Guess Who’s Back – Chapter 2: An Old Enemy

by May 3, 2003Stories

” we now know that Thainra’s are no harder to kill than Uruk-Hai” said Aragorn as the army drew closer.
” let us hope that Terran has done nothing to them to make it harder to defeat them” said Legolas.
That thought had never occurred to Aragorn. ” I do not believe so for he hardly knows what these things are” he said trying to reassure himself more then anyone else.
As the creatures came closer Aragorn shouted for the archers to get ready.
” at my command fire your arrows” he yelled.
“FIRE” he shouted and a hail of arrows flew over head killing many Thainra’s.
” AGAIN” he screamed. Another shower of arrows flew toward the enemy.
Ladders were mastered on the sides of the wall. Legolas did the best he could to thin the numbers climbing up with bow. Soon he had no choice but to use his daggers. He cut the ropes of the ladders, which sent all of the Thainra on them falling backwards. Many had already made it over the ladders and were fighting. Aragorn was forced to drop as a Thainra swung a blade, which would have taken his head off. He swung his own blade and the Thainra lost its legs, Aragorn stood up and stabbed it in its belly. He pulled his sword out quickly for there was another group running toward him. A large group surrounded Faramir. As one rushed toward him another came from behind. He stabbed the one coming from the front in the throat, he turned to face the other but it had jumped on his back and sent Faramir face first into the dirt. He felt it’s weight lift off him. He turned onto his back in time to see the creature with its sword ready to strike. It raised its ugly black arm and brought the blade swishing down. Suddenly the Thainra was knocked off of its feet. Faramir stood up and saw that the Thainra had kicked in the legs by..
” Gimli?” Faramir asked bewildered at the sight of his friend. ” what are you doing here?”
” well I came for a visit and as soon as I saw this I thought I might help” he said cutting the head off of another Thainra.
” is it just me or are these things those Thainra creatures?” Gimli asked Faramir, who was skill fully battling two Thainra at once.
” yes they are,but that is not all” he said slicing the both of them through the belly.
” what else is there?” the dwarf asked.
” you will never guess who their leader is” Faramir said facing Gimli.
” who is it?” he asked
” Terran” said Faramir getting ready to fight the next group coming.
” you must be joking” Gimli said lowering his axe.
” that is exactly what Aragorn said” said Faramir ” but no I am not jesting”
” watch out!!!” Faramir called as a Thainra swung to take the dwarf’s head off.
” got it” Gimli cried as he fought off the creature.
A group too surrounded Legolas. He had his daggers in hand as two Thainra’s came toward him. He cut their heads off with no trouble. As another ran toward him he noticed that he was somewhat taller than the others were. It had a large sword in had and it swung it straight toward Legolas’s throat. Legolas jumped back to avoid the blade. He raised his own daggers and blocked another powerful blow by the large Thainra. He pushed the creature off and the Thainra stumbled a little. He brought his sword swishing around to Legolas’s head. Legolas ducked under the blade and stabbed the large creature in its stomach. It let out a howl of pain and dropped to its knees and Legolas cut it’s throat.
The Thainra were not standing a chance against the skill of the other side. Legolas was not worried about the creatures what worried him was that he could not see Terran anywhere.
It turned out he would not have to look very far.


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