Guess who’s back – chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Here we go again

“This is very relaxing” said Faramir as he and Legolas rode.
” I thought you would agree” said Legolas with a small smile.
” it is much more enjoyable when you are not riding into battle” said Faramir laughing
Legolas joined in.
They rode for a very long time. “look at that” said Faramir pointing down at a huge group of what looked like Uruk-Hai.
” we have to tell Aragorn now” said Legolas turning Arod around.
” what is your hurry Legolas?” asked Faramir stunned at Legolas’s urgency to get back.
” we have fought Uruk-Hai before” he said grabbing Legolas’s arm to stop him from ridding away.
” yes, we have fought Uruk-Hai , but these are not Uruk-Hai” said Legolas removing his arm from Faramir’s grip.

They soon reached the palace. Legolas jumped off of his horse and ran to find Aragorn. He found him in the throne room with Arwen.
” Legolas” said Aragorn stunned to see him in such a panick.
” what is is?” he asked as he and Arwen went down to him.
” an army is comming this way” he said.
Just then Faramir rushed in. Aragorn and Arwen looked up. ” Faramir, do you know of this army?” Aragorn asked as Faramir reached them.
” no” he told Aragorn
” Legolas saw them and said that they were not Uruk-Hai and rode off”he said
” if they are not Uruk-Hai what are they Legolas?” Arwen asked her friend.
” I do not know how but they are ….” he paused and took a breath for he could not belive what he was about to say.
” they are …. Thainra” he said.
Their was a long silence. ” how can they be?’ Aragorn asked finally.
” the people of Rohan killed all of them years ago” he said in shock.
” or so we thought” Faramir added.
Arwen loked at Legolas and noticed he looked slightly uneasy. ” Legolas?” she asked .
” what is wrong?”
” I havent fininshed” he said quietly.
” there was a leader amoung them” he said shakily.
” who was it?’ Aragorn asked wondering if he wanted to know for Legolas oviously was having trouble beliving it.
” Terran” Legolas said quietly.
” you must be joking” said Aragorn in exasperation.
” you killed him I saw it, Gandalf saw it and the Hobbits saw it”
” I do not know how it was him but I could never mistake his face” said Legolas with a slight hint of anger in his voice.
Aragorn took a breath and said ” I do not doubt you my friend , I also do not belive it”
” nor do I” said Legolas shaking his head.
” I would not belive it if I knew what was going on” said Faramir.
” yes, I too would like to know how this Terran is” said Arwen.
Unwilling to put Legolas through the pain of recounting how he became king, Aragorn decided to tell them the story
” so now this Terran is back to seek revenge?” Arwen asked after Aragorn had finished the tale.
” I am guessing yes” said Aragorn ” and what’s worse is that he is using Frantra’s creation”
” but I still do not understand how he could be alive” said Faramir.
” I have no idea” Aragorn confessed.
” I hate to interupt this little discussion” said Legolas from behind them. ” but Terran and his army are on their way here as we speak”
it was asthough Aragorn had sat on a spike he jumped up so quickly. “of course I must warn everyone” with that he rushed off with Faramir at his side to assemble the guards.
Arwen rose and put her hand on Legolas’s shoulder. ” do not worry my friend” she said. With that she left.
lightning flashed across the sky as Legolas, Aragorn, Faramir and over a thousand warriors stood ready to meet Terran and his army.


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