Haunting of Rivendel – Elronds trust

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It was a cold and bitter morning in the lands of Rivendell. There was a figure lurking in the shadows. As Glorfindel comes riding back in to Rivendell, this creature attacks him. He is taken to the ground by this creature and is nearly killed but then Elrond fights back the creature and tells Gorfindel “run Gorfindel run”. But Gorfindel couldn’t leave Elrond and shouted “no I cant I must help”. At that moment he charged the beast and slain it. “We must get back to Rivendell,” said gorfindel as Elrond agreed. As they ran off they found out that beast was not alone, there wear at the least 10. Elrond and Gorfindel tried to run away but the beasts wear faster, bigger and they soon caught up with them. All of a sudden the beasts ran in a different direction. As that happened Elrond turned to see his kingdom in all its glory, shining gold, high silver lining towers and big valleys sized of 6 Balrogs with trees and blooming flowers starting to grow deep at the bottom of the valleys. On the other side of the valley they saw Arwen the beautiful daughter of Elrond, she was on her horse with her hair hanging low waving in the wind like calm waves of the Valernor Sea. They walked around the valley to get to her. But as they got closer they realised that she was being attacked by a groups of Orcs.
They ran to help her but it was to late she was pushed off the side of the valley, as she fell Glorfindel jumped down the valley and grabbed her and took out his sword and stabbed the wall as hard as he could, after a will slide down to a holt. At the top Elrond had killed the Orcs and got some rope to throw to Glorfindel and his daughters.
“Are you ok?” Glorfindel said to Arwen as they wear getting pulled back up. ” Yes I am fine”. When they got to the top they set off to the great house of Elrond of Rivendell when they got there they called the council of Elrond, where Gandalf the grey and Radagast the brown were present. “What is this meeting about?” asked Radagast the brown. Then Elrond slowly got up. “Yesterday my daughter got attacked by a band of Orcs if me and Glorfindel didn’t see it from afar we couldn’t of saved her” he said slowly. “I have called upon u people to help my kingdom so will you help use fight of these Orcs and beasts of Sauron” he said. One by one the council of Elrond stood up and raised the weapons and at the same time they said “For Rivendell”. So they set off Elrond, Glorfindel, Gandalf, Radagast and Ronald the mighty Dwarf of Moria.
They headed for the Misty Mountains. They got to the foot of the Misty Mountains and a big rock came crashing down on the group. They all dodged it to see ten to twenty trolls marching down the Mountains. They ran in to a forest and hid in some trees but the trolls found them and attacked. When the trolls found them Elrond jumped from the tree he was on to a trolls back the one who was attacking Glorfindel. “Go run Gorfindel go hep the wizards”. Gorfindel jumped from his tree to help the wizards but when he was down he saw the Dwarf needing help. So he ran towards the Dwarf “charge” he shouted as he went. He slices the trolls back and kicked it over the Dwarf. As the troll went flying over the dwarf said, “you stupid elf you nearly killed me” “how could I of killed you when I was saving your life?” replied Glorfindel with a smile on his face “very cleaver stupid elf” with a angry face on. But then Ronald the dwarf saw away out and told the others. So they all ran out of the area and back to the Misty Mountains. But then Glorfindel’s ears realized there was an attack on Rivendell so they got back as soon as they could to see Ocrs and Orcs climbing the walls and valleys of Rivendell.

They charged all the Orcs around them and slew them one by one. But then Glorfindel and Elrond saw it again. The beast in the shadow but this time in all the light it was brownie-blackly and was on all fours, like a Warg but no rider and a lot lot bigger, it drawled slobber and made a hissing nose like a giant snake, you heard there giant feet pounding on the ground as they ran towards Glorfindel looking for revenge for there lost team mate who was slain by Gorfindel and Elrond. As the beast ran in to Glorfindel, he drew his sword and made contact with the hairy beast. But the beast’s power was too overwhelming and hacked Gorfindel back and the two went rolling off the edge of the valley and plumetted to the bottom. When they hit the bottom the beast was the first one to hit the bottom and Glorfindel landing on top of it. The beast died but Glorfindel didn’t and slowly got up and looked up to the top, then all of a sudden 4-5 died beasts came flying down with an elf now and again. He drew his sword and palled up a Orc sword and stuck it in to the side and then his sword and then the Orcs and then his until he slowly got to the top.

Then he leaped over the edge and saw the Dwarf on the ground, running to his rescue flung his sword in to and Orc and ripping the blade out to the left. When at the Dwarf slain an Orc or two the grabbing the Dwarf and dragging him to the others. He then realized all the Orcs wear running back to the homes in the Mountains, but the few beasts that wear left wear still there but the arm of elves that seared the Orcs away soon finished them off.


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