Healed – Part 2- Morgoth Has Escaped

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Nothing more was said that night. Elrond’s mind wondered over why he felt that she was hiding something from him again, something dark and dangerous. Cele did not even lay down, she sat up and wached overhim like she did once when Elladan had become ill with a high feavor and became verry weak.

Though the morning was still grey with so little light over the horizon as of yet, a soft knocking forced Celebrian to move away from him. She cracked the door to see Mithrandir and two other elves that she had not seen befor.

He is still sleeping. she placed the words into his mind.

It is urgent, lady. Nienna refuses to come to their aid. Gandalf returned.

“Just one moment then.” Celebrian whispered back. Walking over to him, she placed hand on his shoulder to turn him over. “Elrond,” she called softly. “Lisse nin, you are needed.”

“What is it?” he asked, his voice verry groggy.

“Mithrandir and two others are asking for your help.”

“With what?”

“Earwen is in terrible condition.” one of the elves stepped forward. “The Valier, Nienna, has not come to her aid.”

“Draugsul?” Elrond asked.

The elf smiled in confermation.

“I will be readdy in a moment!”


Legolas sat on the windowseal by her bed. Earwen breathed heavily; she was too weak to even open her eyes. Legolas cursed himself for allowing, causing, this much pain to come to his mother.

If only I’d have known that this would happen! he thought. I’d have never tried to play such a trick on Father, and he would not have turned on her like that. I was such a fool, and now she may not live.

The door opened, Elrond, Gandalf, Draugsul and Narfea entered. Narfea sat by Legolas, her hand fell upon his to comfort him as best she could concidering the circumstances.

“What has happened to her?” Elrond asked.

“My father attacked her.” Legolas replied.


“He was drunk because I’d decided tp play a joke on him, but I never would have known that this would have happened. I never thought that he would do such a thing to my mother.”

“I see. Gandalf, Draugsul, I need you to stay. Legolas, Narfea, it would help if the two of you would leave us.”

Legolas and his younger sister left silently, but reluctantly. When they entered the hall, Narfea noticed that Celebrian looked passed them with an uneasy face. Legolas saw what was concerning her, but did not know why. Glorfindel was coming tward them with a steaddy pace and a smile.

Celebrian was quick to return to Elrond’s room and shut the door, but it was no use, there were no locks on this door, the people of this place were overconfident of each other.

Legolas and Narfea tensed for a moment as Glorfdindel drew his sword and pretended to play with it as he shoved open the door that barred him from Celebrian. The clash of steel againced steel sent the two running to the scene as Glorfindel was repelled by Elrond’s sword in Celebrian’s hands.

In return, Glorfindel was angered to the point of knocking the sword out of Celebrian’s hands and taking his own to her throat. Backing out of the room while holding on to Celebrian, Glorfindel noted two arrows only inches from his face on eather side.

Celebrian was able to turn her head enough to see the reason that Glorfindel had stoped. Legolas, he is not what he seems! she thought to him. Morgoth has escaped and taken his body as a form. Let us pass. It will save your mother’s and Elrond’s life. He believes that I own the last Silmaril because I am Elrond’s wife. He does not know that Earendil still keeps it. Let us pass.

“No.” Glorfindel said. “Now that I know better, you will take me to Earendil. I can still hear thoughts that are not meant for me, silly elf.”


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