Haldir’s Diary – Chapter 5

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Haldir’s diary: part 5

Am in a bad mood

Brother dead

Uruks just stormed in

Legolas can’t shoot

Eru, I feel like killing something.

Well what a coincidence. I can.

The uruks have not yet taken the wall, and I won’t allow it as long as I’m alive.

As they rushed through the sewage water smelling like Aragorn on a good day, my men were all prepared.

What they didn’t need was Aragorn practising kingliness and shouting orders. We fired anyway, and killed many. And it was all due to us that the stupid dwarf didn’t die. He was prancing around, head butting orcs. He was lucky I didn’t ‘accidentally’ miss and shoot him. After all, it would be such a shame if he got blood on that *adorable* beard.

And now we throw away the bow and charge with the sword at the swarming mass of uruk-hai approaching. Hmph, I got that bow as a birthday present.

They come like roaches, black and evil and infinite, bit like the ones that inhabit the house of Elrond. And we charge at them, ignoring the foul smell (well, once you get used to Aragorn…), our blades ready.

I approach the nearest orc and take his head off with one clean stroke. But before his severed head even touches the ground, I am faced with another. This one is not so easy. He lunges forward and nearly hacks my arm off, but I dodge and after butting him with my foot, hack him with my sword hilt.

Easy. If Legolas can do it, then I can.

Then another orc arrives. I take care of him pretty easy before turning back to the previous one and staking him in the chest with my sword. Now I have to drag the blade out of the orc, and in the time, 2 more approach me.

I wonder if I will survive the night.

-much much later-

It has been only three days since I started this journal for the record. So much has happened since.

Maybe Galadriel sent me here to this war-zone for a reason.

She knows that I know her secret.

Except I don’t. I know she HAS a secret, but I never bothered to ask her. And now she wants to kill me because she thinks I know.

Damn you Alatariel.


I have now been fighting in this manner for over 3 hours

I need a break.

I give the time out sign to Aragorn but he deliberately ignores me and says something about pulling back to the keep.

Oh great. Oh Eru. Don’t say we’ve lost.

This is SO not my fault.


Turning swiftly, I start to run for the keep. The wall has been lost.

Then I feel an orc blade cutting into my shoulder.


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