Guess Who’s Back – Chapter 3: The Now Obvious

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Legolas spotted something walking toward him. It was not a Thainra,Uruk-Hai nor was it any of his friends. He knew exactly who it was.
” hello” it said happily.
” I do not beilive it” Legolas said.
” good to see you to” the voice said sarcasticly.
” hello Terran” Legolas said taking a step towards him.
” oh, I am flattered you remember me” Terran said still walking to Legolas.
” I remember that I killed you” Legolas said quietly.
” yes, I remember that day too” Terran said as though it was the best day of his life.
” maybe you would care to explain how you are here then” Legolas said. He did not seem angry to see Terran more confused.
” very well” he said ” but if you will excuse me for a second I must call off my servents so they do not kill you while I am talking”
Legolas was happy that the Thainra’s would be called off but he did not show it in his face.
” CEASE” Terran yelled. All of the Thainra’s stopped and headed back the way they came. Aragorn turned to see who had spoken and he saw Terran. A strong surge of hatered rushed through him. Then he saw Legolas standing right next to him. Aragorn ran up to him.
” what do you think you are doing Legolas?” he asked grabbing Legolas’s arm.
Legolas looked at him ” I am finding out how he can still be alive” he said.
Aragorn did not let go of his arm ” do you not remember you killed him” he cried.
” Aragorn” said Legolas ” get a grip on yourself”
” I am sorry” Aragorn said letting go of his arm ” I can just remember what happened all those years ago”
” I do not beilive it either but it is real and I am going to find out how” Legolas assured him.
Terran turned back and saw Aragorn. ” oh, hello” he said sounding quite delighted to see him.
Aragorn said nothing. ” yes I remember you” said Terran still smiling. He turned back to Legolas.
” now before I start my tale I must ask where s that dwarf?”
” right here” came a gruff voice from behind Legolas. And Gimli appeared. Aragorn and Legolas were shocked to see him.
” oh, so there you are now we have everyone except that wizard” said Terran looking for any sighn of Gandalf about.
” he is not here” Legolas told him.
” well in that case I will start my story” said Terran. He took a deep breath,
” well you see when I was on my knees and Legolas had his sword to my throat I knew that he would kill me , but when he said he would not I knew that he had another thought of how to kill me I did not know what is was, but I knew that he would kill me one way or another” he stopped and took another breath.
” so I quietly chanted a spell and put it on myself and when Legolas stabbed me he in fact the sword went through me I just held the blade, because I had made myself air as I had done when I first appeared in the castle, so I just turned into dust and floated away” he looked at their stunned faces.
Terran continued the tale. ” of course I was weak so I hid in a cave for a while a waiting my chance to seek revenge, and many years after I heard alot of footsteps passing my cave and what should I see but a large group of big black creatures without a master, I took my chance and became their new master” he looked around before ending his tale.
” I knew that Legolas would probably be here with his friends ,so I bred these things and created a small army not big enough to take over Gondor but big enough to be a threat, then I saw the king of Mirkwood fighting my best Thainra and killed him” Terran finished leaving everyone stunned.
” well I hope that explains it” Terran said.
” I would like to ask you a question” said Aragorn.
” sure” said Terran plesantly.
” you said you waited to seek your revenge” said Aragorn ” well why wait for an army to get it?”
” good question” Terran admitted ” well you see I wanted not only revenge on Legolas but also everyone who helped him” said Terran honestly.
“well what do you want?” Legolas asked. Now that he had heard Terran’s tale his hatred for him had returned.
” have you not heard?” he asked Legolas “I still want my revenge”.
Sensing that Terran was going to do something Legolas gripped his daggers more tightly. Seeing Legolas do this Aragorn unsheathed his sword again. He would not let Legolas fight Terran alone.
” silly human” Terran said to Aragorn. ” I will not kill you today I will strike soon but not now” he assurred them.
” I cannot wait” said Legolas coldly. With that Terran waved and disappeared.
