Healed – Part 5

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Light. It was blinding at first, but when he finally was able to get pased the pain it was beautiful. It was the first light he had seen in… How long had it been?

Shaking his head, he managed to sit up in the bed. Pain in his left forearm cought his attention. A gash from the elbow to the wrist was neatlybandaged to staunch the still bleading wound. Where was this from? he wondered.

“Glorfindel?” he heard a voice say from the doorway.

“Yes?” he asked in return, full of confusement and frustration.

A faintly familiar elf came to his side. “Melkor?” he asked with a stern look, holding the hilt of his sword tightly.

“What?” Glorfindel asked, still dazed conciderably.

The elf let out a sigh and loosened his grip on the hilt, but still did not remove his hand from it. Glorfindel was beginning to remember him better now. Draugsul of the remaining Teleri from Feanor’s attacks.

“We thought the worst for you, after what happened.”

“What do you mean.”

“You attacked Celebrian, nearly killed Legolas, wounded Narfea… You’re telling me that you don’t remember any of this?”

“No…” he shook his head.


“Morgoth will take the next weak person he can find in order to remain hidden.” Gandalf said.

“Who would be the next choice?” Elrond asked.

“It could be anyone. He could remane in Glorfindel, or go to Legolas, or Narfea, or even you own baby if he wishes.” he shook his head.

“Is there nothing that can be done to prevent this?”

“What about the other Valar? Shouldn’t they be looking for him, too?” Gimli piped up.

“They are.” Gandalf nodded, “But for now, we need to keep a cloce eye on thoes who are here and now.”


Narfea still sat at her brother’s side. Legolas haden’t stirred more than to breathe. She hadn’t had one wink of rest while he remianed in this condition. She noted how Gimli tried to lighten her heart by joking about the situation, but it was apparent that he was also quite concerned by the worried look in his eyes even when there was a smile on his face.

She busied herself with his knife, atempting to do what she could to fix the blade where it was chiped and cracked nearly to the point of breaking, but it was no use. All she could do was try to keep him from falling off the bed when he went into fits of fighting things that were only in the dreamworld that nither of them visited often to begin with.

Again she had been atempting to work on the knife when he started mumbling and kicking. Now he was yelling. At first, Narfea was going to wate untill he was finished and readjust him, but Legolas cried out loudly and lurched up onto his feet on the other side of the bed, ready to fight.

“Legolas!” she jumped up and ran to him just as he fell onto the floor with a thud. She helped him into a sitting position while he placed a hand to the back of his head, whincing with the pain, but finding no blood, only a bruse.

“He’s here.” he said faintly. “Melko is here.”

“Nonsense.” Narfea hushed. “Mithrandir drove him from Glorfindel.”

“He was trying to take me, Narfea!” Legolas nearly yelled at her. “He almost had me.”


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