Guardian Angel-Not the End – chapter one

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Not all the elves that dwell in Imladris are Elrond’s kin. There are gardeners, and care takers, musicians, and assorted civilians. The tale of the One Ring and it’s journey to Mordor glosses over many of these Eldar, and with good reason. Most of the Rivendell Elves had no part in the Fellowship. But there was one elf, who was not seen, yet may have played the biggest part in the quest to destroy the Ring. The figure who I speak of is the Fellowships

Guardian Angel
Not the End

Laurëanarë was content in Rivendell, and had been all of her life. The silent green of Mirkwood could not compare with the gentle roaring of the waterfalls of Imladris, and she was sure, though she had never been there, the ethereal gold and silver trees of Lothlorien could not be as beautiful as the warm sunshine that flowed through the autumn flavored leaves that graced the trees of Rivendell. Her father, being an adventurous elf, had moved his family nearly everywhere from Mirkwood to Gondor, but he brought them back to live in Rivendell after a few years to escape the incessant complaints of his homesick wife and two daughters.
“Laurëa!” Alqua, her older sister snapped her out of the pleasant daydream. “Hold still! Every time you look out the window, your head ivariably follows your gase. Now, look this way!”
Mentally rolling her eyes, Laurëa resumed her riged posture. Alqua was the most artisically talented of the two sisters, and had lately become obsessed with sculpture. This was at least the fiftieth day Laurëa had to pose as a model for her sister’s stone carving. Even though her sister was very close to being done, hours upon hours of standing in a heavy dress, and staring pensively at a point on a wall, hearing nothing but the faraway waterfalls all in all added up to a very boring afternoon.
Depite her sister’s continued warning, Laurëa chanced another wistful glance out of the window. The sight of the four halflings walking around outside mader her give up all pretenses of standing still, and she ran to the window, ignoring her sister’s loud protests behind her. But Alqua’s yells became silent as she saw what her sister was staring at. Behind the four halflings came a man with a confidant stride. It was Lord Aragorn.
“I would give it up.” Alqua placed a hand on her younger sister’s shoulder. You know Lady Arwen has him practically wrapped around her little finger.” As if to prove a point, Arewn herself walked out onto the path to meet Aragorn. Alqua continued. “Besides, I think there is another elf who has his eye on you.”
Laurëa’s violent shrug thre her sister’s hand off of her shoulder.
“Will you stop dropping hints about Prince Legolas? Just because he wrote a letter to me dosn’t mean he’s in love! And besides, every other elf girl in Middle Earth are drooling their tongues out of their faces over him already.” Alqua laughed.
“You know, I wasn’t talking about him, but while we’re on the subject…”
Laurëa stormily left the room. After slamming her door, which didn’t make her feel very better, she practically threw off the heavy dress, already having her usual clothes underneath. Reaching underneath her bed, she pulled out a peice of paper. It was the letter from Legolas


Well, if you won’t give it back to me, would you trade it for something of value? My father is sending me to Rivendell on an errand, perhaps we can meet then, and I can trade you for was it righfully mine

Thoughtfully, Laurëa picked up the object in question off of the floor. It was a green stone, about an inch long. It was smooth and polished with a leaf carved into it. She wondered why the prince would care about such a trifle.
When her family had lived in Mirkwood, Laurëa had been very young. She hardly remembered how she had got the necklace inthe first place. and now, years since the family had been in Mirkwood, he wanted it back.
A knock on the door interupted her musings. Hurridly shoving the letter under her bed, and slipping the necklace over her head, she opened the door to find her best friend, Valië.
“I… well.. I invited Nàmis on a picnic, and he said he wanted to know if you were going, so I said I would ask you and..” Laurëa held up a hand to stop her friend’s nervous chatter. After agreeing to come, Laurëa followed her friend to where Nàmus was waiting. She knew that Valië fancied him, but was embarrased about the fact he had his sights on Laurëa.
The three friends hiked their way up past the waterfalls, to one of the cliffs viewing Imladris. Laughing and chatter was mixed with good food, and they resulted in a wonderful afternoon. Afterwards, the friends sat and talked. Laurëa took the stone off from around her neck, and was absentmindedly swinging it.
“Whats that Laur?” Valië looked at the necklace curiously.
“Oh, it’s just a knick-knack.”
“Let me see it.” Nàmus asked. Laurëa shook her head, pulling it out of reach. As she did, it flew out of her hands, and over the edge of the cliff.
“Drat.” she cursed Running over to the cliff, she peered down. It was hanging on a ledge, about ten feet down. I can get that back easily she thought to herself. As she began climbing down, she heard her friends tell to not be a fool. They don’t know it’s not mine she thought carfully making her way down the waterfall sprayed rocks. She reached the necklace, and clutching it firmly in her hadn began to make her way back up. All of a sudden, one of her feet slipped, and the white face of her friends began to get small very quickly as Laurëa plummeted downward.
She experienced about five seconds of extreme pain, the opened her eyes, pleasantly surprided to find she had landed on her feet. The dissapearing pain was forgotten as she was overjoyed to find herself alive. She was on the opposite bank of the river from the cliff, and surmised that the river had washed her over. She was about to head back up the path towards her friends, when a horrible sight caught her eyes. Another elf was lying face up on the other side of the river, blood congealing in a pool around her. Hearing a scream, Laurëa looked up to see Valië’s face a mask of terror.
“I’ll go get help!” Laurëa yelled up to her friends. Turning, she bolted towards Rivendell. She saw Prince Legolas making his way towards the council chambers. Calling out to him, she ran as fast as she could towards him. He made no answer. She followed him, begging and pleading him to help. When she got to the council chamber, she was amazed to see Dwarves, humans, and even a hobbit there. She ran to Elrond
“Sir, you have to help, there’s an elf lying dead….”
It hit her like a ton on bricks. She was that elf. Laurëa was lying dead at the base of the cliff.


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