Guess Who’s Back – Chapter 4 : The Final Battle

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Chapter 4 : The Final Battle

” I can not beilive you did not kill him” Faramir cried as he Aragorn , Gimli and the guards came out.
” well I appreciate it Legolas” said Aragorn.
” as do I” Gimli agreed.
” how?” Faramir simply asked.
” because he knew that we wanted our revenge too” said Aragorn.
” well that makes sense” said Faramir in a defeated voice.
” when he comes again we will be right here with you” Gimli assurred Legolas.
” that is good to know” Legolas said gratefully.
After Terran’s attack some guards were kept on special alert.
” do you not think that you are going a little overboard with this?” Legolas asked.
” I might be but I want to be ready if he shows his face again” Aragorn answered as he,Legolas and Gimli were walking around the grounds.
” Aragorn is right we know what he is capable of” said Gimli.
” can hear that?” Legolas asked.
” do we look like elves?” Gimli asked sarcasticly.
” wait I can hear it” said Aragorn.
There was a faint swishing noise like something flying fast through the air. Aragorn stumbled back as something landed hard in front of him.
” hello Terran” said Legolas.
Terran stood up ” how did you know it was me?” he asked.
” who else would come flying in where we were standing?” Legolas asked.
” good point” said Terran straightening up.
He started to point at each of them. ” what are doing?” Aragorn asked.
” well I just deciding who to go at first” he said honestly.
He suddenly elbowed Legolas hard in the chest. Legolas fell onto his back. He clutched his chest in pain.
Terran pulled out his sword. ” now he’s taken care of I can finish you two off” he said.
Aragorn unsheathed his sword and Gimli got ready with his axe.
” try it” Gimli dared him.
Terran lunged at the dwarf’s head. Gimli moved just in time to dodge the weapon that would have taken his head off. Aragorn took this chance. He knocked Terran’s sword out of the way and slashed his arm. Terran gave a little cry in pain. Terran blocked a blow by Aragorn and cut Aragorn’s chest. Aragorn dropped his sword. Gimli took over to give Aragorn a chance to recover his weapon. Gimli made swing for Terran’s legs. He managed to lightly cut one before Terran threw him off. Legolas was now back on his feet, but still a little wobboly for he had been very winded. Aragorn made a go for Terran’s throat. Terran ducked and head-butted Aragorn in the chest. Aragorn stumbled backwards. Gimli let out an angry roar and swung to take Terran’s arm off. Terran screamed in pain as the dwarf took a large chunk out of Terran’s shoulder. While Gimli’s axe was lowered Terran took the opportunity and kicked Gimli hard in th stomach. Gimli was thrown back.
Legolas ran over to Gimli. ” do you never give up elf?” Terran asked in frustration.
” why should I?” Legolas asked standing up unsheathing his daggers.
” I do not really know” Terran addmitted.
” then if it is the same with you I will never quit” Legolas said.
” nor will I” said Aragorn behind him.
” you can count on me” Gimli said standing next to Aragorn. Legolas smiled at his friends.
” you see Terran you can kill elves,men and dwarves but you can never kill determination” said Aragorn walking up next to Aragorn followed by Gimli.
” well if I kill you then your determination will go with you” Terran said gripping his blade more tightly.
” my friends if you wish to get your revenge” said Legolas stepping out of the way.
” thank you very much” said Gimli.
” but we would much rather if all three of us got our revenge” said Aragorn.
So all of them walked up to Terran.
“this will be fun I get to kill all three of you” said Terran as though his best dream had come true.
” I would change that sentecnce because all three of us are going to kill you” Gimli pointed out.
” ok who is comming at me first?” Terran asked.
” Aragorn” said Gimli.
Aragorn stepped out. Terran stepped back then suddenly threw his sword at Aragorn’s stomach. Aragorn moved out of the way just in time. It soared toward Gimli’s head Gimli ducked and Legolas stopped the sword using his daggers. Legolas picked up the sword, it was strangely cold to the touch and threw it back to Aragorn. Aragorn nodded in thanks to Legolas and chucked the sword back to it’s owner. Terran caught it and stepped towards Aragorn. This time Aragorn made the first move. He went to take Terran’s head off his neck, but Terran instead of ducking he simply rasied the side of his sword in front of his neck to block Aragorn’s weapon. Terran pushed Aragorn off so he stumbled then he broght his sword over to Aragorn’s side and cut deeply down his side. Aragorn dropped his sword and fell to his knees. Terran raised his sword to finish him off. Legolas stepped in front of Terran he had his daggers in a cross so he stopped Terran’s deadly blow.
” what are you doing?” Terran asked in frustration.
” did you really think that I would watch you kill my friend?” Legolas asked placing a deadly stare on Terran.
Aragorn stood up shakily. Legolas ran over to him.
” put your arm around my neck” he told Aragorn.
” thank you” Aragorn said weakly.
So Aragorn put his arm around Legolas’s neck. Legolas helped him walk over to a nearby tree.
” Gimli” Legolas called.
” yes?” Gimli called back.
” keep Terran away from here” Legolas told him.
Gimli nodded and turned to face Terran.
” do you really think that you can kill me dwarf?” Terran asked as though the answer was so obvious.
” indeed I do” Gimli answerd truthfuly.
” well we will see” Terran said raising his sword.
Legolas had stopped Aragorn bleeding by puting some matrial from his sleeves around it.
” are you alright?” Legolas asked his voice was slightly shaky.
” I am better now that the bleeding has stopped though the pain remains” Aragorn replied.
They suddenly heard a clang of metal. Legolas wheeled around only to see a sight that would haunt him for many years.


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