Happily Ever After – Chapter 1

by Apr 3, 2003Stories

*This is my first ever submission. Hope you like it*

It has been many long year ever since Frodo, Gandalf and Elves (mainly Galadriel and some lothlorien elves) left for the Grey Havens. A week after they left the fellowship went back to there normal life now many years later the fellowship had a great whole in there heart. Aragorn longed for the wise Gandalf the white, Sam, though busy with his wife and children greived for Frodo, Pippin and Merry wished for the older days when they were all together, Legolas now king of Mirkwood paced the palace floors, and Gimli the lord of the Glittering caves missed his companionship with the elf. Most of all Arwen was sad, not even Aragorn, or Eldarion could lift her of the mood she had lost all her family to the grey havens except for Lord Celeborn.


“Undomiel?” Arogorn asked slowly kreeping to there bedchamber.She was having one of her moods and one word wrong Aragorn knew he was going to sleep on the throne that night.”What is it!” She replied fuming.

“What is wrong Undomiel”

“What could possibly be wrong.”

“You seem to be in a bad mood.”

“What would you be in if you can never see your father for the rest of your life!”

Aragorn was silent.

“Estel…”she started “I miss them terribly. I miss my brothers and grandmother to.”

“I miss them to. Do you regret giving up immortality for me?”

“Of coarse not”

“Lets look for them…..in the Palantir.”



Aragorn feeling safe now changed and crawled in beside her.

Early in the morning nothing could be heard except for the light patters of Arwen’s footsteps across the hall way. Arwen went into 16 year old Eldarion’s chambers. “What is it mother?”” “Eldarion. We are going to see your grandparents, uncles and great grandmother.” Arwen said in an exited tone she ran back to her bedchamber with Eldarion.

“Estel.” Arwen wispered as she and Eldarion sat on there bed. She bent down and kissed Aragorn lightly. “Yyyyeeeeeessss?” he said dreamily. “Wake up we must go know”
just then Eldarion said “Good morning father.”
Aragorn startled shot up creating a displeased shout from his son. “Your bringing Eldarion?”
“Yes he should see my side of the family”

Aragorn got up and got dressed. Just like a child Arwen bolted out of the room. Aragorn saw her joy and caught hold of it by jumping up and going after her.Eldarion just stared for a bit until he decided to go after them before they frighten someone*sigh,Parents*


They entered the tower and closed the door In the middle of the room stood a pedestal with a piece of clothe on it. There was nothing else in the tower. Aragorn pulled the cover off of the Palantir. Arwen, Aragorn and Eldarion all gathered around the Palantir. It swirled black then depicted a picture Arwen guided it West too the Undying land.

End of chapter 1


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