Haldir’s Diary – chapter 4- defending the deeping wall

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Night has come.

There are no stars in the sky.

And an army of fighting uruk-hai are advancing on the Hornburg.

Aragorn can’t fight so he’s practising being King (as if) by telling everyone else what to do (hello? What am I here for?)

At the sound of: “leithio i philinn”, fifty Elven archers release their arrows, each meeting their mark in an uruk-hai throat (well…mine in an uruk-hai crotch)

The first barrage is sent, and the second wave is called forward.

Petty humans think they can outshoot me.

I seem to notice that neither Aragorn nor Theoden are doing anything that looks remotely like fighting. Stupid monarchs. Always think they’re above everyone else. I seem to recall that I am fighting for them?


It looks like orc mutants not as stupid as they look.

Ah, look; they know how to shoot using crossbows.

This is worrying. My shiny armour may become an easy target.

Hah! Petty orc! Try and aim for me? The petty missile merely whizzes harmlessly behind me…

into Orophin..

…Oh dear.

There goes Orophin.

Oh Eru.

What do I tell mother?


Had moment of mourning for fallen brother Orophin. Must tell Rumil the bad news, but now too occupied with orc ladders coming up the Deeping wall. He died bravely

Looks like legolas’ friend the dwarf not so bad when it comes to killing. He looks quite formidable with his puny little axe and a bush of a beard that looks like it may house many living organisms.

He and legolas are playing a killing game. So typical. He always left me out, even back in the second age when we played ‘steal Melkor’s Silmaril’.

Only an hour has passed, and I have lost 4 of my friends that I have known since I was a millenia old, and my brother.

I fire arrow after arrow, unwearied by the fact that all of this may be in vain. When an orc ladder reached my station, I took to using the blade, taking heads off uruks. Aragorn is not too bad with a sword. He’s certainly slain many orcs in his lifetime, but this may also be owed to his unusual body odour.

Then suddenly he shouts, and our attention is directed to a formation of orcs marching up the ramp to the drain.

I call for my regiment to turn direction and fire.

But there’s just too many of them. You kill one, but there’s still more. Always more.

So Aragorn calls up on legolas, as a last ditch attempt.

There’s an uruk running up the ramp with a flame, and i dont’ know i thinking thinking about the word orc-lympics, and now he’s heading for the drainage.

Uh-oh. Evil and explosives do not go well together.

Legolas is trying hard to bring down the runner uruk, firing arrows to kill him.

And he failed.

The section of the wall blew apart from its roots, releasing a flood of water, and the keep in full view. The Deeping wall has been breached.

We’re all going to die. ( Legolas! Just wait till I get that picture!)

Trust legolas to screw up in a dire situation.


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