Aragorn looked at Legolas. He saw a flame in his eyes. Aragorn had only ever seen this flame when Legolas was near Terran.
Faramir came running over to them. ” I am guessing that was Terran” he said when he reached them.
He saw that everone was looking at Legolas so he did too. Faramir jumped when he saw the flame in his friend’s eyes. The flame slowly vanished.
” this is entirely my fault” Legolas said shaking his head.
” you did not know that he had cast a spell on himself” Aragorn said putting his hand on Legolas’s shoulder.
” no, it is not that” Legolas said looking into Aragorn’s eyes. Giving Aragorn the feeling he always got when Legolas looked straight into his eyes. It was as though Legolas could see into his soul.
” I never should have let you all stay when he first appeared years ago” he said lowering his gaze.
” Legolas” said Aragorn firmly. He would not see his oldest friend blame himself for this. ” you know that we would have stayed no matter what you said” said Aragorn.
” he is right” Gimli voiced in.
” and if you are going to try and defeat him we are going to be right beside you” said Aragorn offering Legolas a small smile.
” and if you are going to try and kill Terran this time do it properly” said Gimli laughing.
Legolas laughed with him. ” you are right my friends me blaming myself is no use now” said Legolas.
The threat Terran had placed was certainly not forgotten. For many days after the battle Legolas and his friends were on their guard 24 hours a day. They were now relaxed about it, for they knew that the time would come when they would have to fight Terran.
” there is no point worrying ourselves” said Legolas at breakfast a week later.
” you’re right Legolas” Aragorn agreed.
” he is the one who should be worried” said Gimli.
” good point”Legolas said laughing.
” so you three really are not that worried any more?” Faramir asked.
” well certainly we are worried” Aragorn addmitted. ” but there is no reason to look around every corner”
” what will come will come” said Legolas.
” fair enough” said Faramir going back to his food.
There was a sudden thudding noise as though someone was running across the roof. Legolas got out of his chair and went to the door followed by Aragorn, Gimli and Faramir. He reached to open the door. As a sword came forcefully through the door. Legolas jumped back.
” it has to be Terran” said Aragorn.
” well he knows at least one of us is in here so the rest of you go find help” said Legolas unsheathing his daggers.
” are you crazy?” Faramir asked.
” Terran could kill you” Aragorn aid.
” look he knows I am in here but he has no idea you all are so leave and find help that way if he kills me you still have a chance to get rid of him” Legolas said.
The determination in Legolas’s voice convinced Aragorn and the others that their friend was right.
” alright Legolas” said Aragorn and he and the other two ran to get the guards.
Legolas took a deep breath and opened the door. It was Terran standing there waiting for him with his sword in his hands.
” sorry did I frighten you?” he asked.
” no” said Legolas raising his daggers.
” well then now I will” Terran said. He suddenly lunged at Legolas and swung his blade to cut Legolas’s stomach. Legolas stepped back and raised his foot and stepped on the low blade. This forced Terran to flip forward. He raised one of his daggers and pinned it in Terran’s right arm.
” no spell will save you now” Legolas said.
Terran yelled in pain ” you are quick Legolas” he said. Legolas pulled his blade out of Terran’s arm. Terran clutched his arm. ” you will pay for that” he said standing up. He put his sword into his left hand. Legolas got ready for another attack. Terran swung to take the Elven King’s head off. Legolas ducked and stabbed Terran’s other arm. Terran dropped his sword but remained standing. ” why do you not kill me?” he asked looking up at Legolas.
Terran’s eyes widened he had never seen Legolas look so noble and proud. Legolas stood with a straight back and his eyes were looking down in disgust upon Terran.
” because I am not as pathetic as you I will never kill something that is unarmed” he said his voice so cold it sent shivers down Terran’s spine.
” you are afraid” Terran said ” afraid that I shall come back”
Legolas smiled and said ” well to tell the truth I would rather let my friends kill you”
Terran flashed Legolas a look fo fury and disappeared.


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