Healed – Part Four: Manwe

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Here’s the last bit of Part Three just to give you a little reminder:

Gimli was headded back in Earwen’s direction when the elf nearly ran him down. The woman was wuite upsetted by her fall, but gave no opologies befor picking herself back off of the floor and sprinting down the hall ahead of him again.

All that he cought was the sight of her turning into Earwen’s room and the door’s slamming in his face as he finally cought back up with her. Opening the door, Gimli grumbled, “What was that all about? I don’t need another door smashing my nose in again!”

“It’s Morgoth.” Celebrian panted. “Legolas…and…Narfea… have him…cornered…for…the moment.”

“Where, Cele?” Elrond asked, rising sharply from his seat on the bed’s edge.

“The garden near the hobbit’s quarters.” she said, regaining controle over her heart and lungs as the pounding in her ears subsided and the breath returned to her again.

“Gimli, come. Cele, stay here with my sister.” he said, grabbing the staff near the door as he left.

“Sister?” Cele asked no one in perticular, wondering at why he’d not said anything about a sister befor, or why none of the records had mentioned her.

“What did you say about my children?” Earwen asked, sitting up in the bed, then cringed slightly at the pain of doing so. “What’s this to do with Morgoth?”


“An i Valar!” Elrond heard a distinctly femal voice call out as he and the others turned into the garden where Celebrian had said Legolas and Narfea were.

He saw Narfea lift her sword to block an oncomming attack from who looked to be Glorfindel. Legolas was unconcious at her other side.

Gimli also saw this and rammed Morgoth in the waste with one hard drive of his shoulder. Gandalf yelled at the dwarf, what the words were, he didn’t know, only that they conveied the meaning of “Get out of the way!” from the tone.

“Manwe?” Morgoth stepped back in sudden shock at the voice he heard, just befor he too lost all ability and the darkness overtook his mind after a blinding red light came his way.

“He called you Manwe.” Draugsul prompted. “Why?”

“It is of no importence now.” Gandalf said sharply.

“Yes, it is.” Narfea limped in his way to stop him. “No istar would have that kind of power.”

“He is only weak for the moment.” Gandalf looked back to the body on the ground. “He is no longer within Glorfindel, but now may be stornger. Never mind what he called me. See to yourself and your brother. First thing is first.”

Gimli helped Draugsul lift Legolas as Elrond and gandalf carried Glorfindel. They made it back to the healing house and set them there, careful to tell thoes who would tend to them that they may be violent when they first wake again, in light of what they had just gone through. Narfea, Gimli and Draugsul remained behind as Gandalf and Elrond made their way back to Earwen and Celebrian.


“How nice of you to tell me of your sister!” Celebrian slaped Elrond across the cheek as he came back into the room. “Now look at the mess she’s in.”

“This is no time for argueing.” Elrond cought her hands befor she could strike him again.

“He knows now.” Gandalf said to Earwen.

“Who knows what?” Celebrian asked Gandalf.

“That he is not an istar.” Earwen said. “The last age of my life has been spent trying to keep this secret.”

“What do you mean?” Elrond turned to her.

“I am Manwe, and Melkor said.” Gandalf said. “That is why the Valar did not send any help in the last war. The others could not reach me, and I had other plans. Earwen took it upon herself to silence the knowledge that I had gone and it was she who first learned of Melkor’s escape. She had been tracking his movements so that we would not have to worry with him. It was she who kept him out of the battles. And now that toiling has taken it’s toll. She was not on gaurd agenced her won husband, and that was her undoing.”

“It was not Legolas’s fault that he attacked me.” Earwen said. “Morgoth had taken hold of him for a brief instant, and he was verry shaken about the insident after he was able to regain controle of his own mind.”


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