of prooving it. She walked over to the bed and ran her fingers through his hair. She couldn’t help but think that she might not be there in time again.

He turned over to see her looking down at him. “Min sila Uren, Cele.” {You shine on my heart, Celebrian.} he said to her.

“Min lu pennich nin…pennich nin, i aur hen telitha…A!, uren, Elrond!” {You said to me once…said to me, the day would come. O!, my love, Elrond} she sobed laying down by him. “Na in vethed e ammen hae. U-esteliach, min bedich go bad lin. Lach na u peliannen. Mor alantie nin.” { It is the end of us now. Trust nothing, you must go with your path. Flame is not at your feet. Darkness has fallen on me.}

“Hlasta. Hlasta, Celebrian.” {Listen. Listen, Celebrian} he carressed her cheek. “You don’t have to leave.There is still a chance, but first we must wate.”

“We only have so much time. What will we do if they do not come; if she alone dose not come?”

“Lasto min! Min go bad narchannen fae. Pennich lu min lin bedich go dolen. Han bad onnad…bad vethed… bad ely! Na min ab! And so it is for me. I have made this promise to you as well. Why now do you wish to part?” {Listen to yourself! You with your broken spirit. You said once your path must go with my path. That is your beginning… your end… your dream! It is your peace!}

“I do not deserve your love.”
“Don’t you dare say that!” Elrond said sternly. “Please don’t ever say or think such a thing again.


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