Grey Eyed Elven Twins~Part3 – Beliefs and miricales…let her sleep Ceini!

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Before long, the grassy hills were left far behind as they rode along the wide track, enclosed by thick forest on each side.

“So who are your parents then?” Jo asked politely, trying to make conversation.

“Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrian of Rivendell.” he answered proudly. Jo almost choked.

“Elrond? The Elrond? And Celebrian? As in, daughter-of-Galadriel Celebrian?” she exclaimed in shock.

“Um…yeah,” laughed Elrohir,” I dont suppose you’ve heard of them have you?”

“Heard of them? Theyre like a legend where I come from! You mean we’re actually going to meet them? You do realise this kicks, dont you?”

Elrohir faultered, confused by her termenology. “Yes, I promise it is the pair you think of that we ride to meet, and I’m glad it pleases you – but you dont intend to kick them do you?” he questioned.

“What? What on earth – oh, no, no! Of course not, you silly thing! No, where I come from, ‘kick’ is short for ‘kick ass’ which means that something is very very good!”

Elrohir seemed quite relieved.

“Glad thats sorted then!” and they carried on in the wake of Ceinwen and Elladan, who were having an interesting conversation of their own.

“What is that on my shoulder?” asked Elladan, when something rubbed up against his neck and snuffled in his ear. It was lucky for Dusk, Ceinwen’s rat, that he had a lot of self-control.

“Oh, that’s Dusk, my rat,” Ceinwen told him. “She’s very friendly.”

“Oh,” said the elf, with considerable self restraint.

“Do you keep pets?”

“My mother has a tame peacock, called Aiwë…” -noticing Ceiwnen’s confused face- “…that’s `bird’ in Quenya, the old tongue. But the only animal I own is Atherin, my stallion.”

“He looks very nice,” said Ceinwen politely.

“Oh, he is, and he can run like the wind.” Ceinwen heard the passion in his voice.

“You like horses?”

“Oh yes. In fact one of my ambitions is to see a horse of the Mearas, the horse-lords. There is talk of such a family in Rohan, but that is a great way from here.”

“And you are really elves?” Ceinwen was staring at his pointed ears.

“Of course! What do you call yourselves?”

“Ceinwen and-”

“No, what race are you.”

“Um, humans I suppose. People. Men.”


“That’s right,” said Ceinwen, tiring of the subject.

Behind them, Elrohir was vainly trying to make conversation, but having no success. Jo was being as quiet as a mouse – and Elrohir guessed that wasn’t normal. She seemed the outgoing type.

“Jo?” There was no reply, so he peered behind to see how she was. She was fast asleep, leaning against him.

“Elladan!” shouted Elrohir, “we should stop, Jo is all ready asleep!”

“No I’m not!” called a sleepy voice. “I was just resting my eyes!”
Elladan laughed. “I was hoping to return tonight, but the Bridge will be blocked before darkness. There is a grove ahead – remember, Elrohir? Over this rise. We can rest there.”

They did. The horses were tied to a stump in the middle of the sheltered glen; though they would not run away, they couldn’t risk a thief stealing them. The girls curled up on Elladan’s bed roll, and the elves settled on the other side of the glade, on Elrohir’s.

After what seemed a very short time to a sleepy Jo, she was being shaken by her friend.

“Jo! Wake up!”

“I am NOT asleep!”

“Well, get up then!”


“We need to talk!” Jo sat up, slowly. Ceinwen looked strange under the unfamiliar moonlight, eyes gleaming in the night.

“They’re asleep – well, I THINK they are anyway.”

“What do you mean, you think?”

“Well, they seem asleep, but they have their eyes open.”

“Ceinwen you fool, they can’t be asleep with their eyes open.”

“Well, look for yourself!” Jo padded over to them, on light feet. Both twins seemed perfectly relaxed and breathing gently. But their eyes were wide open, as if they were blending night and dreams as one.

Jo stole back to where Ceinwen sat.

“You know, Ceini, I never thought I’d say this, but I think you’re right! They seem asleep…”

“…it must be a peculiarity of elves.” finished Ceinwen, “Yes. But what did you want to say?” Ceinwen’s expression was intense. “Have you thought about where we are? What we are doing? Isn’t it amazing, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible. This must be a world made from our belief, our belief in one story. Just imagine…”

“Yavanna, if you are going to ramble on about beliefs and miracles, I am going to bed. Good night.”

“No, I’m not! Well, to get to the point, what are we going to do? And how are we going to get home?”

“To be honest Ceini, I haven’t a clue about getting home, but I think it is pretty obvious we have to see Elrond and Celebrían. It feels…right.”

“I know what you mean, now I think about it I can see that. And after that…”

“…We shall wait and see.” said Jo firmly.

“But also, Ceinwen, this may take you by surprise, but we do need to sleep at some point during tonight!” There was a long pause.

“Ceini?” But Ceinwen was fast asleep, curled on her side. Jo didn’t take long to follow her example.


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